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Blancpain, renowned since 1735 for blending Swiss expertise with haute horology, continues to craft watches that transcend time. Emerging from the brand's storied legacy is the Air Command collection-a captivating ensemble that exudes the allure of conquest and bygone eras, celebrating flight, audacity, and a fusion of nostalgia with contemporary innovation.

About Blancpain Air Command Watches

The Blancpain Air Command is regarded as a revered luxury watch, coveted for its exclusivity, historical significance, and exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted in adherence to the stringent 'Type 20' guidelines stipulated by the French military during the 1950s, the inaugural Air Command was meticulously tailored for aviators. It boasted a distinct dark dial, housing a 2-register chronograph layout featuring sub-dials positioned at 3 and 9 o'clock for enhanced readability.
Noteworthy elements included prominently legible hands, a countdown bezel adorned with 12 markers (instrumental for backward counting or anti-clockwise navigation aid for pilots adhering to specific flight headings), and an integral flyback function.
While modern Air Command models do incorporate advancements and stylistic updates, they all pay homage to the iconic design elements of the original Air Command and are faithful reinterpretations. Their limited production, historical ties to aviation, and association with the esteemed Blancpain brand position them as revered icons in the world of haute horology.

Blancpain Air Command History

Established in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in Villeret, Switzerland, Blancpain stands as the most ancient officially registered watchmaker globally. Throughout its extensive history, the Swiss Marque has remained a beacon of horological excellence and is particularly famous for introducing the first modern diver's watch in 1953- the Fifty Fathoms collection, setting new standards for water resistance in watches.
The Blancpain Air Command was specifically crafted for the United States Air Force in the 1950s. While its counterpart, the Fifty Fathoms diver's watch, gained favor within the U.S. Navy, the Air Command stood out as a flyback chronograph designed to meet the demands of aviators.
Notably rare, only a dozen watches were believed to have been manufactured, and they were exclusively distributed to American Air Force pilots through Blancpain's U.S. representative, Allen Tornek. After a hiatus spanning over four decades, the Air Command name resurfaced in 1996 as part of the Fifty Fathoms Trilogy series.
However, these iterations, produced until 2003, showcased a departure from the original design, featuring 40mm diver cases and bezels, deviating from the iconic roots of the initial Air Command.
In returning to its prestigious origins, Blancpain reintroduced the Air Command in 2019, marking a revival celebrating its aviation legacy uniquely and distinctively. This reintroduction brought forth a design reminiscent of its historical significance, highlighting its ties to aviation while offering a contemporary touch that honored its revered past.

How Much Do Blancpain Air Command Watches Cost?

Blancpain Air Command watches attract substantial attention from collectors and enthusiasts owing to their distinctive characteristics, historical significance, and current fervor within the exclusive domain of luxury watch collecting.
Prices for these coveted timepieces start at around $18,000. For the top-tier watches in the collection featuring gold cases, prices soar to approximately $30,000 and above. The table below shows the starting prices for five models and their unique features.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Blancpain Air Command Blue Dial Red Gold 36mm on Strap (Ref: AC03 36B40 63B) $30,900 Exquisite 18k Red Gold case, flyback chronograph function.
Blancpain Air Command (Ref: AC02 12B40 63B) $20,100 Titanium case, striking blue dial with matching luxurious strap.
Blancpain Air Command Blue Dial Titanium 36mm on Strap (Ref: AC03 12B40 63B) $18,800 Titanium case, houses the Caliber Blancpain F188B; a robust high-beat movement with a column wheel-operated flyback chronograph.
Blancpain Air Command (Ref: AC02 36B40 63B) $32,300 18k Red Gold case, classic aviation aesthetics with a distinctive legible dial and functional layout.
Blancpain Air Command (Ref. AC01 1130 63A) $22,100 A limited edition watch boasting an ultra-vintage appearance, faithfully recreating the essence of the original 1950s timepiece.

What's Unique About Blancpain Air Command Watches?

Acclaimed as the most coveted military chronograph from the late 1950s, the Air Command stands out for seamlessly blending an ultra-vintage aesthetic with contemporary materials and a modern movement.
It faithfully reproduces various details like inscriptions, scales (seconds and base-1000 tachymeter), Arabic numerals, bi-compax layout, and pilot-style hands with immaculate precision. It also boasts sophisticated design elements such as a flyback chronograph function and a countdown bezel, catering to the needs of aviators while showcasing a balance between heritage and innovation.

Blancpain Air Command Movements

All Blancpain movements are entirely produced in-house. Blancpain Air Command watches do not utilize manual wind or quartz movements; they rely solely on automatic movements (as explained below) for their operation and timekeeping accuracy.
Also known as self-winding calibers, these movements harness the natural motion of the wearer's wrist to power the watch. Air Command models that measure around 36mm are powered by the Automatic Caliber Blancpain F188B, while the larger sizes house the Caliber F3888B.
The Caliber F3888B embodies sophistication with its column-wheel chronograph and vertical clutch system. This high-beat movement operates at an impressive frequency of 5Hz, or 36,000 vibrations per hour, showcasing Blancpain's dedication to accuracy and reliability in timekeeping.

Blancpain Air Command Watch Colors

The Blancpain Air Command watch collection primarily showcases an exquisite selection of timepieces with captivating blue dials, offering exceptional legibility and paying homage to the heritage of pilot instrumentation.
While the collection predominantly features these signature blue dials, Blancpain also occasionally introduces limited edition models or variations that deviate from the traditional blue. For instance, the Ref. AC01 1130 63A features a black dial and a brown leather strap, adding a sense of contrast and versatility to the series.

