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The Ball Watch Co. Fireman watch collection continues Ball Watch Company’s dedication to creating heavy-duty timepieces for the iron-willed wrist watch wearer. Growing in popularity, the Ball Watch Co. Fireman watch speaks to the brilliance of passionate watchmaking. This watch selection exceeds the expectation of avid collectors as it delivers sport-style presentation with elegant, yet complex mechanisms. Ball Watch Co. Fireman watches have a glow in the dark feature. They are perfect for accurately tracking the time, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is. Fortunately, it is not impossible to find Ball Watch Co. Fireman watches for sale. Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Ball Watch Co. Fireman watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ball Watch Co. Fireman authorized dealer.


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Ball Fireman Watch Collection Review

Ball Watch Co. is well known by watch lovers for their use of tritium tubes that give their watches a brilliant glow in the dark feature and for their ETA based mechanical watches. Ball watches always go the extra mile to make them suitable for adventures and rugged terrain. Ball watches are shock resistance and water resistance.

Here, we have the Ball Fireman Collection. The collection is made up of unique yet simple designs of timepieces that are practical and contemporary. The watches in this collection were initially for railway conductors who needed the accuracy yet glow in the dark feature so that they could prevent accidents by making sure their pocket watches were visible all the time.

Here are some of the Ball Fireman watches.


Ball Fireman Enterprise Watch

First, we have the Ball watch Fireman Enterprise. The timepiece comes in a 40mm steel case and it is 11.3mm tall. The bezel is highly polished and goes well with the case. The dial has a classic design. It features minute markers and in between these minute markers are the hour markers which have tritium tubes so that it can glow in the dark when needed.

This watch has one of the best glow in the dark features and includes an antireflective-coated sapphire crystal that makes it easy to check the date and provides durability. For convenience, you can also replace the bracelet with a NATO strap and a Ball buckle. This will reduce the weight of the watch from 144g to 78g, but this is only if you prefer straps to the bracelet.

The Fireman Enterprise watch is also built for adventure outside the workplace. Its shock resistance stands at 5,000G and the rating of the water-resistance is at 100m. For diversity, you can also get the Ball Fireman Enterprise white design. These features display the strength of the watch, and it is ideal for anyone looking for a great watch both inside and outside the workplace.


Ball Fireman Racer Classic Watch

Next, there is a Ball Fireman Racer watch, which is the Classic Ball. The Fireman Racer Classic has a stainless steel body, and the measurement is at 42 x 51 x 11.5mm. This watch has a somewhat robust size which makes it ideal for both daily wear and suitable for sports too. Apart from the usual bezel which is an angled ring, the watch features other stacked rings like the convex ring beneath the bezel.

The dial is masculine and simple, as it has a 20th-century design with a modern feeling because of the tritium tubes. The surface of the dial is ash grey with a tint of brown. The watch also allows for dynamic reflections because of its shape.

The dial of the Fireman Racer Classic has dauphine style hands to mark the minutes and the hours. These two hands are also fitted with tritium gas tubes as well as the second’s hand which is thin steel. Between the four and five hours is a small slot that shows the date. In all, the Ball Fireman Racer Classic features 15 tritium tubes which all glow green and orange.

The watch also has water resistance up to 100m, and it is fitted with a crocodile strap or a bracelet. The strap is quite beautiful because of the crocodile design and the color, but the bracelet is also a wise choice because of the 21mm lugs which the watch has. All in all, the Fireman Racer Classic is great for daily wear and for anyone going out on an adventure to have some fun.


Ball Fireman Racer DLC Watch

Another Ball Fireman Racer watch is the Racer DLC. This watch has a tough yet modern design because of the tritium gas tubes that give it the glow in the dark feel. The Ball watch Fireman Racer DLC is built for accuracy and can endure up to 5,000G when it comes to shock resistance.

The case design of the Ball Fireman Racer DLC is quite unique from the other watches in this collection. The stainless steel body has a robust design to make it suitable for daily wear. The watch was also treated with diamond-like carbon for a black finishing. This also makes the case of the watch highly resistant to scratches. There is also the sapphire crystal attached to the watch.

The dial is matte black with orange Arabic numerals. The tritium gas tubes in this watch, all together, are 15 X T-25. Each hour marker and hand has a tritium gas tube which is green, orange, and yellow in color. The watch is also fitted with a black rubber strap or a brown calf leather strap, and it is 100m water-resistant. The Fireman Racer DLC provides for comfort and style, and it is also quite tough and endurable.


Ball Fireman Racer Automatic Watch

The last Ball watch Fireman Racer that we will look at is the Ball NM2088C and the Ball NM2188C. The Ball Fireman Racer comes in a 40mm case. The dial features big Arabic numbers as well as thick hands which are all fitted with tritium tubes to make the dial legible and suitable for use at night time. The dial also displays the date at the spot where 3 is meant to be, and the other numerals displayed are 12, 6, and 9.

The case is made of stainless steel and is also fitted with sapphire crystal. The watch is also built for accuracy and is powered by the Ball RR1103 automatic movement. The watch also comes in different styles, although the NM2088C and NM2188C are well known in this collection.

The watch has water-resistance of up to 100m, and the width of the lug is 21mm. The Ball Fireman Racer Automatic is a simple yet stylish timepiece.


Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro Watch

Next on the list is the impressive Ball Fireman Storm Chaser watch. As the name implies, the Fireman Storm Chaser is actually designed to be worn by storm chasers, particularly tornado chasers. The Ball Fireman chronograph of this watch is modern and sporty, and it features Ball’s tritium tube technology.

The Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro has a case of 42mm and a 21mm lug width. The watch might be a bit large, but it is properly proportioned and arranged. The watch also features a telemeter scale which is at the top side of the bezel. The telemeter is one of the things that show that the watch is meant for storm chasing.

The dial of the watch comes in metallic slate gray, gloss black, and gloss white. The hands and markers are fitted with tritium gas tubes that emit a green and orange glow in the dark. All in all, it features 25 tubes.

The Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro automatic watch is also fitted in either a bracelet or calfskin leather strap. Both choices are comfortable and unique so it all depends on what you prefer. Overall, the Ball Storm Chaser Pro is sporty, solid, reliable, and highly accurate. With its 100m water resistance and its design, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a watch in this collection.


Ball Fireman Classic Watch

Lastly, we will be looking at the Ball Fireman Classic which is different from the Racer Classic. The Fireman Classic has a 40mm case and it is an ideal dress watch. The dial features dauphine hands and hour indicators, all fitted with the tritium gas tubes for the glow in the dark feel.

The casing of the watch is highly durable and can withstand hardship, including being shock resistant and 100m water-resistant. The Fireman Classic comes in either a black or a silver dial version, and you can decide on either the stainless steel bracelet or the leather strap. The steel case of the watch is 11.3mm thick and the watch is powered by a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement for accuracy.


What’s Special about the Ball Fireman Watch Collection?

Apart from the watches mentioned above, the Ball Fireman collection also includes other watches like the Ball Fireman Night Train. The unique feature of this collection is the Ball Fireman chronograph. The watches in this collection all have the Tritium Chronograph feature which makes it unique from the other brand of watches out there.

Another unique feature is the fact that the watches are built to withstand hardship, as most of them are shock and water-resistant. For adventures like rock climbing and occupations like storm chasing, the Ball Fireman collection has it all.

The Ball watch Fireman prices range between $700 to $3,500, and the most reliable place to get your Ball watches is at Exquisite Timepieces. For the best Ball watches and other brands, including pre-owned watches, all you have to do is visit

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