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H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Vantablack Hands XL

H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Vantablack Hands XL

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H. Moser & Cie is a brand that is respected and loved by enthusiasts and experts alike. They have a unique design language that stems from the brand's entrepreneurial roots and, since the brand's inception, provides the wearer with a timepiece known for its craftsmanship, precision, and style, all evident in the H. Moser & Cie Venturer collection.

About H. Moser Venturer Watches

The H. Moser & Cie story starts at the turn of the 19th century in Schaffhausen, when Heinrich Moser, a young entrepreneur born into a family of watchmakers, followed in his family's footsteps and learned the art of watchmaking.
By 1828, after becoming the go-to watch specialist for the Russian aristocracy, Heinrich returned to Switzerland and founded H. Moser & Cie.
At its core, H. Moser & Cie's name has always been synonymous with the spirit of entrepreneurship. While the brand continued to develop under the leadership of other entrepreneurs in the centuries to follow, bold entrepreneurial decisions have driven the company's success as one of the few truly independent, family-owned, and operated watch companies.
The H. Moser Venturer models can currently be found in the H. Moser Specials Collection. The Specials Collection is a part of the H. Moser catalog that is marketed as "unique creations, born from unobstructed creativity," and acts as H. Moser's concept department creates unconventional timepieces that are difficult to define. If you're looking for a more conventional sports design by H.Moser, have a look at their Streamliner collection.
The beauty in the Specials Collection lies in its ability to show the world what happens when uninhibited creative freedom is given to watch designs. The results are timepieces that define the design ethos of "less is more" and can be just at home on the wrist, like at the MOMA.

H. Moser Venturer Collection History

The H. Moser Venturer Collection was introduced in 2014 to much acclaim from the watch industry. While at its introduction the Venturer Collection was most certainly inspired by watches of the 1960s, it has since found its way into the Specials Collection of the H. Moser catalog.
The Venturer Collection is defined by its minimalistic design, which offers the wearer a subdued timepiece that can be worn in most scenarios.
While the Venturer Collection is minimalistic, it should be noted that there are no limits to what the future will hold for the collection due to the limitless possibilities that "unobstructive creativity" offers.

How Much Do H. Moser Venturer Watches Cost?

The H. Moser Venturer Collection, like all H. Moser & Cie timepieces, are luxury watches, which means that they generally carry a luxury timepiece price. With that said, the brand offers incredible craftsmanship and precision for the price. Below, we will discuss three models from the H. Moser Venturer Collection, their starting price, and a unique feature.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Vantablack Hands XL $26,500 Vantablack dial, which is the blackest material known
H. Moser & Cie. Venturer XL Arctic Blue Concept Rose Gold $25,500 Arctic blue fume dial is perfectly accented by the red gold case.
H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Small Seconds Purity Red Gold Fume Dial $20,500 Sterile dial, which in true Moser fashion proves that less is more. The small second adds a touch of depth.

What's Unique About H. Moser Venturer Watches?

H. Moser & Cie is a watch company that is unlike many in the industry. They produce very few watches a year, and that is mostly due to everything being done in-house. With a small team of 50 people, each timepiece takes anywhere from 25 to 70 hours to complete.
The Venturer is no different from other collections in the catalog. It is a collection that follows H. Moser's mentality of individual, humanized timepieces, creating luxury from rarity and exclusivity.

H. Moser Venturer Movements

The H. Moser Venturer collection is powered by the Calibre HMC 327. The HMC 327 is a hand-wound movement with a three-day power reserve (72 hours) and a beat rate of 18,000 vibrations per hour.
The movement is characterized by its traditional watch finishing, which is done with great precision and detail to a very high degree. The movement features hours, minutes, small seconds, and a power reserve on the movement side to keep any timepiece it powers with a clean and uncluttered dial.

H. Moser Venturer Watch Colors

Over the years, the Venturer Collection has seen its share of dial colors, including your traditional black, silvers, whites, and coppers, but the current lineup, as it stands, offers the Venturer in three beautiful colorways. The first two are beautiful sunburst fumé dials in arctic blue and gold.
While the arctic blue is a vibrant and playful choice, the gold is for a more subdued and classic look that works well in most scenarios. The third colorway is the most unique, Vantablack. Vantablack is a black coating that holds the verified world record of being the darkest man-made substance on Earth. It absorbs 99.965% of visible light, meaning this colorway is more the absence of color than a color.

H. Moser Venturer Watch Materials

As expected with any modern luxury timepiece, the H. Moser Venturer Collection uses the highest quality modern materials. But, again, being known for a minimalistic approach, H. Moser's watches keep the materials minimalistic as well. In the Venturer Collection, the watch cases are made from red and white gold and utilize fine leathers, including Alligator and Kudu, for their strap construction.

H. Moser Venturer Watch Types

As expected from a brand like H. Moser & Cie, the Venturer Collection is a minimalistic design that can work well in different roles in your watch collection. It can be worn as a daily watch due to its minimalistic and inoffensive design, but where this watch really shines is with a suit and tie. The Venturer would be a great watch for the office and an even better watch in formal settings. The Venturer's dimensions allow for it to fit nicely under a shirt cuff, meaning it is a great companion for a classy date night.

H. Moser Venturer Watch Complications

For those wondering what complications the H. Moser Venturer offers, it is unfortunately going to be very minimal. While the timepiece offerings are time-only watches with no date function, they are manually wound and do have a power-reserve indicator on the movement. Aside from the small seconds, the Venturer is a straightforward time-only watch that offers an easy-wearing experience and an uncluttered dial.

H. Moser Venturer Sizes

While we have been discussing the Venturer Collection as a whole, it is worth noting that the Venturer Collection does have some variation in size. The Venturer has a case diameter of 39mm, while the Venturer XL has a case diameter of 43mm.

Buying H. Moser Venturer Watches

When buying a luxury timepiece, it is important to always buy from a reputable authorized dealer. In the event that something is wrong with your timepiece, you want to be able to use the warranty to make sure your timepiece is properly fixed. With that said, Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for H. Moser & Cie as well as over 60 other brands offering full factory warranties on all new timepieces.

Caring for Your H. Moser Venturer Watch

Like most luxury items, a luxury timepiece is an investment worthy of your time and care, so it is important to properly maintain your timepiece to ensure its longevity.
But sometimes, things happen that are out of your control. Luckily for you, all new watches come with a factory warranty in the event that the watch needs to be serviced.
And for those timepieces that might not still be under warranty Exquisite Timepieces offers a repair/service center that serves over 140 different brands.

H. Moser & Cie Venturer FAQ

When was H. Moser Venturer released?

The H. Moser Venturer Collection was first released in 2014.

How much is an H. Moser Venture watch?

Depending on which Venturer model you decide on, the price will range from $20,500 to $26,500.

Find your new H. Moser Venturer watch with Exquisite Timepieces

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So, if you are ready to take the plunge into the world of fine independent Swiss watchmaking, look no further than Exquisite Timepieces. Get in touch with one of our watch experts, and let us get the perfect timepiece on your wrist.