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The HYT Soonow watch collection pushes the boundaries of paradoxical mechanics. The HYT Soonow watch line continues to pull-in admirers and intrigue collectors around the world since its debut nearly a decade ago. These watches are known for taking hydro-mechanical horology to the next level. The fluid colors come in four hues blue, green, light green, and red which highlight the skull-shaped dial. The HYT Soonow watch series are exclusive timepieces constructed of stainless steel or titanium and include 18-karat gold pins. Trying to find original HYT Soonow watches for sale is difficult when you do not have help. If you are looking for the best place to buy HYT Soonow watches, Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is an HYT Soonow authorized dealer.


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More on HYT Soonow Watches


HYT is one of the first brands to have pushed the boundaries of horology, in short, they are the leading name in the high-end watchmaking industry. HYT is liquid and HYT is mechanics. Before HYT, the concept of making time run through fluids in a watch probably never even occurred in the mind of a living person. But here comes HYT and with one swift movement of fluids and lights, which has taken the world by storm. HYT thrives on innovation. This Switzerland based watchmaking company came with a set goal and that was to shake the concept of watchmaking and to expose collectors to their ingenuity and captivating designs. HYT is the heart of a true watch-makers based in NEUCHÂTEL, a traditional watch-makers habitat, 43 individuals give their best to create a poetic touch on times transience. They introduced the idea of representing real-time with fluid mechanics.

Founded in 2012, this watch brand started off with a traditional approach when it came to the designs of their watches. However, as time went by, their styles started taking vivid turns. The latest watch introduced by HYT is the closest and the most obvious example of this. HYT SOONOW is basically the living opposition of their previously introduced watches.

The concept undertaken by HYT watches is a little poetic with the message that time flows (of course with its fluidic movement). The passing of time, both minutes and hours are shown with the help of beautifully colored fluids along a petite capillary which is consistently flowed along with a microfluidic module. The simply beautiful HYT SOONOW is inspired by the word NOW, the moment which we want to last forever, and SOON, which cannot come quick enough. HYT represents the PRESENT as the invigorate squeaker, nothing can be compared to a precariously suspended moment of fulfillment or information on demand. The perfect meaning of time can be interpreted as the moments we make on our journey of life. HYT SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of them now as a to and fro between the vital or goal points of the path we have been traveling our whole life and pursuing what waits ahead. It shows the motto of the past emancipating the current and further working together to make a way into upcoming events.

The HYT SOONOW is launching in four different styles. The first one is a stainless steel watch, having blue fluid and has a black DLC coating. The second one is again a stainless steel watch but with green fluid. Viewing this flow is a patented fluid module in full hormonal function with a specific mechanical movement in a specific mechanistic joint state. Twice partially visible, multi-layer bellows are included in this system, which is a system of retrieval of two contrasting liquids to represent the times’ impermanence. The difference between the two styles of HYT SOONOW is more than just the difference in their fluid colors. The difference is also that of a technical nature. Both of these have a limited edition of 25 pieces only.

The other two are more exclusive pieces, one with purple liquid encapsulated in bright green laminating rail with bold blue DLC coating. Another one is the ruby red fluid with a black base representing the Mexican tradition to celebrate the human life cycle on the Day of death in November. This piece expresses the anthem that times passes in red with prominent white rail, blink and the moment is gone. So, act SOON, act NOW. Both pieces carry the technical difference with the same black rubber strap, titanium foldable buckle. The most important interesting feature of these exclusive watches is their rarity, a limited edition of merely 5 pieces.

Both the designs flaunt a titanium dial dazzled with three hundred and thirteen gold pins (18 karats). Also, there are almost one thousand pedantically drilled holes. The shape of the skull is a remarkable introduction to this watch. The lines and turns are crisp. The left eye has been shifted to incorporate words such as NOW and SOON, giving away the message that is so central to HYT – that time is running out and it is precious.

The HYT SOONOW is all to be super exquisite and sought after as only 25 pieces of each of the styles. The height of the watch is 20.08 mm, 48.8 mm wide, has an operating frequency pitched at 28,800vph, and also holds a power reserve of sixty-five. This is a watch crafted to fit the hand of a working, spontaneous, and dedicated man efficiently and effectively.


The Aim of HYT

In the words of the Co-founder and present CEO, the brand aims to seize the moment by representing the flow of time with fluids. Emphasizing to focus on times impermanence. They incorporated two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end, one for carrying lively bold chromatic fluid while another one remains transparent. By keeping these two reservoirs apart, it creates a tension, a repulsion force in the molecules of the two liquids. 6’o clock has great significance in the design of HYT watches. The two reservoirs at 6 specify that bellows are created of a highly resistant and flexible alloy. The compression created by the tension in molecules of liquids is responsible for the movement of the seconds and vice versa. This further results in the movement of the liquid in the super luminary rail i.e. capillary.  

