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Omega has been synonymous with watchmaking excellence, building a reputation of precision and innovation since 1848. Founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the brand has received numerous awards during its 150-year history.

Omega, which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes precision and reliability. Omega has been the official timekeeper for 21 Olympic Games and has contributed many innovations to sports, such as the first electronic timekeeping at the Helsinki games in 1952.

NASA chose the Speedmaster as the official chronometer in 1965, and Neil Armstrong wore the Speedmaster on the moon in 1969.


Omega’s Reputation

Omega's reputation and watchmaking excellence are due in part to the quality of its movements. In 1994, they presented the world's first self-winding wristwatch with a central tourbillon. In 1999, Omega, along with English master watchmaker George Daniels, introduced a collection that included the revolutionary co-axial escapement. Omega pre-owned watches have become highly collectible masterpieces that are special to collectors that appreciate magnificent timepieces.

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The History Behind the Iconic Brand

In 1848, a young watchmaker, Louis Brandt, opened a small workshop in La Chaux-de-fonds, a small village in Switzerland. It is precisely here where the company that would later become Omega was born.

23-year-old Brandt was a passionate watchmaker, devoted to precision and to manufacturing the most accurate watches. After he died in 1879, his two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar, continued their father's legacy with the same passion for watchmaking and precision, thus changing the industry for years to come.

In 1880, they moved the company to 119 Route de Boujean and later to 96 Rue Jakob-Stämpfli, which continues to be their home. These more extensive facilities in the town of Biel/Bienne would be the home of their new brand Louis Brandt & Fils.

The Brandt brothers launched their first series-produced caliber, the Labrador, only five years after moving to Biel/Bienne. This movement was a strong beginning and the basis for many other innovations because of its excellent quality. Little did the brothers know they would revolutionize the industry ten years later.

In 1892, the Brandt brothers produced the first minute-repeater for the wrist. This unique timepiece, the only one of its kind, continues to be admired since its debut. You could say that Omega was born in 1894 after the release of the new 19-ligne caliber that would become the company's namesake. This movement set a new standard for the watchmaking industry. The extremely accurate combination of winding and time-setting via the stem and crown is still used today.

This new achievement was the Brandt brothers' crowning, which they named Omega, which is synonymous with accomplishment. This put the company on a different level with an impeccable reputation and public recognition.

Their immense success compelled the brothers to change their company name to Omega Watch Company. By the year 1903, they had become the largest watch manufacturer in Switzerland with an important research and development division.


A Commitment to Sports Timekeeping

Omega's commitment to sports timekeeping continues to this day. Serving as the Olympics' official timekeeper, it continues to be the standard of accuracy and precision. It has improved over the years with breakthroughs and technological improvements, such as sports timekeeping from 1/10 of a second to 1/1000 second precision.

In 1932, Omega introduced the first divers' watch named the Marine. Its patented double case sealed with cork kept the watch safe from water and the elements. Becoming an instant success, it also introduced an adjustable strap, making this dangerous profession much safer.

In 1936, Omega introduced a new technology of the photoelectric cell at the Winter Olympic Games. This solved the issue at the downhill ski competition of having two chronographs, one at the start and the other at the finish line. Even though Omega is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, it also brings its timing expertise to other top sports competitions, such as swimming, golf, bobsleigh, and sailing.


Omega's Legendary Masterpieces

Three of Omega's most iconic pieces have become legendary. The Speedmaster, also known as the Moonwatch, became a space exploration pioneer with NASA. The Seamaster steered a new era of underwater discovery, and the Railmaster became a legend as a symbol of earth-bound precision.

From presidents to world dignitaries, Omega has been a status symbol of the rich and famous. An example of this is the memorable 1995 campaign with supermodel Cindy Crawford, who became a brand ambassador and continues with this relationship to this day.

Another famous partnership with Omega also started in the nineties with the British super-spy James Bond. Debuting in 1995's "Goldeneye," Pierce Brosnan wore none other than a Seamaster 300M Professional, chosen by Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming. It was a contemporary take on the Omega Watches used by the Royal Navy divers in the sixties.

By the year 2000, Omega had expanded to more than 300 boutiques, and in 2017, the brand, having outgrown its original location in Biel/Bienne, moved to a new building that included a bright and contemporary feel. The architect responsible for this work was Shigeru Ban.

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