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At Exquisite Timepieces we aim to save you more than just time when you decide to sell or trade your F.P. Journe watch through our quick, efficient, and smooth process.

All it takes is three quick steps to set the 'hands' in motion for this fantastic offer. With more than two decades of experience in watch sales, we provide a convenient, reliable, and hassle-free service. In addition to our excellent service, we always offer our customers the best value for their treasured timepieces.

Whether you're deciding to sell your watch to help fund your next purchase or if you're interested in trading in your F.P. Journe for a new timepiece, you've come to the right place. Contact us today for a free appraisal.

How to Sell Your F.P. Journe Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

  • Log onto our website and fill in our online form with the details for the timepiece you want to sell or trade. Once we receive your information, our team will begin working on the best quotes for you.
  • We will then arrange for your watch to be sent to us so we can complete a physical assessment.
  • After completing the evaluation, You will receive the final payment or watch trade.

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F.P. Journe Watch Collections We Buy

We buy watches from any of the F.P. Journe watch collections. A few of the models are listed below. If you plan to sell or trade your F.P. Journe Watch, take advantage of our free appraisal.

  • Why Sell Your F.P. Journe Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

    We offer our customers an efficient, quick, and seamless option to sell their watches. Customers are guaranteed the best value for the timepiece, along with expert advice and guidance.

    The four reasons below will highlight why you should choose Exquisite Timepieces:

    Best Prices You Can Find

    Our dedicated team of watch experts constantly monitors the latest market trends to ensure we create the best prices for our customers. Using the information about the market trends and the model and condition of your watch, we can provide you with a free appraisal.

    Fast Payments

    Payments are made within two business days or sometimes on the same day. This is all dependent on how quickly the process is completed.

    Option to Trade-In

    We can also assist if you plan on trading your F.P. Journe watch. All we need from you are the details of the watch you want to change. For the next step, you need to send us your watch using a prepaid FedEx label that we will provide. By using the label, you can send your old F.P. Journe watch to us and receive your new timepiece from our pre-owned catalog.

    Trustworthy Dealer

    As an approved dealer for more than 60 brands worldwide, we have been helping all types of watch enthusiasts for over 2 decades. There are currently 800 pre-owned watches from over 70 luxury watch brands featured on our website and in our boutique in Naples, Florida. If you're looking for a trustworthy dealer that will save you time and effort, get in touch with us.

    How Much is Your F.P. Journe Watch Worth?

    4 factors contribute to how much you will receive for your F.P. Journe watch. These aspects are:

    Rarity – Since a limited number of F.P. Journe watches are manufactured every year, this leads to a high demand for the amount of available pieces. If you have one of these watches in your possession or if you own a rare model or a timepiece that's part of a limited edition, you can expect to receive premium offers.

    Condition – Ensure your timepiece is functioning smoothly and accurately. The interior and exterior appearance of your watch also contributes to its value.

    Movement – The internal and external components of your watch need to work perfectly, or the resale value of your watch could be negatively affected.

    Maintenance – You need to ensure your watch is serviced every four years. There are ten stages during the service. One of the steps includes updating, repairing, and replacing any worn-out components. The components are then washed, and your timepiece is then carefully assembled. The next step comprises lubrification before moving on to the setting stage. After a few additional steps, the final inspection is done at the end. The information about your last service is essential as buyers may ask about the date and location of your previous service.

    How To Get The Best Price For Your F.P. Journe Watches

    Watches that are in immaculate condition tend to receive a higher value. These 4 tips can help you take care of your F.P. Journe watch:

    Take good care of it – Be mindful of strong magnetic fields as these can create magnetization of the components. This is important to remember, especially when your watch is near objects like your mobile phone, refrigerator, computer, or other electromagnetic appliances. You are also advised to avoid exposing your watch to high-temperature variations as this could impact the characteristics of some metals and in turn, could affect how accurately the watch functions.

    Service it frequently – Your F.P. Journe watch will require a complete overhaul every 4 years. This is done to keep the precision of your watch.

    Keep Your Box & Papers – We highly recommend selling your F.P. Journe watch with its original documents and packaging—the original papers and packaging help increase your watch's value. You should include the manuals, warranty cards, and companion booklets.

