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Since its inception in 1832, Longines has been synonymous with precision and luxury watchmaking. This Swiss legend is not only steeped in history but also celebrated for its remarkable achievements, such as being the first watch company to secure a brand trademark - the now-famous winged hourglass emblem.
Longines' men's watch collection stands out with its robust design and craftsmanship to ensure they would survive the harshest of conditions and weather. They harken back to the days when aviators and explorers crossed the Atlantic with Longines strapped to their wrists. But don't mistake their utilitarian toughness for lack of style � Longines male watches still exude timeless elegance with their clean and classic designs.
As an authorized dealer for Longines, Exquisite Timepieces offers the entire range of men's Longines watches for sale, both in our online shop and boutique. Dive into the world of Longines men's watches and discover the perfect blend of tradition and modernity!

Men's Longines Gold Watches

Gold, whether in a radiant yellow or a charming rose hue, radiates sophistication and grace with each shimmer in the light. While Longines is renowned for its line-up of sturdy timepieces for explorers and adventurers, it also offers a stunning array of gold watches for those seeking a more eye-catching look or a refined dress watch to complement their style at parties and black-tie events. Each piece's casing is crafted from genuine 18-karat gold, not merely plated, making them exquisite pieces of jewelry in their own right.
With an extensive selection of designs, case sizes, and colors, Longines ensures there's something to captivate every taste and preference within their collection.

  • Longines Record in 18-karat pink gold (Ref. L2.820.8.11.2)
  • Longines Master Collection GMT in 18-karat yellow gold (Ref. L2.844.6.71.2)
  • Longines Weems Second-Setting in 18-karat pink gold (Ref. L2.713.8.13.0)

Men's Longines Diamond Watches

No symbol of luxury is more prominent than diamonds, and Longines has mastered the art of incorporating these gems into their timepieces.
Longines men's watches use Top Wesselton (TW) VS-SI diamonds. Typically, each hour on the watch face will be marked by a small diamond, meaning you'd have twelve gems for each piece for a total of 0.034 carats. In certain collections, an extra diamond is added to a total of thirteen, pushing the carat count to 0.059 carats.
There are more diamond-encrusted references for women compared to men, but the collection's still extensive enough that you won't find yourself without options.

  • Longines Master Collection with 18-karat pink gold and 12-diamond indexes (Ref. L2.
  • Longines Record with stainless steel case and 13-diamond indexes (Ref. L2.820.4.57.6)
  • Longines Elegant Collection with stainless steel/18-karat pink (gold capped) and 13-diamond indexes (L4.910.5.77.7)

Men's Longines Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless steel is the flagship material of Longines watches, embodying timeless elegance and exceptional durability. The material was used to make the casing of Charles Lindbergh's iconic Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle, inspired by his daring transatlantic flights in the 1920s. Stainless steel is also used to craft other history-making Longines pieces, such as the original Longines Weems Ref. 3931, which continues to set the benchmark for pilot watches today.
Longines offers an extensive range of stainless steel watches in various designs and motifs. Some references feature gold accents, while others boast diamond embellishments to further highlight the material's enduring appeal.

  • Longines Master Collection (L2.919.4.78.3)
  • Longines Flagship Heritage (L4.795.4.78.2)
  • Longines Conquest (L3.760.4.76.5)

Men's Longines Dress Watches

While Longines is well-known for its practical pilot watches, they've also mastered the art of creating elegant and refined timepieces in their dress watch collections. Elegance is the central theme when it comes to these watches, and you'll discover their finest dress pieces in the Elegance Collection - made famous by the brand's slogan: "Elegance is an attitude."
Each watch in this collection exudes sophistication, featuring clean dials and sharp hour markers. Just like any good dress watch, Longines ensures that each piece can enhance your personal style without appearing flashy at gatherings.

  • Longines Elegant Collection (L4.911.4.71.2)
  • Longines Elegant Collection (L4.910.5.11.7)
  • Lingines Elegant Collection (L4.910.4.97.6)

Men's Longines Dive Watches

Longines' expertise in creating rugged timepieces that can endure extreme conditions in the air smoothly translates into crafting reliable watches for divers. Starting in the late 1950s, Longines launched numerous dive watches, many of which have etched their names in the annals of watchmaking history.
Today, Longines continues its tradition of excellence in dive watches. Not only has their signature Ultra-Chron line evolved and improved, but they've also introduced several other series, including the Legend and HydroConquest. These timepieces can function flawlessly even at depths of up to 30 bar.

