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Grand Seiko Quartz 9F Series

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The later years of the 1960s saw many watchmaking brands working on quartz movements; however Seiko was the first one to release a quartz movement inside a watch. The last Grand Seiko mechanical watch was released in 1972. Sixteen years after the manufacture of the entire brand ended, the 95GS was launched, featuring the first ever quartz movement inside a Grand Seiko. The calibre precision of 95GS was 10 seconds per year, superior to many other quartz movements. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Grand Seiko Quartz 9F collection. You can find Grand Seiko Quartz 9F watches for sale here.

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Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Movement Review

Grand Seiko 9F Quartz is no doubt, the most elegant and sophisticated movements that you can get your hands on. First developed in the year 1993, the competitors to this date are unable to replicate many of the special features of this 9F Quartz. Though Seiko is functionality plus affordability when it comes to its other collections, the Grand Seiko Collection is typically the perfect wristwatch with a 9F Quartz movement creating magic inside and making Grand Seiko a brand of its own.   


History of the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz

Let’s go back to the year 1963, the year Seiko released the first-ever quartz clock that was portable and could run on batteries that could last for the whole year. It was Crystal Chronometer QC-951. The watch consumed very little power and was accurate to around 0.2 seconds per day and almost 15 seconds per month which was amazing and radical at that time. From then onwards, in the year 1969, Seiko was able to release a quartz wall clock and then Seiko wristwatch with a quartz movement. The quartz wristwatch Seiko Astron was a revolution in the watch industry that provided time accurate to 5 seconds per month. 

Moving forward to the year 1993, when everyone has opted for the quartz movement, Seiko had to do something special for its quartz collection. That is where Seiko developed its Grand Seiko Collection with the 9F quartz movement. The single movement that was the best of all. 


Special Features of the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Collection 

The Seiko brand, with its Grand Seiko sister, made its motto very clear that they wanted the best features of any quartz movement in a single timepiece. The Seiko made it happen with its 9F movement. 

The special features offered by the 9F Seiko Quartz are not replicated by any other brand to date. The most special feature is the “twin pulse motor control” of the 9F movement. This unique feature introduced by the Seiko gives its 9F movement the supreme mechanical excellence. The single tick of the 9F quartz is actually the distinct double movements underneath which increases the life of the battery up to three years and provides power to run the dauphine full-sized Seiko hands.  

Another special feature of the 9F quartz movement by Seiko is the sealed cabin. As compared to the many other high-end quartz timepieces that have several gaps to allow debris or dust to enter in the timepiece, the 9F features a specially sealed cabin which ensures zero contamination. That is why Grand Seiko enjoys its position for the world’s longest service interval. The sealed cabin enhances the lubrication in the timepiece for keeping it good to 50 years.  


Why 9F Quartz Movement is Better?

The watch lovers have set their eyes on the Grand Seiko 9F as it provides numerous advantages as compared to the other quartz movements 

  • The mechanism of anti-backlash in the 9F auto-adjusts with an addition of a regulatory wheel so that the second-hand hits each marker and make no vibration when the hand stops
  • The mechanism of the date change is extremely fast i.e. 1/2000th of a second. You are literally going to miss it if you will blink. 
  • The coil block of the Grand Seiko 9F is wound uniformly that ensures maximum efficiency as compared to the commonly used coil block 
  • 9F Quartz movement is super accurate. The accuracy ranges from 10 seconds a year to an extremely amazing 5 seconds per year while other quartz movements provide 15 seconds a month
  • The thermo-compensation mechanism in the 9F Quartz movement detect the temperature changes five hundred times in a day and then adjusts according to it that eliminates the effect of temperature on the movement
  • For the more precision and smooth mechanical running, the three hands in the Grand Seiko are made to move on the separate axis 


Notable Timepieces with the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Movements 

Each timepiece of the Grand Seiko collection is the epitome of perfection and precision combined with elegant aesthetics. Some noteworthy are:


Grand Seiko GMT Quartz 

The Grand Seiko GMT Quartz Caliber 9F86 is specially equipped with the Grand Seiko’s first GMT function along with the standard ones. The timepieces offer an accuracy of 10 ± seconds per year with a three-year battery life. 