    Should I Service my F.P. Journe Watch before Selling it?

    No, you should not. Maintaining the service schedule of your F.P. Journe watch is an essential part of taking care of your timepiece, but we don't recommend servicing your watch just before you sell it. The buyer of your watch should be able to carry out the service as they wish. The new owner can decide if they would like to maintain the watch in its current form or opt for a complete overhaul.

    At Exquisite Timepieces, we perform a complete physical evaluation of your watch before providing quotes. If we notice any severe damage on the watch, we will notify you and advise you to allow our team of expert watchmakers to service your F.P. Journe watch.

    About F.P. Journe Watches

    Working at his uncle's vintage watch restoration shop in Paris after leaving school at 14 opened a world of watchmaking possibilities for François-Paul Journe. From completing simple tasks to undertaking more significant projects, Journe quickly became fascinated with tourbillons and developed a deep interest in 18th and 19th-century timekeeping science.

    Due to a lack of funds, he could not buy a Tourbillon watch, so he decided to make one on his own. This sparked the beginning of his successful journey, and today, this Swiss-French manufacturer is known for creating some of the world's most exclusive and rarest watches.

    Journe, who obtained his diploma in horology in 1976, was determined to create his first watch. Using a copy of The Art of Breguet by George Daniels and some tutoring from his uncle, Journe devoted all of his free time to this project, which he completed after five years in January 1983 at the age of 25.

    He crafted every component, including the gold and silver case; this watch is still part of his collection today. Journe constructed a working movement from scratch and incorporated a tourbillon with twin barrels and a détente escapement, which was quite an impressive accomplishment. His brand was successfully founded in 1999.

    Over the years, Journe has created six exquisite collections: Classique, Linesport, Elégante, Boutique, Black Label, and the Joaillerie collection. Each timepiece within these collections has been produced with an impressive artistic flair and impeccable craftsmanship.

    Today, the watches created by F.P. Journe are described as the epitome of luxury craftsmanship and quality. These timepieces, which are said to increase in their market value, are highly sought after as fewer than 1000 watches are made annually.

    Fulfilling its brand motto, Invenit et Fecit (Latin for "[He] invented it and made it"), the company continues to design and manufacture 95 percent of the components required for its timepieces. Journe's movement designs are unique and he is also known for inventing completely new systems, one of which is the resonance chronometer.

    About the materials used to manufacture these exquisite watches, F.P. Journe uses gold in their designs, movement, dial, and cases. Several of their cases include precious materials, such as gold or platinum. In recent years, titanium and aluminum have been used as case materials.

    With his focus on complex precision chronometers, Journe continues producing meticulously crafted timepieces. He remains the only Swiss watchmaker still based in central Geneva, where his company headquarters are located, along with manufacturing facilities and an exhibition space.


    Can I trade in my F.P. Journe watch?

    You most certainly can. When you trade your old F.P. Journe Watch,, you can choose a new timepiece from our pre-owned catalog. To start the process, we only need the details for the timepiece you want to trade. You would then need to send us your watch and receive your sold piece after we have assessed your old timepiece.

    When Will I Receive Payment For My F.P. Journe Watch?

    Once we have your watch, it takes two business days for your payment to be processed.

    How Can I Find the Model Number For My F.P. Journe Watch?

    The location of the serial number varies according to the different models. If you own a watch from the first generation, the serial numbers will be printed on the dial, and the case will be returned. The second generation of tourbillons were numbered on the case back as "No. XX" until the 34th model was produced. The 35th model was welcomed with a new numbering system, along the XX/99T format. If you are still trying to figure out where you find your serial number, get in touch with us, and we will assist.

    How easy is it to sell my F.P. Journe watch?

    The process is straightforward to complete. Following 3 quick steps, you can sell or trade your watch from your home. We will first require the details for the timepiece you want to sell. Next, we will arrange for your watch to be sent to us. Once we receive your watch, you can expect payment within two business days.

    Why Should I Sell my Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

    We offer a reliable and professional service, and we always ensure our customers receive the best value for their timepieces. As a trustworthy watch dealer with more than 20 years of experience in watch sales, you can be confident you will receive the best advice and assistance from our skilled team.