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Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont is one of the venerable stalwarts in the horological industry. From the quaint English town of Henley-on-Thames, the British watchmaker blends time-honored artistry with avant-garde designs, forging timepieces that defy convention.
With a savoir-vivre deeply ingrained in its DNA, Bremont is renowned for infusing its watches with aeronautical aesthetics and exceptional functionality.
Deepening its resolve for refined beauty, Bremont's prowess extends seamlessly to its female range, where each watch is an opulent sonnet in the poetry of time. Bremont female watches echo the romantic melodies of an era defined by legendary English queens who reigned with regal splendor and left an indelible mark on history.
Exquisite Timepieces, an authorized dealer for Bremont, extends a gracious invitation to women seeking watches crafted with artisanal finesse. Explore our curated collection of women's Bremont watches for sale online or in-store, where each stroke of design resonates like a whispered promise of enduring elegance for the discerning woman.

Women's Bremont Gold Watches

With a palette of refined aesthetics, Women's Bremont gold watches paint an evocative portrait of beauty, inviting women into a realm where each watch is a manifestation of their own exquisite essence. Bremont exemplifies opulence by utilizing 18k gold (75% pure gold, alloyed with other metals for durability and resilience) available as rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold in their timepieces.
Women's Bremont gold watches are available in a luxurious array of choices, showcasing meticulously finished dials (including the iridescence of mother of pearl), exquisite straps, and advanced functionalities such as GMT.

Popular Bremont gold models for women include:

  • Bremont Watch Lady K Rose Gold Ref: LADY-K-RG-R-S
  • Bremont Solo-32-LC 18ct Rose Gold Automatic Ref: SOLO-32-LC/RG-BK
  • Bremont Solo-37 Ref: SOLO37-RG-R-S

Women's Bremont Diamond Watches

Bremont's stainless steel watches for women epitomize contemporary suaveness, poise, refinement, and class, reflecting the strength and resilience of the modern woman.
Bremont prides itself on using high-quality stainless steel in its women's watches, including the durable 316L stainless steel and other specialized steels (such as the B-EBE2000), hardened to enhance resilience.
The polished brilliance of Bremont's stainless steel watches for women is a testament to the brand's meticulous finishing, offering a captivating canvas for various straps, dials, and functionalities to cater to individual tastes and preferences.

Popular Bremont stainless steel models for women include:

  • Bremont Lady K Jade Green Diamond Chronometer Leather Strap Watch Ref: LADY-K-JA-SS-R-S
  • Bremont Watch Maya Grey Strap Ref: MAYA-G-R-S
  • Bremont Watch Solo 34mm Ref: SOLO-34-LC-WH-BR-D

Women's Bremont Dive Watches

Women's Bremont dive watches seamlessly fuse plushness, cultivated beauty, courtliness, suaveness, and class with unparalleled functionality, ensuring a stylish and secure experience for the modern, adventurous woman.
Women's Bremont dive watches feature a water-resistant rating of 300 meters and are suitable for various water activities, including swimming, snorkeling, recreational water sports, and professional diving. Bremont's female dive watches feature chronometer-certified movements, robust and durable cases, excellent legibility, and secure/comfortable dive straps.

Popular Bremont dive watches for women include:

  • Bremont Supermarine S300 Vigo Leather Ref: S300-VIGO-R-S
  • Bremont Watch S300 Ref: S300-BL-B
  • Bremont Watch S300 White Ref: S300-WH-BR-D

Women's Bremont Dress Watches

Blending haute horology with a touch of entrancing allure, Bremont's dress watches epitomize British savoir-faire, craftsmanship unparalleled in its finesse and distinction.
Offering a refined narrative that transcends trends, Bremont incorporates quintessential attributes such as refined simplicity in design, slender and elegant profiles, exquisite materials such as precious metals and fine leather, and meticulous attention to detail into Its dress watches.
Available in collections like the Bremont Solo-34, Bremont Solo-37, Bremont Lady K, and the exquisite Bremont Maya, these exquisite watches weave together the rich tapestry of British heritage with the precision of horological artistry.

Popular Bremont dress watches for women include:

  • Bremont Watch Lady K Rose Gold Ref: LADY-K-RG-R-S
  • Bremont Watch Solo 34 Ladies Ref: SOLO-34-AJ-MP-Alligator-D
  • Bremont Watch Solo 34 Ladies Ref: SOLO-34-AJ-BK-BR-D

Bremont Women's Watches Price Range

The main price range for many Bremont women's watches falls within the mid to high-end luxury segment, ranging from around $2,500 to $7,000. On the more affordable end, entry-level models with simpler designs can be found in the $2,500 to $5,000 range. These still embody Bremont's commitment to craftsmanship and quality but come with fewer complications and use less luxurious materials.
On the higher end, Bremont offers more intricate and luxurious models that surpass the $10,000 mark. Models like the Bremont Lady K Rose Gold Ref: LADY-K-RG-R-S, featuring a gold case with diamond embellishments, command a price beyond the $20,000 mark. Such premium offerings cater to discerning individuals seeking a blend of horological excellence and opulent aesthetics in their timepieces.

