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For a classic diving-style timepiece consider the Anonimo Nautilo watch collection. This luxury sports watch was built to withstand water depths of 200 meters. Inspired by Naval divers, the Anonimo Nautilo watch selection carries a vintage look with a fresh, modern appeal. These exquisite timepieces feature automatic movements, and a slim stainless steel or bronze casing. Fortunately, you do not have to look far to find an exquisite, highly-recommended Anonimo timepiece. Looking for Anonimo Nautilo watches for sale can be a little frustrating. If you are looking for the best place to buy Anonimo Nautilo watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Anonimo Nautilo authorized dealer.Read More...Get a FREE Watch Winder with your purchase of selected Anonimo Nautilo watches over $2,000. Learn More »

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Anonimo Nautilo Review

If the luxury watch brand Anonimo gives you a feel of Italian roots, it is not a surprise as the company originally brought its design game from Italy and then moved to Switzerland. If it also reminds you of a unique diver’s watch, it is also not a coincidence. Dino Zei, among the founding members of the brand, was a Naval Officer in Italy and remained CEO of Panerai from 1972 to 1997. Dino incorporated his unique Italian roots into the watch design thus making Anonimo a cult favorite among the watch lovers and especially the admirers of divers’ watches.


Special Features of Anonimo Nautilo Watches

The Anonimo Nautilo Collection is the handsome and well-built collection of watches launched by Anonimo. The Nautilo collection gives a very sleek and modern look along with retaining its vintage look. The collection comes off as very fresh and unique. The Nautilo collection cleverly incorporates a crown guard that slices its way down to the flank on the right side in order to protect the slim crown installed at 4 o’clock. Another special visual interest for the Anonimo Nautilo collection is the vertical textures on the sides of the case that are pure unique designs by Anonimo.


Anonimo Nautilo Vintage Watch

Anonimo Nautilo enhances its collection of watches with a very soft, elegant, and chic look of the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage with its 2019 launch with Baselworld. The watch being extremely stylish retains its vintage look of Dino Zei.

The outer case is made of stainless steel with a case diameter of 42 mm which is actually a bit thinner than the standard Nautilo case (2.4 mm thin) and with a thickness of 11.8 mm. The dial is colored with a deep blue elegantly designed with a pattern of sunray. The ceramic blue bezel of the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage is slim and unidirectional. The dial features the minute track markers of baton-type that represent the classic Anonimo. The triangular A shape made by Anonimo as with its brand name is present but is fairly discrete, only by the use of double markers on hours at the positions of 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 8 o’clock. The back of the case and the crown is screwed in with the positioning of the crown at 4 o’clock.

Anonimo Nautilo Vintage has an automatic SW200-1 Sellita Calibre movement that ensures water resistance up to 200 meters by vibrating at a frequency of 28,800 alterations per hour. The Anonimo Nautilo Vintage watch also guarantees a 38-hour power reserve like its predecessors. It constitutes the function of the central hour function and features the date at 6 o’clock with its own personalized Anonimo winding rotor. The strap of the watch is handmade Italian craft, made with calf-skin that accentuates the watch further.

The price of the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage watch is 2,342 USD and you can grab this masterpiece at Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Nautilo Automatic Watch

A fresh piece of the Anonimo Nautilo Collection is the Anonimo Nautilo Automatic with the reference number AM-1002.09.006.A03. The outer case of the Automatic watch is available in versions of stainless steel and also bronze. The diameter of the case is 44.4 mm with a height of 12.5 mm in the special cushion-like shape that fits perfectly on the wrist. The bezel is graduated with an insert of ceramic while being unidirectional and rotating as in divers’ watch. The inner case has a sapphire crystal with the coating of an anti-reflective agent. The dial of the Anonimo Nautilo Automatic is available in Navy Blue, Opal Silver, and Sunray Blue matching with the hands and indexes treated with the Super-LumiNova. The back of the case and crown are screwed down.

The automatic SW200 movement ticks the Anonimo Nautilo Automatic with its self-winding rotor and oscillating weight customized by Anonimo. Studded with 26 jewels, the movement guarantees a water resistance of 20 ATM i.e. 200 meters and 38 hours of power reservation. Vibrating at a frequency of 28,800 alterations per hour, the Anonimo Nautilo Automatic is the perfect choice for finding the style with manufacturing. The strap of the watch is made of Italian handmade craftsmanship of Calf-leather that comes with the steel or bronze buckle pin.

