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Frederique Constant was founded in 1988 by Aletta Bax and Peter Stas in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded on the principle of delivering luxury Swiss timepieces at an attainable price, this young company has accomplished a lot in 36 years. In 2020, Frederique Constant reinvigorated its flagship collection to celebrate the "Highlife."

About Frederique Constant Highlife Watches

Frederique Constant's Highlife Collection is the pinnacle of Swiss craftsmanship and contemporary design. Launched in 1999, this iconic collection immortalized the brand's commitment to innovation, precision, and elegance.
At the core of Frederique Constant's Highlife Collection is the distinctive integrated and interchangeable strap system. This system allows effortless swapping between the leather strap and bracelet to enhance versatility for any occasion. This enhanced versatility reflects Frederique Constant's dedication to accessible and customizable luxury timepieces.
Meticulous attention to every detail is taken when crafting a Highlife timepiece. Sophisticated blending of modern engineering and traditional watchmaking boasts Frederique Constant's place in Swiss luxury. From sleek case designs to intricate dial finishes, every element of the Highlife Collection exudes sophisticated refinement.
Powered by in-house Swiss movements, which are COSC certified, the Highlife Collection guarantees impeccable accuracy and reliability. This collection is not only stylish and versatile but also precision instruments. Whether adorned with modern indices or classic Roman numerals, the Frederique Constant Highlife timepieces are elegant and legible. Striking the perfect balance of a timeless classic and contemporary flair.
The Highlife's fusion of timeless elegance, innovative features, and Swiss watchmaking excellence continues to capture watch enthusiasts worldwide, redefining the modern era of luxury horology.

Frederique Constant Highlife History

Frederique Constant created the Highlife Collection in 1999, representing the fledgling company's ability to innovate and solidify their craftsmanship among Swiss luxury brands. The revitalized 2020 collection modernized the case design for a more sleek and sporty look, yet maintaining classical roots. If you want an even more classic-looking timepiece, consider the brand's Classics collection.
Continuing with the 1999 integrated strap design, they updated the integrated bracelet system, allowing the owner to switch between metal bracelets and leather straps without any tools. This modular concept provides options for personal tastes and preferences while allowing for quick change on the fly for any occasion.
The Highlife collection garners praise for its continued evolution and value proposition, with new models that cater to every watch enthusiast's taste. New additions to the collection showcase Frederique Constant's complications such as the moonphase, chronograph, and tourbillon. The Highlife collection remains an important part of the brand's portfolio, cementing its status as a cornerstone of Frederique Constant's heritage and legacy.

How Much Do Frederique Constant Highlife Watches Cost?

Most models in the Highlife Collection are priced between $2,300 and $4,600 respectively for their Automatic COSC, Heart Beat, Chronograph, and World timer. The Perpetual Calendar is priced around $10,000, while their Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is upwards of $29,000 and even as high as $49,000. Exquisite Timepieces has an excellent collection for sale; contact one of our professionals for assistance with your purchase.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Frederique Constant 303N4N6B Automatic COSC 41MM $2,295 COSC Certified, several color variants
Frederique Constant 310S4NH6B Heart Beat 41mm $2,295 Open Heart at 12 O'clock
Frederique Constant 391WN4NH6 Chronograph 41mm $3,995 Chronograph, limited edition of 1888 pieces
Frederique Constant 718C4NH6 World timer Manufacture $4,595 World timer function
Frederique Constant Highlife 240MPWD2NHD2B SS Ladies $3,195 White Mother of Pearl dial, two toned and gemstones on dial and bezel

What's Unique About Frederique Constant Highlife Watches?

Frederique Constant uses a unique hornless cushion case with modern engineering; the case has a beautiful brush finish with a polished bezel and sides. Being 41mm, Frederique Constant's design has it wear closer to a 40mm watch. What makes this timepiece collection unique is the design of the bracelets and straps, which integrate seamlessly into the case. Each one has a proprietary mechanism that allows quick, tool-less changing to occur. Each timepiece comes with a bracelet and a leather strap that either matches the dial or compliments its beauty. The Highlife collection's integrated design rivals that of any other luxury brand.

