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Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 are unique timepieces that reflect Boeing's extensive experience in advanced material research. The models are manufactured in two versions, the first being Custom 465® Stainless Steel. This double vacuum-melted, age-hardenable alloy was developed for the aerospace industry for superior strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.

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Bremont Boeing Watch Collection Review

For many years, Bremont has been in partnership with Boeing, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers. Bremont has developed aviation-themed watches to commemorate their wonderful partnership. The watches include the Bremont Boeing 247, Bremont747 watch, Bremont Boeing 100, Bremont Boeing Model 1, Bremont Boeing Titanium and many more.


History of Bremont Boeing Collection

Bremont watches officially started in 2002 and was founded by brothers, Nick and Giles English. The two brothers were always passionate about flying in their early years. Their father, Euan, was an ex-RAF pilot and had a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering. Apart from flying, their father owned a workshop where they would make and restore things, including planes. Nick and Giles would spend most of their time with their father in the workshop which led them to their skillfulness.

Unfortunately, life wasn’t easy for the brothers as they lost their father in a plane accident. Despite the agony, it hasn’t stopped the brothers from pursuing their father’s legacy and carry on the passion for flying and restoring things. One day, they flew over France. Following bad weather cause them to settle for an emergency landing, as their engine was running rough. The brothers were welcomed into the home of a hospitable farmer. Little did they know that this happening would significantly change their lives forever. When the brothers had to leave, they promised the farmer that his name will never be forgotten. The farmer’s name was Antoine Bremont, thus the name of the company, Bremont.

Up to this date, Bremont lives to be one of the world’s leading and most successful manufacturers in watches. Bremont has been partnering with different high-end businesses. One of them being Boeing, inspired by their passion for planes. A number of their items are designed in inspiration to Boeing. These watches are known as Bremont Boeing.

Bremont Boeing Collection is composed of different units such as the Bremont Boeing 247, Bremont 747 watch, Bremont Boeing 100, Bremont Boeing Model 1, Bremont Boeing Titanium, and many more.

Each collection was made with significance and inspiration to the Boeing company. When Boeing turned 100, Bremont released a special model known as the Bremont Boeing 100, an aviation-themed watch beautifully made, marking a milestone in their partnership.

Other Bremont Boeing models were inspired by some of Boeing’s aircraft models. Bremont Boeing 247 was named after Boeing’s twin-engined model 247 airliner. In this article, we will get to learn more about this exciting Bremont model.


What is Special About the Bremont Boeing Collection?

Bremont Boeing Collection is an aviation-themed watch. Nick and Giles English combined their two passions together: flying and timepiece creation, resulting in this beautifully-made Bremont Boeing Collection.

These model collections are perfect for pilots, as they were specially designed for high altitude levels. With advanced technology, these timepieces have been carefully constructed using aviation-grade metals. Not only were these items created with cutting edge materials, it offers these timepieces some sentimental value as it shows Boeing’s rich history embedded in them.

These beautiful watches can be customized to your wrist size. Unlike other brands, Bremont watches provide 9 layers of anti-reflective treatment making them scratch-resistant and 7 times harder than usual. They are applied to both sides of the B-EBE2000 hardening technology and the sapphire crystals.

Like other Bremont watches, the Boeing collection uses Trip-Tick Case Construction in their cases. The Trip-Tick Case Construction includes the sapphire crystal contained inside a hardened steel bezel element, titanium or a DLC treated middle barrel found in its central body, and a case back made of steel and crystal.

Not only do these watches excel in quality, durability, and high-tech engineering, Bremont watches also excel in beauty and comfort to the wearer. However, there are some units under this collection that are special limited edition.


Bremont Boeing Collection of Watches

Here, you will find a collection of Bremont Boeing watches, all with amazing features and beauty. Check out these Bremont Boeing reviews:

Bremont Boeing Model 1 is comprised of stainless steel or titanium. The Boeing Model 1 Stainless Steel comes in both white and black color and white and black bracelet. This type of timepiece is made from Custom 465® Stainless Steel and is used by Boeing for its age-hardened alloy that is extremely tough and double-vacuum melted and is developed for the aerospace industry. It features a Trip-Tick® Case Construction designed by Bremont with an integrated crown guard.

