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While Europe is celebrated as the heartland of renowned watchmaking brands and the origin of many industry innovations, it's not the sole destination for finely crafted timepieces. Eastward, Japan has emerged as a favored haunt for watch enthusiasts due to one name: Grand Seiko.

Launched in 1960 with the mission of creating "the most accurate wristwatch in the world," Grand Seiko has consistently produced some of the finest and most precise timepieces around for nearly half a century. Today, in addition to their classic men's watch lines, the company offers a range of svelte, elegant Grand Seiko female watches, adorned with gems and crafted from precious metals that'd make for excellent jewelries for the ladies.

Exquisite Timepieces proudly serves as an authorized dealer for the brand, with every women's Grand Seiko watch for sale available for browsing on our website or for in-person viewing at our boutique in Naples, Florida!

Women's Grand Seiko Gold Watches

Out of all the precious metals that are commonly used for making luxury watches, gold still shines as a classic choice due to its brilliant luster and association with luxury. If this is what you seek, fortunately, Grand Seiko has a variety of lady's gold watches on offer.

Some of the best references that embodies the brand's design philosophy can be found within the Grand Seiko Elegance collection. Here, there are sleek watches with casing no more than 30mm made from solid 14k gold in both classic yellow tone as well as warmer rose gold.

  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection in 18k Yellow Gold (Ref. STGK004)
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection in 18k Rose Gold (Ref. STGK006)
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Manual in 18k Rose Gold (Ref. SBGK004)

Women's Grand Seiko Diamond Watches

No other gem comes close to diamond as an expression of opulence. High-end watchmakers have been finding ways to insert thin-cut diamonds into their designs for decades, and Grand Seiko isn't an exception. If you love the way these stones glint in the light, you'll find plenty of accommodating references in Grand Seiko's collections.

Per Grand Seiko, only the highest-quality diamonds are selected for their pieces. They have to meet a rigid standard of clarity, proportion, and "flawlessness." That translates to each diamond-studded piece to have an unblemished glint in the light that'll definitely delight yours, as well as beholders' eyes.

  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Ref. STGF375
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Ref. STGK013
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Ref. STGK003

Women's Grand Seiko Stainless Steel Watches

While stainless steel may not have the glamor of gold or as pricey as silver or platinum, its shine and durability have made it popular with luxury watchmakers regardless, including Grand Seiko. Stainless steel models are featured in every collection, from Elegance to Heritage.

But some consider the cool tone of stainless steel to be "boring", so Grand Seiko has worked hard to make this not be the case. Besides giving each timepiece intricately designed dials to set them apart from one another, some models are also encrusted with diamonds, giving more visual weight to them that'll definitely draw looks.

  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK009)
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (Ref. STGF385)
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK021)

Women's Grand Seiko Dress Watches

Among the five collections currently offered by Grand Seiko, three are exclusively dedicated to dress watches: Masterpiece, Elegance, and Heritage.

Grand Seiko's philosophy of the "spirituality of time" truly comes to life within this category of watches. Each timepiece exudes its own unique personality, ensuring that no matter what your personal preferences and needs are, you're certain to find a watch within these three collections that perfectly suits you, ready to accompany you through any event and function with style.

  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK007)
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (Ref. STGF385)
  • Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection (Ref. SBGZ003)

Grand Seiko Women's Watches Price Range

Grand Seiko's offerings span from relatively affordable options, starting at $2,200 for quartz-powered pieces like the Ref. STGF385 in the Elegance Collection, to more exclusive models such as the Ref. SBGW295, which was made to commemorate the brand's 110-year anniversary, is priced at $13,800.

At the top end, Grand Seiko presents some truly exceptional references like the Ref. SBGD209 from the Masterpiece collection. Encased in platinum and studded with 267 diamonds, this luxurious unisex timepiece can command a staggering price tag of up to $200,000.

Grand Seiko Women's Collections

Presently, if you're looking for a Grand Seiko watch for women, you'll find them in four different collections, each of which either has references specifically aimed at women with slimmer casings and more feminine dials, or they're unisex. No matter your budget, needs, and your personal style, rest assured that the company has put just as much thought into the Grand Seiko womens wrist watches lines as it did with the traditional men's.

