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Ball Watch is a respected Swiss brand with a heritage of setting the standard for timekeeping safety in the American railroad industry. With a history dating back over a century, Ball is dedicated to precision and accuracy and has introduced useful innovations like micro gas tube illumination in its watchmaking.
From a total of eight collections, the Swiss brand has a neutral design structure that appeals to a general audience, including women. Ball has several ladies' edition watches from its collections, but the entire line is fashionable for ladies.
At Exquisite Timepieces, we are authorized dealers of Ball female watches. We have all women's Ball watches for sale at the official retail price. You can shop now in our Florida boutique or online store and enjoy free, insured, and expedited shipping.

Women's Ball Stainless Steel Watches

Women's Ball watches are almost exclusively stainless steel models. Ball incorporates 904L stainless steel, which is the best stainless steel used in watches, offering maximum corrosion and scratch resistance.
Aside from durability, Ball women's stainless steel watches offer wearers technical and aesthetic superiority. Ball women's stainless steel watches have shock resistance of up to 5,000 Gauss and are artistically polished perfection.

  • Ball Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer Day-Date
  • Ball Engineer III Legend NL1026C-S4A-BKGR
  • Ball Trainmaster Eternity Ladies NL2080D-SJ-BK

Women's Ball Dress Watches

Female watches have a natural dressy appeal that borders on simplicity, class, and precision.
Although some women's ball dress watches are sizable because they're designed for professional use, they manage to be chic and fashionable. The timepieces feature a simple round case showcasing a high level of craftsmanship in dial finish, hour markers, and the grandeur of the iconic "RR" signature seconds hand.
Female ball dress watches are strapped to either a robust and polished stainless steel bracelet or stylish natural textured leather. What's more, they come alive in the dark with dual or rainbow-colored micro gas tubes on the markers and hands.

  • Ball Engineer III Legend NL1026C-S4A-SLGR
  • Ball Trainmaster Legend NM9080D-L1J-BK
  • Ball Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer NL9616C-S1C-PKR

Ball Women's Watches Price Range

Female ball watches have a retail price range between $1,500 to around $3,500.
The popular price range for women's Ball watches is around $1,900, which is the cost of the acclaimed Ball Engineer III Pioneer models. Some of the most expensive female Ball watches are special edition or sporty models, like the Trainmaster Engineer Manufacture 80 Hours or the Engineer Outlier, priced at around $3,150.
More affordable Ball women's watches for sale, like the Engineer Ohio II Ladies, cost around $1,378. Meanwhile, for a beautiful unisex option, the dressy Fireman Enterprise is more budget-friendly, priced at about $1,200.

Ball Women's Collections

Ball women's wrist watches ensure professionals can also be stylish and elegant. These watches are built to withstand the rigors of daily hustle and still slay with sleek and elegant dial designs.

Womens Ball Trainmaster

Ball Trainmaster is a homage to the company's lifetime achievement in railroad safety. It embodies Ball's dedication to creating precise and highly readable watches and its first collection with "Ball's Standard" inscribed on the dial. In light of this, the Trainmaster collection offers different complications, like moon phase and small seconds, but all of which are highly accurate.
The women's edition is a 30mm stainless steel timepiece with a round case and black dial with dauphine hour markers and sword hands. More specifically, Trainmaster models for ladies sport a distinctive three-link bracelet with a brushed and polished finish.

  • Ball Trainmaster Eternity Ladies NL2080D-SJ-BK
  • Ball Trainmaster MSF Humanity NM1038D-S10J-WH
  • Ball Trainmaster Moon Phase NM3082D-SJ-BE

Womens Ball Fireman

Women's Ball Fireman watches blend ruggedness and chic elegance with subtle railroad design inspiration. Ball Fireman makes simple models with a simple date function and elaborate choices with useful functions like a tachymeter, telemeter, or clock.
Fireman watches for women have rail minute tracks, thick stainless steel bezels, and dauphine indexes as signature traits. Otherwise, they use long stick markers matching the minute tracks, like the Enterprise models.
These Fireman watches have a polished stainless steel bracelet with links like thin railway tracks.
Some popular models for ladies are:

  • Ball Fireman Victory Ladies NL2098C-S3J-BKm
  • Ball Fireman Victory Ladies NL2098C-S3J-SL
  • Ball Fireman Victory NM2098C-S6J-SL

Womens Ball Engineer III

The Women's Ball Engineer III is a simplistic collection of dress watches that offer the most variety to ladies in terms of color and dial design. �
It's a beautiful timepiece with a polished 904L stainless steel case offering multiple dial color options women cherish. Most models have a bold dial with a stick or oversized Arabic numeral indexes and dotted minute tracks, all illuminated with micro gas tubes.
A unique part of the Ball Engineer III is its stainless steel bracelet with prominent and polished center links like large railroad ties.

  • Ball Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer NL9616C-S1C-GR
  • Ball Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer NL9616C-S1C-BK
  • Ball Engineer III Pioneer NL9616C-S4CJ-BE

Womens Ball Engineer II

The Ball Engineer II is the most versatile Ball watch for women interested in complications. It offers many options, from a moon phase, calendar, GMT, or world timer to a diver's watch ladies can style.
Like most female Ball watches, the Engineer II for women also has a distinctive stainless steel bracelet. It's a charming three-piece line with a large polished center link with straight edges and brushed outer links.

  • Ball Engineer II Ohio Ladies NL1026C-SJ-SL
  • Ball Engineer II M Skindiver Heritage DD3208B-P1C-BK
  • Ball Engineer II Timetrekker GM9020C-SC-BE

Ball Womens Watches Size Guide

The most popular watch sizes in the women's Ball collection are size 40mm watches. Ball offers a wide catalog of almost two hundred 40mm timepieces ladies can style. This ensures you can find a suitable timepiece from every ball collection. Sporty watches like the Engineer Hydrocarbon DM2218B-SCJ-BK and Engineer II Rainbow NM2028C-L28CJ-BK are sized at 43mm.
Meanwhile, more feminine designs are available for watches in the 30mm to 36mm size range. They are typically elegant stainless steel dress watches from the Engineer II, III, Fireman, and Trainmaster collections.


Is Ball a high end womens watch?

Even though they're not considered high-end luxury, Ball women's watches are crafted with superior materials, craftsmanship, and movement engineering. The Swiss watchmaker uses 904L stainless steel, micro gas tube illumination, and in-house developed movements, among other patent innovations.

Why are womens Ball watches so expensive?

Ball watches for women are not so expensive in the world of luxury watches. They have a reasonable value for the money, considering the material, finishing, engineering, and rich history they offer.
Women looking for an entry-level luxury watch with superior quality and heritage should consider the Ball Watch Company.

Are Ball women's watches worth the money?

Definitely, ball women's watches offer a good bang for the buck. First, they're designed and built for use by railroad workers and other professionals, guaranteeing durability even in extreme conditions. Second, Ball watches have a pristine polished look and innovative micro gas tubes that don't require charging.

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