The Bremont Boeing Model 1 Stainless Steel also contains a modified caliber 11 1/2’’’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer giving it a power reserve of 38 hours. Like other Bremont watches, this model is water-resistant up to 100 meters below and has a strap made out of organic polymer. The price for this timepiece is ₤3,795.00 Its steel can come in black and white. The Bremont Boeing Model 1 with stainless strap also comes with black and white stainless steel in its timepiece and costs ₤4,195.00.

Bremont Boeing Model 1 TI-GMT, another unit of Bremont Boeing Model 1, features their very own Bremont Boeing Titanium. The titanium used in this unit is relatively a lot more powerful than titanium used for commercial purposes. It uses a Boeing aviation-grade Ti6-4 Titanium. In similarity to other Bremont watches, it also integrates a crown guard within Bremont’s own Trip-Tick case construction. This model also features a rubber anti-shock mount that can be seen in its crystal case back. On the other hand, it contains a 42-hour power reserve using its modified caliber 11 1/2’’’ BE-93-2AE automated chronometer. The price is ₤4,495.00. For the one that features a titanium bracelet, the price is ₤4,895.00.

Bremont Boeing Model 247 is inspired by one of Boeing’s 1930 aircraft known as the twin-engined Model 247 airliner. It has a special design in its chronograph featuring two sub-dials that reflect the radial engines of the said aircraft. This timepiece’s case is also manufactured from Custom 465® Stainless Steel with a Trip-Tick® Construction Case. This timepiece also comes in two colors: black and white, and costs ₤4,695.00. The Model 247 Stainless Steel containing stainless steel bracelet costs ₤5,095.00,

Bremont Boeing Model 247 TI-GMT is another unit of Model 247 using a Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 Titanium. It also includes a 13 1/4’’’ BE-54AE automatic chronometer with a power reserve of 42 hours and is water-resistant up to 100 meters below. The strap is made of organic polymer. Though the features are similar to Bremont Boeing Model 247 Stainless Steel, the titanium of this unit, which is a lot stronger than commercial titanium, makes this a lot more special. This model is priced at ₤5,195.00. For the Bremont Boeing Model 247 TI-GMT Bracelet, the price is ₤5,595.00.

The Bremont Boeing Model 247 does really contain amazing features and is perfect for individuals who love to fly on an aircraft. You may find users giving a Bremont Boeing 247 review.

Bremont Boeing 100. The Bremont Boeing 100 is one of Bremont’s limited special edition watches, as it commemorates Boeing’s 100th anniversary. Bremont and Boeing have been in a special partnership in business for a few years, causing Bremont to make a special edition for Boeing. This limited special edition also uses Boeing’s aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium, which is highly used in the aerospace industry for its engine components and airframes. This type of titanium is relatively stronger and more powerful than titanium used for commercial purposes.

Unlike other Bremont Boeing models, the Bremont Boeing 100 has a distinctive brown color in inspiration to Boeing’s older aircraft known as the “Boeing Brown.” This unit has a distinct hue to it. It has a vintage Bakelite look. In the crown of every timepiece, you will find a ZA004 integrated into it using a carbon fiber composite.

On the other hand, this model has a 42-hour power reserve as it uses a 13 1/4’’’ BE-54AE automatic chronometer. Like others, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters below. This special edition is only limited to 300 pieces, and you need to register to find availability with the price. Another thing that adds beauty to this unit is its calf-skin leather strap which contains a titanium pin buckle.

Bremont manufactures some of the best and most unique watches in the world. Partnered with some of the top-notch businesses and companies, Bremont has built a whole new level standard of manufacturing.

Bremont Boeing watches have been constructed in a way that it can withstand high altitude and undersea depths coupled with British technology and highly durable by-products. The co-founder brothers, Nick and Giles English, were always passionate about flying, leading them to this special creation. For many years, these products have an uncompromising standard.

Should you invest in Bremont watches? Yes! Bremont Watches have the highest quality metal using 9 layers of anti-reflective coatings on its crystals, making it 7 times harder than other watches. The aim of this company is not to create quantity, but uncompromising quality. Bremont watches have been tested by military personnel, and has been awarded “The Armed Forces Covenant.” The design of Bremont watches is incomparable with its Trip-Tick construction case and their developed MB Range that features an anti-shock casing. If you are a pilot or are passionate about flying, invest in Bremont Boeing watches.