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Lake Geneva (Léman in French), the largest lake in western Europe, evokes voyages to far horizons. Unflinchingly contemporary, our Léman models accompany the man and woman of today in their activities and travels.They conjure up the pleasures of travel and discovery. A Léman watch is not only useful in day-to-day life, but is also an heirloom to pass on from generation to generation.

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Blancpain Leman Watch Collection Review

Blancpain has been making mechanical watches since 1735 that set standards of quality and established Blancpain as one of the finest watchmakers in Switzerland. The Swiss company is known for its impressive innovations in the field of horology and can be identified as an inventive company that knows how to be unique from others.
This dedication, which represents a long-term vision, is evidenced by the transition of valuable knowledge from one generation to the next and ongoing improvements in human resources, development, and research technology. Blancpain benefits from total creative freedom through its constant flow of inventions and its full mastery of manufacturing.
With a high percentage of its parts and equipment designed and manufactured in-house, skilled technicians and craftsmen, manual assembling of each mechanism by a single watchmaker, and finishing made mostly by hand to the utmost secret specifications, the success of the Manufacturer lies in its ability to develop watches that are at once revolutionary and faithful to the great Swiss watchmaking tradition. This philosophy is expressed through each of the creations of the company and all of its collections, including the iconic Villeret timepieces, the famous Fifty Fathoms diver's watch, and the more petite Women models.


Blancpain Leman: History

Above all, Blancpain is a visionary's work. Blancpain noticed in 1735 the ability of a brand new industry, the horology industry. He resided in Villeret and founded his shop in the municipal registries there as a skilled watchmaker.
In the year 1815, his great-grandson, Frédéric-Louis Blancpain, was among the first to develop production methods of the series Jules-Emile, grandson of Frédéric-Louis Blancpain, was willing to specialize in high-end watches to deal with this trend as factories were continuously exerting pressure on the costs of products in 1865. Frédéric-Louis and his son Frédéric-Emile have also been historically the creators of significant developments, in particular, the modernization of the escapement form with the column wheel replaced with a cylinder or anchor escapement. By 1926, the company produced its automatic motions for men's wristwatches, accompanied four years later by the Rolls for women. Betty Fiechter, the loyal employee of Frédéric-Emile Blancpain, took over the leadership when his last male in the Blancpain line perished. The company was renamed "Rayville," Villeret's phonetic anagram, which enabled it to legally continue its business after the Blancpain dynasty ended.
The first contemporary divers ' watch created at the request of the French Army's Combat Swimmers was the Fifty Fathoms in 1953, introduced by Blancpain. Rayville-Blancpain became a member of the Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère in 1961 to satisfy the rising demand for its watch brands. At the beginning of the 1980s Jacques Piguet, son of Frédéric Piguet and manager of the same firm, and Jean-Claude Biver bought the company Rayville-Blancpain.
Blancpain joined the Swatch Group in 1992. A decade later, Marc A. Hayek became the Chairman and CEO of the firm, giving the company a fresh lease of life without giving up its precious heritage. In 2010 the firm joined the production company Frédéric Piguet to achieve this. As a consequence of this agreement, it can now monitor all stages of its watch production. Blancpain has produced no less than 26 different calibers in line with this trend being maintained over the past 7 years.
Right now in the 21st century, Blancpain is very much at home and meets the challenge of today's watchmaking timepieces founded on the quality of almost three hundred years. The company is very involved in the area of motorsport timekeeping, one of the most challenging. It has collaborated with Lamborghini and since 2009 has been the main supporter of the' Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo.' In turn, Blancpain was the official timekeeper for the 2010-2012 FIA GT1 world championship. During the following year, Blancpain took part in the development of the Blancpain Endurance Series and was the major sponsor of the "ADAC GT Masters" championship.


