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The Junghans Max Bill watch collection draws its inspiration from the historical Bauhaus building. The Junghans Max Bill watch line perfectly combines classic charm and modern sophistication. To gain a better idea of just how technologically savvy Junghans is, take a look at the Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar series which utilizes solar energy as its power source. Each Junghans watch is crafted with minimalist characteristics and extreme durability. If you are interested in high end, state-of-the-art luxury wristwatches, consider the Junghans Max Bill watch collection. Trying to find Junghans Max Bill watches for sale can be challenging without the right help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Junghans Max Bill watches, let Exquisite Timepieces aid you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Junghans Max Bill authorized dealer.


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Junghans Max Bill Review

Junghans Max Bill timepieces are a collection from the luxurious German brand, Junghans. The collection is named after Max Bill, the renowned Swiss product designer who pioneered the designs for the Junghans wristwatches in 1961. A Junghans watch is characterized by its ‘minimalistic and clean design’, attention to detail, quality, and accuracy among others. Creative collaboration with renowned product designers such as Max Bill has helped the brand produce some of the most iconic timepieces over the years.
Junghans Max Bill chronoscope is one of the Exquisite Timepieces from the Max Bill collection. There are various versions of this timepiece, with the difference being the dial features and the straps. The rest of the features remain the same for all versions. With automatic movement, the timepieces have a power reserve of up to 48 hours. They also have a stainless-steel casing with a 40 mm diameter. The crystal is made of convex hard plexiglass with additional coating for enhanced scratch resistance. With such features, there is no cause for worrying when it comes to scratches.


Junghans Max Bill Watches

Junghans Max Bill automatic is another elegant piece that is equipped with a self-winding movement with a 38-hour power reserve. The dials come in different designs with some of them having the date function and a Milanese bracelet or leather strap. All the pieces for this model are water-resistant with the case material being made of stainless steel. The watches have a 38 mm diameter and a convex hard plexiglass crystal which is scratch resistant. Just like the Junghans chronoscope, being a graphic design-oriented model, the typography on each piece is unique and breathtaking.
The Max Bill watch is a true blend of beauty and historic charm. Through the modern interpretation of the designs, the creative philosophy of Max Bill lives on in these luxurious timepieces. The Max Bill chronoscope is among some of the Max Bill Junghans that truly reflect Max Bill’s style. The timepieces feature distinct clean designs drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus building. These pieces include a chronograph and they surely do not disappoint at all.

The Max Bill automatic is a perfect modification for the Junghans automatic watches. The Junghans Max Bill quartz is quite unique from the rest because of their different movements. The models are equipped with the quartz movement and they also have the date function. The dial comes in different colors, from matt silver-plated to polished grey. The typography can come in two different designs: “The traditional Bauhaus lined index dial and the Arabic hour markers around the inner indices on the dial”. The Junghans Max Bill is indeed a true representation of simplicity and precision.
Introduced in 2018, the Max Bill mega is equipped with an elegant radio-controlled movement. The watch has a perpetual calendar with a convenient time setting via the crown. With a diameter of 38 mm, the watch has a stainless-steel case and a screwed case back. It also has a precise second display in half-second steps and a convex hard plexiglass crystal with coating for enhanced scratch resistance. Other than being water-resistant, the dial of the watches can come in different colors and varying typography.

Junghans quartz includes the Max Bill quartz and Form timepieces which are equipped with the quartz movement. Precision, style, and comfort is what these timepieces bring to the wearer. They are a good way to spice up your watch collection with something different. The Junghans Max Bill mega also exhibit high standards of aesthetics and design. It also has a world map on its case back and the ability to show accurate settings of the current timezones.

The designs for the Junghans Bauhaus models are solely inspired by the architecture of the Bauhaus building, with the Max Bill automatic Jahre Bauhaus being one of them. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a 38-hour power reserve. The silver-white dial represents the white walls of the Bauhaus building while the red on the date function reflects the color design of the famous red entrance to the building. The grey straps of the piece represent the concrete used in the construction of the Bauhaus.