The Anonimo Nautilo Automatic is worth 2,199 USD. want to grab this piece right now? Head to Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Nautilo Leopard Watch

Anonimo Nautilo Leopard is also a special addition to the Nutilo Collection by Anonimo with the reference number AM-1002.13.113.T34. The Anonimo Nautilo Leopard Limited Edition watch is only manufactured with 97 timepieces. This limited edition leopard watch has the outer case made of satin steel and treated satin steel with DLC in the diameter of 45.5 mm and in the shape of a cushion to give a perfect fit. The inner crystal of sapphire is treated with an anti-reflective agent. The bezel is graduated with an insert of seel and a coating of DLC which is also unidirectional and rotating. The dial of the Anonimo Nautilo Leopard comes in black sunray with hands and indexes treated with Super-LumiNova. The back of the case along with the crown is screw-down with engraved “Leopard 2019” at the back.

The SW200 Calibre movement runs the Anonimo Nautilo Leopard watch with the self-winding rotor and customized weight. The movement consists of 26 jewels, provides the water-resistance of 200 meters, guarantees 38 hours of power reserve, and resonates at 28,800 alterations per hour. The date is indicated on the leopard watch at 6 o’clock. The strap of the watch is a special one for this Leopard watch made with grey colored fireproof Cordura with the fabric of effect and pieces of inserted leather. The strap offers a topstitching in turquoise color and a steel buckle pin treated with DLC.

The Anonimo Nautilo Leopard Limited Edition watch is worth 2,239 USD and if you want to get your hands on this one, rush to the Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Nautilo 42 mm Watch

Under the reference number of AM-5009.00.770.A01, Anonimo Nautilo 42 mm comes in the stainless steel cushion-shaped outer case diameter of 42 mm as indicated by the name. The dial comes in three colors i.e. white, blue, and black that are treated with Super-LumiNova along with the hands and indexes on the dial. The crown at 4 o’clock is screwed down while the bezel has a ceramic graduated insert and is rotating and unidirectional. The Sapphire on the inner case is anti-reflective with the glass back of the case.

The Movement in Anonimo Nautilo 42 mm is SW2001-1 Sellita with the automatic winding and oscillating weight ornamented with ‘Côtes de Genève’. Providing the date indication at 6 o’clock, the watch features 200-meter water resistance and a 38-hour power reserve. The strap comes in both leather and rubber with a steel pin buckle or with a stainless steel bracelet.

The price of Anonimo Nautilo 42mm is 2,342 USD which is available at Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Nautilo Classic Watch

The steel Anonimo Nautilo Classic is suitable for every occasion with its concentrated features. With the classic 42 mm diameter of the outer case, the crown is screwed down at 4 o’clock with the steel sunray satin bezel. The dial of the watch is lacquered with hands and indexes being luminescent and point indexes alternating with the batons to form the A of the Anonimo on the dial. The aperture for the date is hosted by the watch at 6 o’clock.

The movement of Anonimo Nautilo Classic is SW200-1 Sellita Automatic that can be observed from the glass back of the case along with personalized oscillating Anonimo weight. The watch is tough through the water like its previous timepieces offering 20 ATM resistance and a 38-hour power reserve. The watch comes with a black bracelet that can also be changed with the black rubber strap on the watch.

Anonimo has put a price tag of 2,436 EUR on Anonimo Nautilo Classic and you can grab this timepiece at Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Nautilo Bianco Watch

With the light white shade on the dial, the Anonimo has given the uniqueness in the divers’ watches by launching Anonimo Nautilo Bianco. The watch has a traditional cushion shape 44.4 mm outer case with the screwed down back of the case and crown present at 4 o’clock. Inside the steel back of the case SW200 Sellita automatic movement is installed that provides the 20 ATM water resistance. The date window on the watch is located at 6 o’clock. The opaline white plate of the dial features metallic dark indexes and hands treated with luminescent.

The two versions of the Anonimo Nautilo Bianco differ as the first comes in the grey steel case, strap bezel while the other in black. The Anonimo Nautilo Bianco watch is priced at 2290 USD which you can grab at Exquisite Timepieces.


Wrap Up: Anonimo Nautilo Review

A complete Nautilo Collection facelift by Anonimo has compelled many watch admirers to stop and stare. The new Anonimo Nautilo Collection is not only sophisticated and subtle but loaded with a great deal of technical specifications.