  • Longines Ultra-Chron (Ref. L2.836.4.52.6)
  • Longines Legend Diver (Ref. L3.764.4.90.6)
  • Longines HydroConquest GMT (Ref. L3.790.4.66.2)

Longines Men's Watches Price Range

Despite a storied history, Longines watches are surprisingly affordable as far as luxury timepieces go, and they are often classified as a "mid-range luxury brand". However, their craftsmanship can compete with much pricier competitors, making Longines an exceptionally attractive choice for novice collectors or anyone who appreciates a good deal.
The entry-level Longines watches start at an affordable price point, beginning around $939 for models like the Longines Conquest Quartz (ref. L3.759.4.58.3).
At the higher end of the spectrum, Longines offers luxurious pieces such as the Longines Master Collection (ref. L2.793.8.78.3), which can go up to $9,000.

Longines Men's Collections

There's a diverse selection of Longines mens wrist watches catering to various tastes. Whether you're looking for a practical pilot watch or an elegant dress watch, the St. Imier-based watchmaker offers an impressive lineup of up to ten collections to find the perfect Longines watch for men. You're free to explore these collections until you find the one that perfectly matches your style.

Mens Longines Spirit

The Longines Spirit collection perfectly captures the adventurous essence of the brand by seamlessly merging classic pilot watch design with cutting-edge watchmaking techniques.
These timepieces are crafted to accompany explorers through the most challenging terrains, whether on land, in the sky, or at sea. As such, they boast robust build quality, generous case sizes, and a practical, no-nonsense aesthetic, often complete with a rotating bezel and hand-applied luminescence.
Offering both chronograph options and Longines' most precise movements, the Spirit collection is the ultimate choice for men who value a watch that marries functionality with a daring and adventurous style.

  • Longines Spirit Flyback Blue Dial (Ref. L3.821.4.93.2)
  • Longines Spirit Zulu Time (Ref. L3.802.4.63.6)
  • Longines Spirit (Ref. L3.802.4.93.6)

Mens Longines Conquest

Longines has been offering the Conquest collection since 1954, which specifically caters to athletes and sports enthusiasts. These watches feature a polished yet sporty field watch design that effortlessly complements both business attire and casual sportswear.
Along with their timeless appearance, they come with a range of practical features, including chronographs and day-date displays, as well as water resistance and robust materials (either stainless steel or gold-capped steel.) This collection is the perfect choice for men who want a versatile and rugged watch without compromising on style.

  • Longines Conquest (Ref. L3.835.4.72.6)
  • Longines Conquest (Ref. L3.835.4.32.6)
  • Longines Conquest (Ref. L3.760.4.96.0)

Mens Longines Ultra-Chron

As its name suggests, the Longines Ultra-Chron is all about precision. It's designed and fine-tuned to deliver impeccable accuracy, thanks to its high-frequency in-house movement, the L836.6. This movement ticks at an impressive rate of 36,000 beats per hour, with a deviation of only around one second per day.
Inside the durable stainless steel case, the groundbreaking movement can withstand pressure down to 30 bar underwater, making it one of the most accurate dive watches available. Moreover, when you're not in the water, the timeless design of the Ultra-Chron can also make a bold fashion statement for any discerning man.

  • Longines Ultra-Chron (Ref. L2.836.4.52.6)
  • Longines Ultra-Chron (Ref. L2.836.4.52.2)

Mens Longines Master

Longines' Master collection is a testament to the brand's rich watchmaking legacy. Introduced in 2005, these timepieces combine elegant designs with intricate complications, making them a favorite among men who admire classic style and expert craftsmanship. The collection's emphasis on premium materials and meticulous finishes highlights its luxurious and enduring charm.

  • Longines Master Collection (Ref. L2.844.8.71.2)
  • Longines Master Collection (Ref. L2.843.4.73.2)
  • Longines Master Collection (Ref. L2.773.4.61.6)

Mens Longines Hydroconquest

Designed for the modern explorer, Longines presents the Hydroconquest collection as a 21st-century interpretation of the classic dive watch. While it retains a timeless design, every aspect of this timepiece, from its casing to the lugs, is engineered for durability.
True to its dive watch heritage, the HydroConquest boasts impressive water resistance, luminous markers, and a robust construction. While it's not as accurate as the Ultra-Chron, the HydroConquest still maintains accuracy within five seconds per day. This makes it an excellent choice for men seeking a rugged watch, blending sporty aesthetics with the reliability of a top-tier dive watch.