Bremont Women's Collections

Bremont womens wrist watches redefine the notion of femininity in horology, earning the brand its well-deserved acclaim. Each Bremont watch for women is a magnum opus of intricate artistry that seamlessly fuses the past and the present, inviting you to explore the epitome of refined femininity within the curated collections below;

Womens Bremont Lady K

Honoring the co-founders' mother and creating a timepiece that reflects the elegance and richness of women's well-lived lives, the Lady K collection encapsulates not just horological excellence but a celebration of meaningful moments in the journey of women.
Adorned with precious metals, exquisite dials, intricate functionalities, and sophisticated straps that redefine opulence on the wrist, the Lady K collection from Bremont is an enchanting ensemble catering to the dynamic lives of women who wear time with grace.

Popular women's models from Bremont Lady K collection include:

  • Bremont Watch Lady K Rose Gold Ref: LADY-K-RG-R-S
  • Bremont Watch Lady K Frost Bracelet Ref: LADY-K-FR-SS-B
  • Bremont Watch Lady K Jade Ref: LADY-K-JA-SS-R-S

Womens Bremont Maya

The Bremont Maya collection draws inspiration from the Mayan ruins, an archaeological site that bears witness to the once-advanced Mayan civilization, which reached its peak between the 6th and 9th centuries.
Women's Bremont Maya watches pay homage to the Mayan civilization's rich cultural heritage, capturing the ancient ruins' mystique and grandeur in their design. Just as the Maya civilization left an indelible mark on history, Bremont's Maya watches are timeless artifacts on the wrists of the women who wear them, leaving an enduring legacy of beauty.

Popular women's models from Bremont Maya collection include:

  • Bremont Maya Mayfair Mother Of Pearl Leather Strap Watch Ref: MAYA-G-R-S
  • Bremont Watch Maya Ref: MAYA-P-R-S
  • Bremont Maya Tahitian Pearl Ref: Maya-B

Womens Bremont S300

Offering a captivating range of dive watches for both men and women who appreciate the fusion of style and functionality beneath the waves, the S300 is a distinguished series of dive watches that exemplifies Bremont's expertise in creating robust and reliable timepieces.
Watches in this collection boast a water resistance rating of up to 300 meters (approximately 1000 feet), durable construction, luminous markings, unidirectional rotating bezels, and distinctive aesthetics.
Bremont S300 watches for women are crafted to not only endure the pressures of the deep but also elevate the style to new heights.

Popular women's models from Bremont S300 collection include:

  • Bremont Watch S300 White Ref: S300-WH-BR-D
  • Bremont Watch S300 Ref: S300-BL-B
  • Bremont Supermarine S300 Vigo Leather Ref: S300-VIGO-R-S

Womens Bremont Solo-34

The Bremont Solo-34 collection pays homage to the trailblazing spirit of the early female solo pilots, such as Amelia Earhart, Jacqueline Cochran, and other pioneers who defied norms and ventured into the skies alone. Inspired by their courage and achievements, the collection captures the essence of these aviation trailblazers, celebrating the legacy of women who soared to new heights in the world of flight.
The Solo-34 collection boasts a range of features such as exceptionally executed cases, ultra-legible dials, aviation-inspired aesthetics, automatic movements, a modest 34mm diameter, and various sophisticated straps.

Popular women's models from Bremont Solo-34 collection include:

  • Bremont SOLO34-AJ-MP-B Mother of pearl
  • Bremont SOLO34-LC-WH-S
  • Bremont SOLO34-AJ-WH-R-S

Womens Bremont Solo-37

Drawing inspiration from the cockpit, the Bremont Solo-37 collection houses watches that not only tell time but narrate a story of aviation excellence. Like the Solo-34 collection, the Solo-37 takes flight with the legacy of female aviation pioneers, inviting the modern woman to celebrate not only the past but also to embrace the boundless possibilities of the future.
The watches feature a slightly larger yet still refined 37mm diameter and aesthetics that evoke the essence of cockpit instruments and pilot watches.

Popular women's models from Bremont Solo-37 collection include:

  • Bremont Solo-37 SOLO/37/SI/RG
  • Bremont Solo-37 SOLO/37/RG
  • Bremont Solo-37 SOLO/37/BK/SI/BR

Bremont Women's Watches Size Guide

Bremont recognizes the diverse preferences in women's watch sizes and ensures that their collections offer a spectrum from the classic and petite to the bold and sporty. For ladies who prefer smaller and timeless dimensions, sizes 34mm and 37mm are particularly popular. These sizes not only evoke a retro and fashionable aesthetic but also provide a comfortable fit for everyday wear.
For sporty and everyday watches, Bremont extends the size range to 40mm. This size, present in certain collections like the S300, provides a bolder and more robust appearance, catering to women who appreciate a slightly larger and more substantial timepiece. Additionally, sizes like 41mm are available, inviting women who are drawn to a more prominent style to embrace audacity by exploring these timepieces with a distinctive and bold presence.


Is Bremont a high end women's watch?

Yes, Bremont is a high-end brand for women's watches crafted out of exquisite materials and high-quality movements.

Why are women's Bremont watches so expensive?

Positioned as a heavyweight contender in the luxury watch market, Bremont's commitment to precision, avant-garde design, cutting-edge engineering, time-honored craftsmanship, and limited production runs contributes to the elevated pricing of their women's timepieces.

Are Bremont women's watches worth the money?

Yes. Bremont women's watches are worth the investment not only for their craftsmanship and durability but also for their ability to retain value over time. With a rich heritage and compelling story behind each timepiece, Bremont watches become more than accessories´┐Żthey are cherished heirlooms, making them a worthy choice for discerning women.

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