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The HYT H3 watch collection perfectly blends hydro-mechanical horology with an astounding rectangular presentation. The HYT H3 watch features remarkable visuals, such as the exposed balance wheel and gears along with unconventional timekeeping numerals. The absence of traditional hands and a midday indicator only adds to the complex architecture. The HYT H3 watch is an exceptional timepiece that highlights the ingenuity of watchmaking. The precise contours, bespoke-shaped movement, and linear caliber cannot be easily duplicated. Attempting to find an original HYT H3 wristwatch for sale does not have to be frustrating. Exquisite Timepieces can help. If you are looking for the best place to buy HYT H3 watches, Exquisite Timepiece is an HYT H3 authorized dealer.


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HYT H3 Review

The main design feature of HYT is its liquid time display which received attention when it was first launched in 2012. Of course, the concept of using fluids for time showing is novel from the practical point of view, but far more importantly in the context of modern high-end horology-much of which is engaged in constantly exploring new techniques and materials as improvements in the production of new products, and offering new innovative possibilities.


HYT H3: History and Development

The journey began with a wonderful idea that ex nuclear engineer Lucien Vouillamoz was daring to tell his friends at the Lakes of Neuchâtel, Biel, and Murten during the 2002 Swiss National Exhibition. He was just amused by dreaming of a water wristwatch, which is both natural and innovative.

This single entity of the imagination, like for many intellectuals was not permitted to dry up in the realms of theoretical theories; in a certain way, Vouillamoz tried to consider it. But he could not burn a trail to a new type of timekeeping instrument until several years later.

A simple formula was then developed by the inventor: an enclosed capillary, two differently colored liquids, and two versatile reservoirs. Instead of water, a more concentrated liquid could advance in the desired way to tell the time inside the vacuumed capillary. The reservoirs and some other elements could combat the gravity influence.

Vouilamoz vowed to protect the intellectual rights of ideas and helped launch his business-famous friend Patrick Berdoz with this feasible concept ready to be applied. Finally, the idea was tested and the scientific vision realized by a squad of engineers. In the early days, an expert in the area of high technology start-ups Emmanuel Savioz sponsored the project by fundraising. The collaborations eventually created the HYT brand for Hydro Technology and its sister company Preciflex, which is known for mechanical engineering.

After a whole year of research and development, all things finally took place. The first version came. Preciflex patented the entire concept immediately. But the team's encounter with Vincent Perriard, a watchmaker who had already been interested in fluid-based timekeeping equipment, won the Geneva Grand Prix d'Horlogerie 2008 Design Watch Prize. They worked together to create a truly unique luxury watch with their collective desire, which was much more decisive.

The HYT H3, another company-owned partnership with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, achieved a deconstruction of the dial system. At first look, there are a great many things to consider in the sheer length and width of the case (62 mm x 41 mm). Nevertheless, HYT produced it daringly in contrast to the time-telling ensemble. Installing the game with a linear tube that tells time on a rotatable timer dial instead of making a round capillary tube. Indeed, they rotate every six hours automatically.

"Linear" was the keyword in this case and also the working of the red minute retrograde hand. This moved along the path with the minute numbers. Once it hit 60, the hand quickly goes back to zero and retrograde began again. Compared to the H2, there were three settings crown location indicator: H, N, and R. It is enough to claim that the HYT H3 watch was a real king's masterpiece.


What Makes HYT H3 Watch Collection Special?

It should be inferred that it's special because it levels up its game with a linear tube that tells time through rotative time dials instead of providing a circular capillary tube. HYT's desire to create a straightforward portrayal of time made this concept a fact. Different qualities distinguish this specific model. The rotation lets the pieces do the job rather than use more energy from the jet to fuel the spring movement as well as the rotating column. It also has the thermal compensator which retains a precise position for the fluid irrespective of the room temperature variations. The fast set button enables the user to change the column quickly rather than to cycle over 6 hours of fluid compression and return. Often relevant is the crown location indicator since the wearer of that watch can be in a timely, winding, or neutral state.

Essentially the HYT H3 fits very well on the wrist and is an amazing element design. It is 41 mm long and 16 mm thick at its limit. On the wrist, it is incredibly flexible and in this edition, it looks attractive to the body because of the blend of materials, titanium, and the strong platinum pieces. It also uses a circular tube with an unusual retrograde hand to show the minutes with the visible balance wheel on the dial Turn the watch over and on the rear of the manually winding movement there is a convenient power reserve display. The HYT H3 series is distributed in two models. Titanium and Platinum HYT H3 and Iceberg HYT H3.


HYT H3 Watch Collection Features

The HYT H3 watch was the biggest and most advanced watch at the time in 2015. Past HYT versions (and, in this respect, all future HYT models are using a circular tube for the fluid time display and a bellows mechanism that feeds colored fluid to one end of the tube. The meniscus between the two fluids indicates the position of read-off hours. That's quite a clean trick obviously; the two fluids must be made of liquids that don't mix, which won't mix after many operating cycles. That bezel must also be exactly matched to the extent to which it expands and contracts.

The HYT H3 watch is based on the same simple bellows and tubes system but is designed on a straight line: you read the hour of the meniscus between the two fluids just like the circular HYT versions. The double bellows over the tube, extreme left and far right, can be seen. There is a 4-sided bar underneath the tube. There are six rectangles on each side of the bar and if you calculate the math, you can read them 6 x 4= 24. Two events happen at the end of every six hours: the bar rotates in a quarter turn to reveal the number system for the next six hours and resets the fluid, a form of liquid hour retrograde.

According to the retrograde theme, there is also a retrograde minute indicator under the bar of the hours–still linear in orientation; so at the top of every sixth hour, you will see the minutes hand jump back to 00, the bar of the hours rotates a quarter turn, and the fluid in the tube returns to its zero states, which is a trick. In general, having three items to jump in a watch at once puts a considerable amount on the mainspring and draws juice from escapement and balance and in this case has to be a significant technical problem but HYT's other watches have a conventional seconds hand located at the center. The balance wheel with its screwed-balance rim corresponds with all this strong engineering horology.

The dimensions of this watch’s case are 62mm x 41mm. This case is constructed in Charcoal gray PVD finished with the micro-blowed, satin finish of titanium and platinum. The sides are similar to a drop in shape, which implies that the top is bent considerably. For instance, this curved shape should be easier to wear, together with a fair 41 mm width and offset screwing locks than the HYT H1 49mm.

Although this new form is quite exciting, its movement and its completely crazy dynamics are part of the HYT H3 watch. The two bellows/pistons which drive the fluids occupy the upper part of the dial. The first one to the left controls the dynamic movement of the fluid and thus the display of the time The counterpart makes up this movement at the capillary on the right The vacuum glass tube still has two fluids: one yellow fluid (water-based) helps to tell the time; the second translucent fluid (viscous) acts in reverse. Similar to the HYT H1 & H2, the fluid is like a retrograde signal that it goes back to its original place to start its path again within a few seconds when it reaches the end of a tube.

The back shows 2 barrels for a power reserve (about 7 days) or 170 hours and an indication of power reserve. This motion is finished with PVD-purple gray PCBs with satin-finishing highlights of titanium, rhodium-plated bellows, and all love for Haute Horlogerie. The movement has a very good finish.

The HYT H3 is now only accessible in a mix of PVD-coated titanium in charcoal gray and platinum with a premium alligator leather strap. It was made in a limited range of 25 watches upon being launched in September 2015. The HYT H3 watch price is $290,000.

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