Frederique Constant Highlife Movements

There are a variety of different movements utilized in the Highlife collection, but mainly are automatic self-winding mechanical movements. Building on years of in house developments and accomplishments, Frederique Constant did not shy away from showcasing their horological craftsmanship.
Their Automatic model is their first COSC-certified movement that houses an in-house movement based on the SW-200-1.
The Highlife would not be complete without a chronograph. They built off the Valjoux 7750 to make their own automatic chronograph with a column wheel!
The Perpetual Calendar model is proud to house their fully in-house FC-775, a self-winding mechanical movement that debuted in 2016.
A limited run, they released the Perpetual Calendar with their in-house Tourbillon to show the world a stunning one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Frederique Constant Highlife Watch Colors

The Highlife Collection primarily uses black, blue, and white dials to give a sporty yet elegant everyday look. Each dial color will have either interacted designs to highlight the craftsmanship or sophisticated sun-ray effects to make the colors play with different angles of light.
Frederique Constant has released limited editions of colors that are not traditional to the Highlife Collection while still exhibiting sporty elegance. Sticking to what Frederique Constant knows best ensures the classic look and feel of every Highlife watch.

Frederique Constant Highlife Watch Materials

Frederique Constant selects high-quality materials to use in its masterpieces, and the Highlife Collection is no different. The cases are made out of either stainless steel or rose-colored gold, and in some models, two tones of steel and rose gold plating. Each Highlife watch is adorned with sapphire crystal and a sapphire display case back to gaze at the Highlife's heart. The Highlife Collection comes with a stainless steel bracelet that matches the case, leather strap, or rubber strap. When you purchase a timepiece from the Highlife collection, it will come with an additional bracelet or rubber strap, depending on which model you purchase.

Frederique Constant Highlife Watch Complications

You will find a plethora of complications within the Highlife Collection that suit your own taste or need. Meticulous time and effort was put into curating this wonderful collection. For travel, look at the Highlife World timer GMT. If you need a timer function, the Chronograph has you covered. Looking for a statement piece you should consider either the Highlife Perpetual Calendar with Moon phases or the Perpetual Calendar tourbillon. The complications in the Highlife add to the innovative and sophisticated nature of this elegant collection.

Buying Frederique Constant Highlife Watches

When considering your purchase of a new Frederique Constant Highlife timepiece the right place is at your fingertips. You can purchase a new Highlife watch directly from the brand's website. There are also authorized dealers all over the world ready to assist you with finding the perfect Highlife for your needs.
Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for all Frederique Constant watches and has the perfect curation of Highlife timepieces. Located in Naples, Florida, their professionals can assist you with your next purchase; give them a call today or check out their website to see what is in stock.

Caring For Your Frederique Constant Highlife Watch

We understand that incidents out of our control happen in our lives and things can happen to our timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces, an authorized dealer for Frederique Constant, is also a reputable service center not only for your Highlife, but all your watches. Their expert service team will help maintain proper care for your watch, as well as offer cleaning services, and if needed repairs.
Exquisite Timepieces have been in business for over thirty years and are members of the Jewelers of America and Better Business Bureau.

Frederique Constant Highlife FAQ

When was the Frederique Constant Highlife released?

Originally the Highlife collection was released in 1999 and quickly became their flagship line. However, the Highlife collection was revitalized in 2020 with the release of three new models, with more models released in the following years.

How much is a Frederique Constant Highlife watch?

Depending on which model you are interested in, the average price range is between $2,300 and $4,600, with models like the Perpetual Calendar and Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar reaching as much as $49,000.

Find your new Frederique Constant Highlife watch with Exquisite Timepieces

When you are ready to pick out your new Frederique Constant timepiece, you should feel confident in your choice. From the newest Highlife releases to other luxury offerings from Frederique Constant, Exquisite Timepieces online shop sells their Highlife collection as well as all other Frederique Constant collections. When purchasing online you will receive free insured shipping, as well as full warranty for your new watch.
Exquisite Timepieces is a boutique in Naples, Florida, and has been an authorized dealer for Frederique Constant for over two decades. Our professional team of watch enthusiasts will assist you in picking out your perfect Highlife timepiece.

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