Junghans watches have several collections featured from the Max Bill clocks to the Junghans automatic. The Junghans Max Bill 34 mm is a beautiful timepiece that is equipped with hand-winding movement and a 42-hour power reserve. The watch has a diameter of 34 mm and a stainless-steel casing. It also has a convex hard plexiglass crystal with a coating for enhanced scratch resistance. The watch is water-resistant and it can either come with a Milanese bracelet or leather straps. This piece fits perfectly for ladies or those with small wrists.

The Junghans Max Bill ladies is another alluring piece from the German brand. Equipped with the quartz movement, the piece also has a date function and a convex hard plexiglass crystal with coating for enhanced scratch resistance. It also has a stainless-steel casing and a 32.7 mm diameter. This small-diameter makes it a perfect fit for the ladies, giving it a stylish appearance. The dial, as well as the typography of the pieces, come in varying colors and chic designs. Some of the pieces have the Milanese bracelet or leather straps which come in different colors suitable for different tastes.

Junghans automatic watch embodies technology and craft in a seamless way. The Junghans Max Bill automatic 38 mm has a self-winding movement and a 38-hour power reserve. The timepiece has a 38 mm diameter, a date function, a stainless-steel casing, and convex hard plexiglass with coating for enhanced scratch resistance. The dials can come in different colors with differing typography for each piece. The straps are also available in varying colors ranging from back to brown as well as the Milanese bracelet.
The Junghans watch prices guarantee you value for your money. The exquisite pieces are worth spending on, the kind of purchase you do not regret. The Max Bill Junghans automatic as well as the Max Bill Bauhaus are both equipped with the self-winding movement. Junghans Max Bill Chrono also has the self-winding movement but with a greater power reserve (42 hours). The Junghans has quite elegant features such as the anthracite grey dial that comes with the day and date window and there’s also the white variant that bears only the date window.

There is quite a variety for the Junghans women’s watch (from the Max Bill Ladies to the Meister Ladies), with classic designs and stylish appeal to the wrist. The Junghans men’s watches also come in various models to suit every style. The brand provides a watch for every occasion: are you thinking of a date, a wedding, or even a meeting? the brand has you sorted! Some of these watches include the Junghans Max Bill automatic watch and the Max Bill 34 mm among others.

The Junkers Max Bill is very similar to the Junghans Max Bill watches. This timepiece is also inspired by the Bauhaus architectural design just like the Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus. The piece is a model for the Max Bill automatic watches. The Junghans Max Bill black is a beautiful design with the black on the black vibe. The piece has most of its features in black color, from the dials to the straps. The Junghans 34 mm all have a common feature, which is the 34 mm diameter.

Junghans max watches exhibit the perfect synergy for design and precision. The Max Bill Chrono comes with a bigger diameter to better suit individuals with robust wrists unlike the Max Bill automatic Junghans which have a slightly smaller diameter, 38 mm. the Max Bill Ladies with the quartz movement has a slightly smaller diameter of 32.7 mm to suit those with slender wrists. These pieces gracefully exhibit the purist design with its meticulous and creative design.

The Junghans Max Bill chronoscope automatically provides a true journey through time. The see-through case back representing the famous window of the Bauhaus building gives the bearer a breathtaking view of the self-winding movements. Junghans Max Bill price varies with each model. The Junghans Max Bill 38 mm has a diameter that is relatively robust giving it a masculine feel for the wearer. This timepiece comes in varying models for men although ladies with less slender wrists can gracefully wear this piece too. The brand produces timepieces to suit the different tastes of its clients all over.
The Junghans' design is greatly attributed to their experienced engineers and craftsmen, their precision, attention to detail, and the use of the latest technology. The Junghans Max Bill chronoscope watches, being a modification of the Max Bill original design, have managed to make the original remain original. The timepieces still have the ‘minimalistic and clean’ design the creation had from the beginning. Junghans ladies are definitely a must-have for the ladies. The pieces are available in different models and designs to suit every style. Who wouldn’t want to have the elegant Junghans pieces gracing their wrists?

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