Womens Grand Seiko Evolution 9

The Evolution 9 collection is Grand Seiko's attempt at reviving an old legendary classic that has basically set the template for all the watches they made today-the Grand Seiko 44GS. All the references found in this collection adhere to the nine quality standards that are treasured by the watchmakers at Grand Seiko, ensuring that you have a quality and elegant timepiece crafted to stand the test of time (and keep it, too).

Though not explicitly marketed towards women, the Evolution 9 watches feature a sleek design with casings around 40mm, making them a perfect fit for wrists of all sizes, regardless of gender.

  • Grand Seiko Evolution 9 (Ref. SLGA019G)
  • Grand Seiko Evolution 9 GMT (Ref. SBGE285)
  • Grand Seiko Evolution 9 (Ref. SLGH011G)

Womens Grand Seiko Heritage

For women who appreciate the purity and precision of Grand Seiko's watchmaking technique, the Grand Seiko Heritage line will most certainly captivate your attention. Staying true to its roots, the pieces in this line embody a less-is-more approach, prioritizing practicality and performance in their design. However, each watch carries an understated elegance, making them perfect for those who favor a more discreet, yet sophisticated, style in their timepieces.

  • Grand Seiko 44GS Midsize "Hanami" (Ref. SBGW313)
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (Ref. STGF359)
  • Grand Seiko 44GS Midsize "Tsyu" (Ref. SBGW311)

Womens Grand Seiko Elegance

The Grand Seiko Elegance collection is specially designed with women in mind. Launched in 1967 with the groundbreaking 62GS, the latest additions to this line remain true to the original's curvaceous, bezel-less design. These contemporary timepieces are distinguished by their sleek contours, with some references adorned with diamonds, and stunning mother-of-pearl dials. These features make the Elegance collection a perfect choice for sophisticated women who appreciate a touch of modern elegance in their watches.

  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK013G)
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK011G)
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (Ref. STGK006)

Womens Grand Seiko Masterpiece

If your passion lies in high-end watchmaking and you're seeking the pinnacle of craftsmanship and precision within the brand, this is where you'll find it. The collection features watches that, while not exclusively designed for women, embrace a unisex appeal. Specifically, the SBGZ009 and 003 models, with their slender 38mm casings, are particularly well-suited for women, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort.

And while the larger references in the collection, going up to 44.5mm in diameter, might be more of a bold choice for women, they still maintain a versatile unisex design that can complement a wide range of preferences and styles.

  • Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection (Ref. SBGZ009)
  • Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection (Ref. SBGZ003)
  • Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection (Ref. SBGD213)

Grand Seiko Womens Watches Size Guide

Grand Seiko's designs are largely unisex, allowing women to choose from a wide array of their watches without compromising style. However, sizing is where the distinction becomes more apparent.

For those seeking designs with women specifically in mind, the Elegance collection offers beautifully sleek options that align with many women's preferences, featuring dainty casings as small as 30.6mm in diameter. On the other hand, the Masterpiece collection, with pieces like the SBGZ009, ventures into larger territory that might not be the traditional choice for women, with some models reaching up to 44.5mm in diameter-but for more audacious women who prefer sizable timepieces to suit their equally-bold personality, they'll fit, as well.


Is Grand Seiko a high end womens watch?

Most definitely! While they aren't quite in the same league as Piaget or Cartier, some of their women's watches can fetch over $10,000 and can fully be considered as high-end.

Why are womens Grand Seiko watches so expensive?

Besides being made from precious materials and having very intricate and accurate movements, all of Grand Seiko's watches-including those for women-are handmade and handfinished, which explains their high price.

Are Grand Seiko women's watches worth the money?

While Grand Seiko may not carry the same level of prestige as some Swiss watch brands, it has certainly carved out a niche for itself and garnered a dedicated fan base in recent years.

The brand's commitment to craftsmanship and intricate detailing makes their watches not only valuable as potential investment pieces but also as exceptional timepieces to wear and enjoy.

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