Glashütte Original Pavonina Watches

The Glashütte Pavonina watch collection features elegant timepieces handcrafted for women. The Glashütte Pavonina wristwatch line includes highly-detailed, gorgeous options such as diamond inlays, distinct backgrounds, vintage dials, and intricate bracelet styles. This luxury women’s watch series offers stunning, eye-catching beauty in every piece. The precious materials used to construct them include smooth quartz, stainless steel, and red gold. If you are in the market for charming and exquisite watches, consider the Glashütte Pavonina watch collection. Attempting to find Glashütte Pavonina watches for sale without help can be troublesome. If you are looking for the best place to buy Glashütte Pavonina watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a Glashütte Pavonina authorized dealer.Read More...Get a FREE Watch Winder with your purchase of selected Glashütte Pavonina watches over $2,000. Learn More »

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Glashütte Original is well-known for merging German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, presenting some of the most elaborate dials on the market. Such dials can be seen on the Glashütte Original Pavonina, handcrafted timepieces, and highly detailed offerings made for women.

About Glashütte Original Pavonina Watches

Glashütte Original finds its origin in 1845 and has been producing watch art with remarkable technological prowess ever since. The Glashütte Original Pavonina watches take a similar approach, combining precious metals and gemstones in unique cushion case shapes and mesmerizing dial designs.

Glashütte Original Pavonina History

While most high-horology companies pursue the development and usage of intricate mechanical movements, a few companies choose to make use of quartz movements in particular models.
One such example is Glashütte Original, when they developed the Pavonina in 2013, a quartz-powered lineup specifically targeted at female clients. Glashütte Original is also adamant that the Pavonina line has been created for women by women who prefer the practicality of quartz movements.

How Much Do Glashütte Original Pavonina Watches Cost?

As the Glashütte Original Pavonina watches were designed with quartz movements, prices are going to be more affordable than mechanical alternatives. That said, with the addition of precious metals and gemstones, prices might vary greatly between different models.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Glashütte Original Lady Collection Pavonina Red Gold 1-03-01-03-15-11 $33,800 31mm Rose Gold option featuring 98 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial
Glashütte Original Lady Collection Pavonina Red Gold 1-03-01-04-15-11 Brown Dial $33,800 31mm Rose Gold with a handcrafted brown dial and 114 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case

What's Unique About Glashütte Original Pavonina Watches?

Glashütte Original is well known for going above and beyond to create breathtaking timepieces, and the Pavonina lineup is no different. Starting with the famous yet unique cushion case, which has been used since the 1920s, paired with handcrafted dials, it creates a striking and feminine appearance. Liberal use of precious metals and gemstones ensures the watch retains a luxurious appeal, and the delicate one-link bracelet makes for a one-of-a-kind watch.

Glashütte Original Pavonina Movements

As mentioned, Glashütte Original developed the Pavonina with only quartz movements in mind. The quartz movement of choice is the Glashütte Original caliber 03-02, which is based on the 03-01.
According to records, these are loosely based on ETA designs featuring a Glashütte Original stripe finish along with electronic fine adjustment and an anti-magnetic protective cage. If you want to get your hands on automatic or manual-wind movements from Glashütte Original, you can have a look at the Pano collection.

Glashütte Original Pavonina Watch Colors

The Glashütte Original Pavonina range features various different color schemes, ranging from more sober colors to more flamboyant offerings. Steel options are offered with a silver or black dial, whereas precious metal options are offered with mother-of-pearl dials, diamond-set dials, or even pure gold dials.

Glashütte Original Pavonina Watch Materials

Upon the initial release of the Glashütte Original Pavonina in 2013, the range was offered with precious metals only but has since expanded to include other materials as well. Some of the more cost-effective options will be offered in steel on leather straps, whereas the more beloved options are offered in rose gold or a combination of rose gold and steel.

Buying Glashütte Original Pavonina Watches

Glashütte Original is not a brand from which you can purchase on their own website, but you may make an appointment at any of their boutiques located in Germany, Austria, China, or Hong Kong SAR. China, Japan, Macao SAR. China, and South Korea. You may find your ideal Pavonina at Exquisite Timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces is a Glashütte Pavonina authorized dealer.

Caring for Your Glashütte Original Pavonina Watch

Buying a luxury timepiece like a Glashütte Original Pavonina means you are investing in something that will last you a lifetime - if you take care of it, of course. This means you need to take it for regular services, polishing, etc. Exquisite Timepieces offers an extensive range of services, including but not limited to refinishing the case/bracelet, strap replacement, and timekeeping tests.

Glashütte Original Pavonina FAQ

When was Glashutte Original Pavonina released?

The Glashutte Original Pavonina was initially released in 2013 and designed by women for women. The Glashutte Original Pavonina line featured the famous cushion shape case matched with precious materials, gemstones, and a quartz movement.

How much is a Glashutte Pavonina watch?

The Glashutte Original Pavonina line has various different iterations, with prices ranging from $4,500 up to $35,000.

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If you're looking to get your hands on a Glashütte Original Pavonina one of your best options is going to be Exquisite Timepieces, offering both an online shop and an in-person boutique. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized retailer of Glashutte Original, and the sale of each Pavonina comes with a full warranty and free insured shipping.