Blancpain Air Command Watch Materials

Blancpain Air Command watches primarily feature exquisite cases crafted from 18k rose gold and titanium, exuding opulence and sophistication. The Swiss Marque occasionally introduces limited editions with different case materials, such as the stainless steel model, offering variations that add uniqueness and exclusivity to the collection.
For dial protection, Blancpain employs sapphire crystal, a premium material renowned for its exceptional scratch resistance and clarity. The watches are fastened to the wrist with luxurious leather straps that not only augment the timepieces' overall elegance but also deliver a comfortable and refined wearing experience.

Blancpain Air Command Watch Types

Blancpain Air Command watches belong to the category of pilot's watches, designed and crafted with specific features tailored for aviation professionals. While they are purpose-built for aviation, their classic and sophisticated design allows them to transition seamlessly from the cockpit to more casual or formal settings, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Blancpain Air Command Watch Complications

Blancpain Air Command watches feature chronograph complications, specifically, the flyback chronograph function. This feature allows for seamless resetting and immediate restarting of the chronograph with a single push of a button.
It was historically essential for pilots, enabling rapid and precise timing during flight operations. While not classified as complications, Air Command watches also boast additional functionalities, such as a countdown-type rotating bezel and a tachymeter scale, enhancing their utility and versatility.

Blancpain Air Command Sizes

Blancpain Air Command watches are available in diameters between approximately 36mm and 42mm. The smaller diameter sizes, around 36mm, pay homage to the historical roots of pilot watches, reflecting the dimensions of vintage timepieces from the 1950s era, while the larger sizes, around 42mm in diameter, cater to contemporary tastes and preferences for larger watches.
The thickness of Blancpain Air Command watches is around 11mm for the smaller diameters and approximately 13mm for the larger sizes. This variation in thickness contributes to the overall design and wearability of the watches, ensuring a balanced and comfortable fit on the wrist.

Buying Blancpain Air Command Watches

Blancpain Air Command watches are accessible through authorized dealers and Blancpain boutiques across the globe. These sought-after timepieces may also be found on online platforms, reputable watch retailers, and select high-end watch shops featuring Blancpain's collections.
However, due to their limited production and high demand, counterfeit versions abound. It's crucial to prioritize authenticity by purchasing Air Command watches solely from authorized sellers or Blancpain's official channels.
As an authorized dealer of Blancpain watches, Exquisite Timepieces proudly presents a diverse range of models from the Air Command collection. Our collection showcases various case dimensions and premium materials, offering enthusiasts an authentic and comprehensive selection tailored to match their distinctive style preferences.

Caring for Your Blancpain Air Command Watch

Every glance at a Blancpain Air Command watch is a glimpse into a world where tradition dances with innovation, as each tick signifies a legacy of horological excellence. Preserving the inherent value, functionality, and visual allure of your Air Command watch stands as a paramount endeavor. However, even with diligent care, the attention of a skilled watchmaker or authorized service center becomes indispensable as time progresses.
At Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service, we hold profound reverence for the intrinsic and extrinsic value of your Air Command timepiece. Our commitment rests in delivering exceptional care tailored precisely to its unique requirements.
From routine upkeep to intricate refurbishments encompassing the case, crystal, and intricate components to comprehensive movement servicing, meticulous polishing, or comprehensive restoration, trust Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service for unparalleled quality, unwavering reliability, and unmatched expertise.
We assure the secure transport of Blancpain Air Command timepieces requiring repair to authorized service centers. Here, adept technicians proficiently diagnose and address any concerns, ensuring that your exceptional watch receives the attention it rightly deserves.

Blancpain Air Command FAQ

When did the Blancpain Air Command come out?

The Blancpain Air Command was originally introduced in the 1950s.

What is the rarest Blancpain?

The inaugural Air Command chronographs, crafted for the US Air Force and made available to American military pilots via distributor Allen V. Tornek during the 1950s, hold the distinction of being the rarest Blancpain timepieces of that era.

How big is the Blancpain Air Command Flyback Chronograph?

The Blancpain Air Command Flyback Chronograph measures 42.5 millimeters in diameter and 13.77 millimeters in height.

Find your new Blancpain Air Command watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Blancpain's Air Command collection encapsulates the romance of adventure, echoing the bravery of aviators while soaring into the modern era with style. Meticulously crafted for those who revel in the intricate mastery of horology, embarking on a journey to acquire one is an exhilarating quest demanding assurance and confidence.
As an authorized retailer, Exquisite Timepieces is committed to ensuring that your acquisition experience isn't just secure but also an unforgettable delight.
Whether you prefer the ease of online shopping or yearn for the personalized touch of our boutique, we are poised to elevate your watch acquisition journey. Offering complimentary insured shipping for purchases over $1,000, Exquisite Timepieces guarantees the safety of your treasured timepiece during transit.
Our unwavering dedication to authenticity and an enduring focus on customer satisfaction position us as your ideal partner in the pursuit of horological excellence. Explore the exquisite Blancpain Air Command Collection online or visit our boutique at 4380 Gulf Shore Blvd N # 800, Naples, Florida, to experience the captivating allure of the Air Command collection - an aviation-inspired saga etched in time with vintage elegance and cutting-edge design.

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