Blancpain Leman Collection Models


Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm

The Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm was introduced in 2004 to mark a new era of Alarm watch innovation, featuring all the toys It provides power reserve indications. Alarm; two time zones, water-resistant 100 meters, excellent movement finishes, a date, and specialty.
This Blancpain Leman has one of the most melodious, vivid and enduring tones in the industry. This alarm sounds like a retro alarm clock, more than a hollow rasp or rattle. The strength is combined with its versatility.
The Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm is one of the few ever designed alarm watches that can automatically wind the alarm and time features. The Blancpain Leman Alarm provides to its clients the capacity to arm and disarm the system at will given the ability to recharge its signature complexities upon discharging; an alarm set of noon may be disabled as long as it does not unintentionally become a midnight wakeup call. Besides, a power reserve indicator for the alarm spring is included in the Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm; understand that when you need it, it will be available.
Would you like more? Obviously, the Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm is the perfect travel watch due to the availability of a second separate time zone. Monitor the local and reference times on a single dial set, an alarm to signify a critical time such as a window of opportunity during business hours to contact a distant time zone.
Complexities are only half the equation but the Alarm is exclusive to the respected owner of Blancpain Leman GMT. The elegant, matte gray of the sinuous 40 mm Titanium case exudes luxurious panache with gloss black of the deeply lacquered dial, However, you should attach a rubberized leather strap with a complete deployment clasp and the look will be cool, sporty, and flexible.
Do you want a cool finish? Sure, that's also what Blancpain Leman has. Pick it up. This GMT alarm is a 40 mm case study on traditional art, with a motion, finished in the highest tradition of Frédéric Piguet's Vallee de Joux–partner to the Blancpain movement. Every clear surface of the action demonstrates impeccable craftsmanship, dressage, Cotes de Geneve, black finish, perlage, blue screws; all this here is in a huge amount and quality in conjunction.
The 40 mm titanium Blancpain Leman GMT Alarm should be on your wrist if exclusivity, complexities, durability, and creativity are on your mind.


Blancpain 2185 Leman Watch

The watch is primarily focused on the Blancpain 2100 series launched by Blancpain in 1994 as far as the Blancpain 2185 chronograph is concerned. The Blancpain 2100 series was planned for the new millennium, is up to 100 meters water-resistant, and provides a 100-hour reserve power by double barrel system. The Blancpain 2185 action is the 1185 caliber with an integrated automatic winding system. The Blancpain2185 has all the design features of the Blancpain 2100 model but has a power reserve of 40 hours.
The band is made of Louisiana Alligator and for added water protection has a rubber coating on the underside. The band seems to be stitched by hand and the band's quality is second to none. The case is composed of stainless steel with a screw-on cap, two push-buttons (for the functionality of the chronograph), and the rear of the case. It helps ensure 100 meters of water resistance to the watch. For some limited editions of the Blancpain 2185, there is also a display back.
While developing the dial for Blancpain 2185, Blancpain did a great job. Somehow they managed to create an eye-catching watch, a process that is not easy when you realize that most chronographs are distracted and uncomfortable. The dial contains 3 registers, one at 3 o'clock for 30 minutes, another at 6 o'clock for seconds, and one at 9 o'clock for 12 hours register. The concave registers contribute to the eloquence and elegance of the dial. The date window is also found in the register for seconds, at the 6 o'clock position. Furthermore, both markers and hands are composed of 18 K white gold. The ends of the hands have a luminous color finish.
The movement used by Frederic Piguet Blancpain 2185 is the caliber 1185 which is self-winding. As many fans of Blancpain already know Frederic Piguet's movements are not are renowned for their top quality. The movements of Frederic Piguet in Blancpain watches are mostly exclusively reserved for Blancpain. An owner of Blancpain 2185 can be confident that the action in their watch is one of the strongest movements available. Most precisely, all the chronograph enthusiasts are aware of its 1185 caliber as today it reflects the best chronograph movement.


Blancpain Reveil GMT Watch

Blancpain Reveil GMT has a brand new, black rubber-backed leather strap with a stainless steel tang buckle, enveloped in stainless steel, and is surrounded by a black dial. Functionalities comprise the date, minutes, hours, seconds, GMT, a reserve for power, day/night indicator. The diameter of the Blancpain reveil GMT watch is 40 mm, thickness 13.3 mm, and lug-to-lug is 45 mm.


Blancpain Leman Tourbillon Watch

This masterpiece of watchmaking was created and miniaturized by Blancpain. Thanks to the slower normal detent of its barrel spring its power reserve prevents the need for constant winding and guarantees maximum precise performance.
The Tourbillon is now, as in 1801, one of the masterpieces of traditional horology development. Blancpain pays tribute to this remarkable creation by introducing water-resistant Tourbillon watches up to 30-100 meters.