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The regulatory-style display, being the main feature of the HYT H2, with its capillary filled with 2 liquids; a fluorescent one and a translucent one. The timing- indication is divided in two; the hours are indicated by the fluid while the minutes are shown by the central hand. The movement is fully open and shows an incredible depth. All the technical elements- gear train, escapement module, and pistons- are fully exposed. The HYT H2 case, made in light and solid titanium and coated in black with diamond-like carbon technology, measures an impressive 48.8mm by 17.9mm. It comes with a screw-down crown that makes the watch water- resistant up to 50 meters. It also comes on a black rubber strap with deployant buckle, that confirms the toolish aspect of this extreme timepiece. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the HYT H2 collection. You can find HYT H2 watches for sale here.

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HYT H2 Review: A Watch for Newer Existing Dimension of Time

Ranked amongst the most innovative creation in the watch industry, HYT produces a vast range of timepieces suited towards different personalities and meeting the exact expectations of the people foreseeing the time. HYT has produced a number of diverse variables of wristwatches based on their original model, HYT H1. 

Being the world’s first offspring of a hydro-mechanical technology-based wristwatch; it got its emergence into this world in the year 2012. The exact time of the day will be revealed at the meeting point of the two fluids embedded in the two glass capillaries inside the mechanical part of the watch. A sub-dial is provided for telling us the minutes in the watch. A mechanical hand-wound method is responsible for carrying out the whole process of revealing the time.

Enhancing the beauty of time on our wrists, HYT has been the most unique and in-depth creativity with the blend of the most High level of technology one should really embrace on their wrists.


HYT H2 Watch Models:

Developed by the exotic cooperation between Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi, HYT H2 watch came out with a new architecture followed for the movement of fluid and bellows forming the shape v, a sprung balance with a jumping minute hand. HYT H2 Watch brings back the same concept of indication of time via fluid mechanics being the backbone of their first HYT H1 inaugural wristwatch. It comprises some more functionality with empowered fluidic movements. HYT H2 watch has come out to stout the concept of time is fluid. 


HYT H2 Titanium Black

The HYT H2 Titanium black men’s watch referenced as 248-DL-00-GF-RA, this watch comes with the Black DLC Titanium with polished, Case Width 48.8mm, micro-blasted and satin finish and Sapphire Crystal with Titanium Pin Buckle is ready to give your wrist and personality a royal black tinge to flaunt up your time and show your passion towards the lovely texture of black color’s beauty. This watch suits perfectly to the people who are fond of looking classic with the color black. The HYT H2 watch price of Titanium Black is $129,000.00, carved out to the extent of beauty no one ever can stop themselves wearing. 


HYT H2 Black DLC and Pink Gold

The HYT H2 Black DLC & Pink Gold is a perfect alliance of titanium black DLC & pink gold (5N) with polished, micro-blasted and satin finishes come with a case width of 48.8mm and anti-reflective sapphire crystal and Sapphire minute dial with a pink gold (5N) minute hand, Luminescent minute hand with hours marked has a bracelet strap as black alligator. All enough exquisite qualities to make your personality look classy with a perfect blend of black and pink gold combination of watch metals which you can enjoy casually as well as professionally wearing it on your wrist. The HYT H2 Black DLC & Pink Gold watch is referenced as 248-DG-00-GF-AB and priced as just for $160,000.00.


HYT H2 Titanium Platinum SQ

The HYT H2 titanium platinum SQ Watch comes with the domed sapphire crystal (box) with anti-reflection coating referenced as 248-TP-00-RF-AB marked for the price for $190,000.00 suiting perfectly for your high-end qualities of a luxurious life profile as it comes with Titanium case, platinum bezel with polished, micro-blasted and satin finishes. A must buy wrist watch with ethnic beauty repelling the luxury.


HYT H2 Aviator

The HYT H2 Aviator its quarter-hour indexes enlarged in the color red, the path with the color of the minute hand has been redesigned. Its strap comes with a grey, black Kevlar with red stitching. The HYT H2 Watch price referenced as 248-DL-01-GF-KG is marked as $139,000.00 to be the coziest timepiece giving us a sporty and fulsome look on the hand. To the players and the youth are having the same taste as HYT H2 Watch is crafted with.


HYT H2 Alinghisku

The watch HYT H2 Alinghisku referenced as   248-TT-02-NF-BN is the new lavishness between the two most curious ever color combinations of grey and black makes out the watch to be more elegant than its previous versions. The HYT H2 watch price for the model HYT H2 Alinghisku is $150,000.00. Highlighting done by the bezel rider tab and supports rounded shape for accommodating the logo of Alinghi. Having a diameter of 48.8 mm, this timepiece is introduced with only 25 pieces of limited edition priced as $150,000.00.


HYT H2 Tradition Watch 

The HYT H2 brand has made an inherently modern watch look retro. People fond of the classy retro look are going to meet the perfect taste of timepieces in the HYT H2 brand series of the watch. With the support of guilloche finish with lacquered dial in a combo of blue straps making it all look royal. The HYT H2 Traditional watch is a modern watch comprising of APRP shaped, manually wounded and ultra intricate uses a blue color fluid to indicate time. Its visual effects and design architecture with all the color and feature combos are making it a captivating element over the crowd. The HYT H2 Traditional watch price is $179,000.00 and referenced as 248-TW-10-BF-AB

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