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Montblanc MB24.15 1858 Automatic

Montblanc MB24.15 1858 Automatic





About Montblanc 

Montblanc is known for its high-quality luxury products. It's a company that started with a basic pen and gradually pioneered the watchmaking industry.

The company's history began when a banker from Hamburg and an engineer from Berlin wanted to make simple pens. The company eventually narrowed its target market by concentrating exclusively on the manufacture and sale of quality pens. The company has grown to market other luxury products such as shoes, leather goods, and of course, watches.

Regardless of what the Montblanc watch is, the inalienable nature of the brand makes it unique. With its noble ideas of tradition, beauty, and preservation, Montblanc is countering constant, ever-faster change. The extensive work of several hundred work hours in each Montblanc watch comprises a part of its master craftsman's soul just as this creative high level has been maintained and perfected amongst watchmakers.


Montblanc History 

During its many years of experience -more than 100-year history- Montblanc has ventured into different consumer segments and has initiated effective campaigns with UNICEF on more than than one occasion. 

Montblanc was famous in more than sixty countries at the end of the twenties, and that was because of its pioneering spirit in marketing. Many attractive promotional campaigns, including the first commercial aircraft and cars equipped with oversized fountain pens, have helped the company achieve a rapid rise in brand recognition. And so, in 1926, near Offenbach, the first factory for luxury leather goods was launched, and Montblanc's business was no longer confined to writing instruments. Montblanc reached another level in 1935 when the first lifetime warranty on fountain pens was granted. Montblanc has placed a significant focus on its quality and has created another unique selling point. In 1952, the iconic masterpiece 149 was introduced, and in a short time, thanks to its timeless nature, it became the absolute emblem of the writing culture. Furthermore, John F. Kennedy was one of the enthusiast owners.

At the end of the seventies, fountain pens' sales fell dramatically because of the change to much cheaper cells. At the period, British Dunhill Holding was already a significant shareholder, but in 1993 it was the Vendôme Luxury Company S.A. taken to Luxembourg. It later became the Richemont Group, the second-largest luxury group globally, including Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and IWC. The entrance into the world of men's jewelry was almost necessary. Four years later, this was done with the "Meisterstück Jewelry Collection." Following this first venture in the field of luxury watches, Montblanc created the "Institute Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie" in 2007, extending its expertise in watchmaking. The institute's goal is to preserve and sustain the tradition of the small Swiss watchmaker Minerva. Since 1858, Minerva Manufacturing has characterized itself with its exceptional craftsmanship movements.


Used Montblanc Watches with a History

Pre-owned watches are fascinating because of their heritage. You will also find treasures among luxury watches whose values have only increased over time. You can't deny that buying a pre-owned Montblanc watch has its attractiveness. Scratches, fading bezels, or dials add character to the wristwatch. Collecting vintage watches can also become a hobby, particularly for Montblanc lovers, as there are so many standard and unique Montblanc watches.

At Exquisite Timepieces, we have a wide range of Montblanc pre-owned and used watches, including the Star, Sport, and Timewalker versions. Nicolas Baretzki, new Head of Montblanc, expresses his vision: the fast-riding automatic environment that we live in today's digital communication is becoming less common in the time of fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and other writing instruments. It is time to put the luxury brand into this world effectively and safely.

The launch of the TimeWalker Urban e-Strap in 2015 prompted us to speculate on how the business will travel in the future. For classic watches, this is good news; used Montblanc watches are becoming more scarce. Montblanc has become a household name, and it continues to manufacture revolutionary and new technology watches. Montblanc retains its inventions, skillful creations, and vintage Swiss watchmaking techniques. 

It has a deep dedication to culture, art, and creativity. The original versions of the brand used the ETA movement. Later the company upgraded to the Sellita movement. Montblanc is also developing its calibers. The company is responsible for the design and assortment in ValFleurier and Le Locle.

Montblanc recently turned its attention to the watch industry. In 2007, Montblanc and the Swiss watch brand Minerva joined forces to set up the "Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie." The two set up a laboratory that deals with innovative solutions and ground-breaking watchmaking technology. In April 2008, Montblanc launched the MB R100 and MB R200 in the Star Nicolas Rieussec chronograph, a great success. 

Montblanc continues to grow globally, producing only the finest and most unique watches. Also, it is synonymous with traditional craftsmanship and elegance. Its first watch collection came out in 1997 with the introduction of the masterly handcrafted Meisterstück Watch. Their watch collection has grown while maintaining sophistication throughout all of their products.


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Montblanc watches have been worn by the actor Will Smith in multi-million dollar films seen worldwide. Having a used Montblanc watch is like getting a treasure as the model is no longer in production, and that's what makes them unique. It's like owning a whole great history or adventure.


Preowned Montblanc Watches Prices

Exquisite Timepieces has the best Montblanc watches prices that start from $2,500.00 for preowned Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph 107322, for example. Montblanc watches for sale are the best selection to own an extraordinary timepiece that will present a great history with competitive prices.

 Nowadays, wearing a Montblanc watch distinguishes you and shows the excellent taste you have and values the handcrafted best-preowned watches currently available.