The Grand Seiko SBGN 005 model is equipped with the GMT Quartz Calibre. With 39 mm case diameter and 12.1 mm thickness, this sports collection timepiece by Seiko employs a genuine sports manufacture with the unique three-dimensional ultra-thin design for the extreme comfort on the wrist. The screw-lock crown on the timepiece ensures the water-resistance up to 10 bar, extreme durability and keeps it air-tight. The exterior material of the case in the Grand Seiko SBGN 005 is stainless-steel. The glass is made of sapphire dual-curved crystal with the coating of an anti-reflective agent on the interior. Indexes and hands are treated with the Lumibrite while the GMT hand in Grand Seiko 9F GMT is kept striking among the others. This feature along with the two-toned lower and upper rings on the dial instantly indicates the day or night with the GMT hand. Equipped with the magnetic resistance, the timepiece weighs 149 grams with the additional features of lion emblem back of the case, 24-hour hand, the function of the date display, the function of the stop-second hand, screwed back of the case, screw-down crown and the function of time difference adjustment linked to the calendar. The timepiece comes with the clasp that is three-fold and released with a push button. 

The Grand Seiko SBGN 005 loaded with the 9F Quartz GMT is available on Exquisite Timepieces for you to buy. 


Grand Seiko SBGX335 Watch

Another notable Grand Seiko 9F timepiece is SBGX335 with a stainless steel body of 43.6 mm diameter and 13 mm thickness. The inner sapphire crystal is coated with an anti-reflective agent with the black dial beneath the Lumibrite hands and indexes. The Quartz 9F61 Caliber movement provides a high accuracy of 10 ± seconds per year with three years of battery life. The SBGX335 Grand Seiko provides water resistance up to 200 meters with the screwed down back of the case. The timepiece features a folding clasp bracelet made of stainless steel to sit correctly at the wrist. The Grand Seiko SBGX 335 is ready to be at your wrist right here at Exquisite Timepieces. 


Grand Seiko SBGX261 Watch

Grand Seiko SBGX261 is a delight on the wrist with its stainless steel exterior body and case diameter of 37 mm with 10 mm thickness. The inner black dial of the timepiece is accompanied by the Lumibrite hands and indexes inside the sapphire crystal glass of anti-reflective coating. The Grand Seiko SBGX261 is powered by the 9F Quartz movement of Caliber 9F62. The powerful Quartz movement provides water-resistance of 10 ATM and three years of battery life. The screwed back of the case with steel bezel provides extra protection to the movement inside. The accuracy and precision of the 9F Quartz movement to  10 ± seconds in a year is also featured in the SBGX261 timepiece. The wristwatch features a steel bracelet with the folding clasp and push-button release.

You can get your hands on this stainless steel beauty with sophisticated precise mechanics on Exquisite Timepieces. 


Grand Seiko SBGX337 Watch

Grand Seiko SBGX337 also enjoys the same 9F quartz high-end features with mechanical precision along with being Grand Seiko Quartz diver watch. The stainless steel body of the timepiece has a thickness of 13mm with a 50.6 mm width and 43.6mm height. The inner glass is made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the interior. The back of the case is screwed-down with the crown and stainless steel bezel with the feature of preventing reverse rotation in the timepiece. SBGX337 features an elegant blue dial with the hands and indexes treated with Lumibrite and weighs 204 grams. 

The SBGX337 Grand Seiko Quartz Diver watch is powered by the 9F Quartz movement of Caliber 9F61 operated with 3 years of battery life. The robust mechanics in the watch guarantees the water resistance up to 200 meters suitable for diving and precision of 10 ± seconds in one year. The timepiece rests elegantly on the wrist with its stainless steel bracelet featuring a folding clasp. The Grand Seiko SBGX337 is ready to grab at Exquisite Timepieces.


Grand Seiko SBGX259 Watch

Grand Seiko SBGX259 is ultimate perfection with its smaller diameter of the case and intricate mirror inner surface with the outer finish of satin. The perimeter of the SBGX259 band is 205mm, designed to rest naturally on the wrist. The timepiece enjoys all the precise mechanics of the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz in the weight of just 134 grams. If you want to get this delicate beauty in your hands, visit Exquisite Timepieces.   


Wrap Up: Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Movement Review

The Grand Seiko 9F movement is the revolution in the quartz watch-making allowing greater precision with robust mechanics and elegant design ensuring complexity, beauty, and comfort, all in one!

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