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Bell & Ross Watches for Women

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Globally revered, Bell & Ross has etched its legacy as a bastion of horological innovation by crafting timepieces that serve as emotive talismans, beckoning the wearer into a realm of exquisite sophistication. Founded in 1891 by Webb C. Ball, this esteemed luxury watch brand is celebrated for its revolutionary designs and state-of-the-art creations, notably the iconic circular form within a squared layout, which reflects Bell & Ross commitment to aeronautical aesthetics.
Bell & Ross' avant-garde design ethos manifests exquisitely in its female range, casting a spell with its resplendent fusion of haute horlogerie and captivating elegance. With their intricate dance of diamonds, striking dials, and French savoir-faire, Bell & Ross female watches embody a mind-blowing fusion of luxury and immaculate beauty.
As an authorized retailer for Bell & Ross, we invite couture connoisseurs and trendsetting women to a poetic rendezvous with time. Unveil the beguiling intricacies of each dial by purchasing women's Bell & Ross watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces.
We meticulously curate an exclusive collection of women's Bell & Ross watches, available both online and at our physical store. Choose Exquisite Timepieces, choose Bell & Ross, where each watch becomes an eloquent expression of a woman's unique journey.

Women's Bell & Ross Diamond Watches

Bell & Ross diamond watches enchant the senses with their impeccable charm, echoing as splendid tributes to the elegance of femininity. Adorned with shining diamonds that emit an ethereal allure, these timepieces are crafted to glamorize the wrists of discerning women with unmatched éclat.
The La Chaux de Fonds-based brand utilizes high-quality natural diamonds with excellent clarity in all its diamond watches for women. Every sparkle and gleam of Bell & Ross diamond watches tells a tale of refined taste and timeless allure. These timepieces can mostly be found in the BR S collection with exquisite dials, innovative movements, avant-garde designs, and a diverse array of straps.

Popular Bell & Ross diamond models for women include:

  • Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EA-ST/SCR
  • Bell & Ross Br S Pink Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EP-ST-LGD/SCR
  • Bell & Ross BR S Novarosa Full Diamonds Ladies Pink Dial Ref: BRS-PK-ST-LGD/SST

Women's Bell & Ross Stainless Steel Watches

Women's Bell & Ross stainless steel watches exude an irresistible charm synonymous with empowered femininity. Bell & Ross uses high-quality stainless steel, like 316L stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance and durability.
The Horological Atelier meticulously polishes and finishes its steel watches, undergoing extensive processes to achieve a refined and lustrous surface. This attention to detail ensures a robust and enduring material and enhances the aesthetic appeal of Bell & Ross timepieces.
Bell & Ross stainless steel watches for women are presented in a captivating diversity of designs, dials, complications, and functionalities.

Popular Bell & Ross stainless steel models for women include:

  • Bell & Ross BR S Pink Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EP-ST/SCR/SAT
  • Bell & Ross BR S Camouflage Diamonds Ladies Ref: BRS-CAMO-ST-LGD
  • Bell & Ross BR S Ref: BRS-ERU-ST-LGD/SST

Women's Bell & Ross Dress Watches

A symphony of sophistication, Bell & Ross dress watches enchant the discerning woman, their beguiling designs and intricately detailed dials weaving a narrative of elegance that transcends the ordinary.
Elevating wristwear to an art form, Bell & Ross crafts its dress watches for women as poetic expressions of female refinement, with various entrancing designs and alluring dials that echo the timeless beauty of the women who wear them. Bell & Ross dress watches for women can be found in the BR S collection and come in an array of exquisite dials, case materials, straps, and precious gems.

Popular Bell & Ross dress watches for women include:

  • Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle & Diamonds Ladies Ref: BRS-EA-ST-LGD/SCR
  • Bell & Ross BR S Grey Diamond Eagle Diamonds Ref: BRS-ERU-ST-LGD/SCA

Bell & Ross Women's Watches Price Range

Women's Bell & Ross watches cater to various budgets, offering a range of prices to suit different preferences. The main price range for Bell & Ross women's watches falls between $2,200 and $3,500, encompassing a selection of elegant timepieces with a harmonious balance of style and affordability.
For ladies seeking more budget-friendly options, entry-level Bell & Ross women's watches can be found around the $2,000 mark. On the higher end of the spectrum, the most luxurious and meticulously crafted Bell & Ross women's watches can exceed $5,000, featuring exquisite materials, intricate complications, and often incorporating precious metals or gems. These high-end timepieces epitomize the pinnacle of horological artistry, offering a blend of luxury and technical mastery.

Bell & Ross Women's Collections

Bell & Ross womens wrist watches embody a fresh interpretation for ladies seeking timepieces and heirlooms of enduring grace. Each Bell & Ross watch for women redefines femininity, adding a touch of refined sophistication to its narrative. Explore the curated collection below:

Womens Bell & Ross BR S

Tailored specifically for women, the BR S collection exudes refined elegance in every detail, from the size of the case to the delicacy of the materials used. Drawing inspiration from the world of aviation and military instrumentation, each BR S timepiece showcases the iconic circle in a square design.
The BR S collection offers a diverse array of exquisite dials, case materials, straps, and many options with precious metals or gems. Whether adorned with diamonds or crafted from luxurious materials, these watches epitomize the essence of feminine allure and showcase Bell & Ross commitment to timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Popular women's models from the Bell & Ross BR S collection include:

  • Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle & Diamonds Ladies Ref: BRS-EA-ST-LGD/SCR
  • Bell & Ross BR S Pink Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EP-ST/SCR/SAT
  • Bell & Ross BR S Novarosa Full Diamonds Ladies Pink Dial Ref: BRS-PK-ST-LGD/SST

Bell & Ross Women's Watches Size Guide

Bell & Ross ensures that Its watches are not only aesthetically pleasing but also thoughtfully engineered for comfort and wearability. The brand offers classic sizes like 39mm for women, striking a harmonious balance between elegance and versatility. For ladies with a penchant for a more contemporary and bold aesthetic, Bell & Ross presents larger sizes, such as 40mm and even 41mm. These sizes, popular for sporty and everyday watches, add a modern flair to the wrist, making a statement while maintaining a refined and sophisticated allure.


Is Bell & Ross a high end women's watch?

Yes, Bell & Ross is recognized as a high-end women's watch brand. Every Bell & Ross women's watch is built out of the best materials and equipped with high-grade Swiss movements to ensure a luxurious feel and functionality.

Why are women's Bell & Ross watches so expensive?

Women's Bell & Ross watches command a premium due to the brand's dedication to unconventional artistry, meticulous craftsmanship, and high-quality materials.

Are Bell & Ross women's watches worth the money?

Yes. Bell & Ross women's watches are a worthy investment as they not only showcase extraordinary craftsmanship and precision but also have the potential to become cherished heirlooms, retaining both their sentimental and monetary value over time.

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