This describes the basic function of the watch crafting in HYT watches.


The Significance of the HYT Skull

Skulls have been used in the HYT watches. The adaptation of skulls in HYT has been inspired by the primordial Aztec carvings wherein skulls played an integral part. They showed the bare minimum of the man and what is truly inside and left. The skull summarizes the whole feel of the piece through the theme Memento Mori.

Skulls also proved to be a great resort for HYT as people, especially men love to wear skulls, irrespective of their job or status profile, especially if something is as thoughtful as HYT’s fluid watches.

The most aggravating challenge HYT faced with this SOONOW watch was the curves that came along the design of the skull. It was a real task to keep the pace of the fluid optimum irrespective of the slope of the curve of the skull for exact time reference. This is because of the faster the turn, the greater the pressure difference.

According to the Co-founder and CEO of HYT watches, Vincent Perriard, these watches are the combination skull which was also used in previous patterns of the HYTs and integration of fluids, completely mechanical, no battery, no electronics and you have the possibility to create something new to enlighten with liquids used. However, that has been overcome and the fruit is clearly a very charismatic one. Although the future has no limits, the sky is the limit, HYT believes in this, they head that there is no limit in creativity because the landscape of liquid mechanics is huge.


Technical Specifications of HYT SOONOW

To get a better idea, below is the listing of specifications besides these features this classic piece by HYT wraps up minute details like a reversal of the liquid represents the loss of time rather than the movement of the time. Another thing which is very interesting is the power reserve, fully wound, the eye on the right is staring at you. The other eye concentrates on each second passing by. The word SOON and NOW dramatically gives the reminder that time is brief, it waits for no one. Like all HYTs, aesthetics are king. One must not forget the amazing idea of reinventing the skull using golden pins. HYT SOONOW collection stands out with 4 limited watches having strap color black and grey to stick traditional universal style with golden pins to fill up the skull to provide luxurious classy touch with a beautiful combination of the bold colorful liquid schema. It perfectly exhibits scarcity as opulence along with the importance of grabbing the opportunity to live in every moment. “NOW or NEVER”. Each color represents a different concept, for example, Purple liquid compliments the blue background on an anodized titanium dial having 313 golden pins (precisely 18 karats) and 937 piercings. The liquid is comprised of the green atmospheric luminance of a super-luminova rail and characterizes salient information of the eye socket following is the listing of a few prominent technical specifications categorized.


HYT Soonow Case

  • Diameter – 48.8 mm
  • Height – 20.08 mm
  • Coating – stainless steel or DLC
  • Case back – sapphire
  • Water-resistant up to 50 m underwater
  • AR coating on box domed crystals
  • Polished and brushed
  • Round in shape
  • One crown


HYT Soonow Strap

  • Folding buckle – titanium
  • Rubber strap
  • Colour – grey, black


HYT Soonow Display

  • Hours – two unmixable liquids are present into a glass made capillary tube. This is also driven by a couple of metal bellows which are multi-layer
  • The diffusion within the time display and the movement is carried out with the aid of the cam follower system
  • The left eyes indicate the words NOW and SOON
  • The right indicates the power reserve reflector

HYT Soonow Movement

  • 28,800 VPH (vibrations per hour)
  • Power reserve of 65 hours
  • Caliber if proprietary is established with Chro-node
  • It is hand-wound
  • Seconds, minutes, hours, and power reserve are indicated through fluidic movement
  • Manual winding
  • Swiss made


HYT Soonow References

  • H02237 – Blue fluid with DLC coating Limited Edition Of 25 Pieces
  • H02235 – green fluid Limited Edition Of 25 Pieces
  • H02239- Purple fluid with blue background Limited Edition Of 5 Pieces
  • H02354-A- Red fluid (inverted fluid) Limited Edition Of 5 Pieces
  • H02237 and H02235 design has only 25 pieces
  • H02239 and H02354-A design has only 5 pieces


Wrap Up: HYT Soonow Review

If you are looking for something unique, something different, the HYT SOONOW is a great option. It’s not something from the past; it is something advanced with liquid science. HYTs have 15 different patterns with the liquids and light system, all that combined gives a very different texture of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. It is the foremost choice of Rock n Roll people. HYT SOONOW collection gives the closest portrayal to the brand’s key idea we have seen far from their collection. The SOONOW series has enough fire to provide both funky and elegance at the same time.

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