  • Longines HydroConquest GMT (Ref. L3.790.4.66.2)
  • Longines HydroConquest GMT (Ref. L3.790.4.96.6)
  • Longines HydroConquest (Ref. L3.370.4.56.6)

Mens Longines Heritage

If you're interested in wearing a slice of history on your wrist, Longines invites you to explore the Longines Heritage collection. It's a journey through the brand's illustrious past, featuring timepieces that re-imagine classic designs using modern watchmaking techniques.
This collection caters to men who appreciate vintage-inspired watches, showcasing the elegance and charm of a bygone era while maintaining the precision and dependability of contemporary watchmaking.

  • Longines Conquest Heritage (Ref. L1.648.4.78.2)
  • Longines Heritage (Ref. L1.650.4.72.2)
  • Longines Heritage (Ref. L4.815.4.78.2)

Mens Longines Record

According to Longines, the Record collection embodies the "purest watchmaking tradition." It seamlessly fuses timeless elegance with remarkable precision, with the heart of each watch being chronometer-certified movements.
For those who hold tradition and precision in high regard, the Record collection makes for an extremely compelling choice. Its sophisticated and understated aesthetic transcends time, offering a timeless appeal that resonates with men who appreciate the finer aspects of watchmaking.

  • Longines Record (Ref. L2.921.4.56.6)
  • Longines Record (Ref. L2.921.4.56.2)
  • Longines Record (Ref. L2.821.4.11.2)

Mens Longines Classic

Longines' Classic collection embodies simplicity, characterized by clean lines, minimalist designs, and graceful detailing. It's designed for men who appreciate subtle beauty and have a fondness for timeless aesthetics. These watches are reliable choices that won't be influenced by fleeting fashion trends and will effortlessly complement any outfit for years to come.

  • Longines Classic (Ref. L2.828.4.53.2)
  • Longines Classic (Ref. L2.828.4.53.6)
  • Longines Classic (Ref. L2.830.4.93.0)

Mens Longines Legend Diver

The Legend Diver collection is a contemporary tribute to Longines' iconic 1960s diving watches. If you have an appreciation for retro-style dive watches with a sleeker bezel and a functional, slim dial design, the Legend Diver is an excellent choice. These watches seamlessly merge vintage aesthetics with modern watchmaking technology, all while delivering outstanding water resistance.
The Legend Diver collection is the perfect companion for those who value a harmonious blend of history and modernity in their timepiece.

  • Longines Legend Diver (Ref. L3.764.4.90.6)
  • Longines Legend Diver (Ref. L3.764.4.90.2)
  • Longines Legend Diver (Ref. L3.764.4.50.6)

Mens Longines Flagship

The newer references within the Flagship collection are revamped versions of the highly-praised Flagships first launched in 1957. These watches, characterized by their slim profiles and distinct vintage appeal, are designed for men in search of a versatile and durable timepiece. The collection offers a variety of styles, ranging from simple time-only models to more intricate chronographs, ensuring a perfect match for every man's taste and lifestyle.

  • Longines Flagship (Ref. L4.984.4.57.6)
  • Longines Flagship (Ref. L4.984.3.22.7)
  • Longines Flagship (Ref. L4.984.3.92.7)

Longines Mens Watches Size Guide

Longines offers a very wide range of sizes in their men's watch collection that'll fit all wrist sizes.
For a classic and versatile look, sizes from 38mm to 40mm are ideal, particularly for dressier occasions or those with smaller wrists. You can find such pieces in Longines' dress watch collections, like the Heritage, Record, and Classic.
If you wish to make a statement with your watch, Longines also offers larger sizes exceeding 40mm and up to 44mm, which will do a fine job at making a commanding presence on the wrist. All the dive and pilot watches in Longines' portfolio will feature these sizes, like the Spirit, Conquest, and Ultra-Chron.


Is Longines considered a good mens watch?

Longines has been considered one of the top men's watch brands since its inception in 1832.

Why are mens Longines watches so expensive?

Brand reputation aside, Longines makes watches with high-quality materials and very accurate, Swiss-designed-and-tested movements. All of these naturally command a higher price

Do Longines watches for men hold value?

Longines watches for men can hold their value well, though not to the same order as Rolexes and higher-end brands. Still, it would make for a good investment for novice collectors.

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