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We can pick out your dial and have your watch made in 6 weeks. The dials are beautiful! Everything is done by hand by one watchmaker, “Bastien”. The dials and the straps are hand made one piece at a time.

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Lundis Bleus Royal Blue Black

Lundis Bleus Royal Blue Black





Lundis Bleus Brontosaurus Bone Dial

Lundis Bleus Brontosaurus Bone Dial






Lundis Bleus Watches: The Embodiment of Uniqueness

Lundis Bleus is based in the famous watchmaking city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The brand aims at providing a more accessible alternative to expensive watches. Furthermore, Lundis Bleus serves customers who desire high-quality timepieces at a more affordable rate. Lundis Bleus translates in french as ‘the Blue Mondays.’
The brand got the inspiration for the name from the 19th century. The blue Mondays refer to a self-granted form of freedom that was common in the 19th century. Workers of that area around Europe who were paid and most skilled in their industry would not go to work on Mondays. Instead, they would either rest or entertain themselves in various ways after long strenuous working hours, mostly 15-16 hours a day. It is comparable to the freelance professionals of the modern era. However, the freedom didn’t last long. With the arrival of industrialization and the reduction of working hours in the 20th century, employers reduced working hours, and workers gradually lost their independence. Employees began having shorter working hours rationalized through the structured working days. The 20th century brought the inevitable end to Blue Mondays. Hence, Lundis Bleus respects the spirit of independence of 19th-century watch professionals who basked in the glory of Blue Mondays.
The Lundis Bleus brand is a watchmaking enterprise that appeals to the human soul. They incorporate so much of humanity that their logo is a graphical representation of an alcohol molecule. The logo aims to bring to consciousness the overall humanity of the brand.

Exclusive Range of Collections

Lundis Bleus watches are top luxury watches; the price tag on these watches doesn’t tell the full story. The brand’s materials are Swiss-made; if you are a watch enthusiast, you know that kind of hardware doesn’t come cheap.
It is illogical for a brand to deliver such class and quality without placing a significant price tag on their watch pieces. However, that isn’t the case with Lundis Bleus watches. Every single timepiece designed by this company is capable of staking it out with the big guns in the industry without having to drain users’ resources.

The 1100 Series

The first line of Lundis Bleu watches, the 1100 series, have a striking design that will stop anyone in their steps for a glance at this masterpiece. The watches from this collection have sophisticated dials topped up with lots of texture. The cases are elegant, bringing a general aesthetic beauty to the watch. Moreover, the 1100s also have a unique style of positioning.
The watch brand hasn’t been around for that long, but the models from this collection have that classic watchmaker touch. This collection is both unique and high-end. A watch piece from this series always ranges around $1300.
A Miyota 9015 movement powers the watch series. The watch is a little expensive to have a typical movement. However, it would be best if you looked beyond the movement to understand the price tag on this beauty. Factors like design, finish, execution, and pinpoint accuracy are key in determining any brand’s price, no different from Lundis Bleus’ price list. So far, of all the Lundis Bleus collections, the 1100 series is the cheapest Lundis Bleus watch.

Lundis Bleus-1100-01

You may consider 1100-01 a Lundis Bleus entry-level watch because it was among the first released, but I beg to differ. 1100-01 is a beautiful piece of machinery with a classic look that will leave you in awe. A round stainless steel case houses the Miyota caliber 9015. A glass sapphire and silver dial are blended perfectly with the stick index hands.
The Lundis Bleus-1100-01 wrist watch at the time of release back in 2016, was priced at $1507.54. Since then, the price has fluctuated around the same price tag. The price to purchase one in the modern day shouldn’t differ much.

The Essentielles Collection

The Essentielles collection is the perfect Lundis Bleus watch for men. Each model from this collection can compete for the best luxury wristwatch. Each timepiece speaks of nothing short of high-end quality. The collection is a 40mm polished steel case watch featuring a galvanic silver, gold, or dark nickel dial. The hands on the watch are either blue, gold, or silver skeleton hands with applied indices.
Models from this collection are aesthetically seductive with elements that remind us of its contemporary design. Every detail on the watch is done to perfection. It is a stunning collection with every piece of machinery working in harmonious balance. The prices of this collection fluctuate around $2530.

The Lundis Bleus Essentielles 1120-01

1120-01 is a perfect Lundis Bleus Essentielles entry-level watch. The watch maintains the 40mm polished stainless steel case of the collection. The watch features a beautiful galvanic silver dial with silver steel hands. Additionally, the blue mineral crystal case back reveals the Swiss-made Sellita premium automatic movement. The watch comes with a taupe suede calf leather strap with a pin buckle to complete the set. A perfect watch to add that much-needed touch of luxury to your wrist. 1120-01 has a narrow bezel with a tall-sided sapphire crystal. The dial fills out the wide expanse, making the watch look bigger than 40mm. The dial stands out with its dull, mottled finish with a broad-brushed alloy chapter ring. Also, the watch has rhodium-plated stick indices and black markings that divide the watch into minutes and seconds. The date opening on the watch is neatly carved into the ring at the six o’clock position.
The Lundis Bleus alcohol molecule at the top completes the look. Interestingly, the 1120-01 houses a Sellita SW300-01 premium automatic self-winding swiss made-movement. The watch has a staggering 38-hour power reserve that keeps it ticking. The watch can resist up to 30 meters of underwater pressure to improve things. If you ever decide to go for a dive with your luxury piece, it will still be in one piece, as long as you don’t exceed the limit. The watch is a limited model, only 100 pieces in total were ever made, making it one of the rarest collectibles worldwide.

The Contemporaines

The Lundis Bleus Contemporaines is a perfect watch if you are into formal dress watches. The collection, Contemporaines, features an analog face with a jungle-green-themed eye. Furthermore, the dial is enamel coated, with a little razzle-dazzle and a touch of style. The mechanism is housed within a steel casing.
The chrome-painted hands aren’t illuminated but don’t mean it won’t leave you in awe. Also, the chrome finish makes the watch easy to spot in the dark. The high-quality, stylish leather strap is a beauty on its own, but it can also last for decades. Watches from this collection don’t require manual winding as they rewind themselves.

The Lundis Bleus 1120-EU “Lagoon Blue - Roman Numerals”

Like all the models from this collection, the Lundis Bleus 1120-EU “Lagoon Blue - Roman Numerals” comes in a recognizable chrome steel case. The watch is 40mm, which gives more room for the mind-capturing dial. This watch has an interesting feature; the lugs are fitted on the backside.
This design permits relatively small lug bodies, making it much more comfortable on the wrist. The watch is a complete look of elegance. What’s more? The middle piece is given a mirror polish, while the lugs have a good brushing on the front and sides. The Lundis Bleus crown design is imprinted on the shape of the watch with a somewhat curved case body shape. A raised crystal fitted in the rounded bezel stands out pretty well. This little tweak amplifies the depth effect of the dial. Then the professional finish the dial and tops it off. The “Blue Lagoon” dial is handcrafted just for this watch. “Ocean 21” is beautifully and superbly engraved on the dial. The base is sterling silver, giving the watch the rain falling on water scenery.
The base is coated with lagoon blue enamel and fired in the grand feu style. Furthermore, the base is covered with several layers of enamel, and each layer is fired at high temperatures to seal and bake the enamel and prevent cracking. Its anti-reflective chrome coating is on all sides, bringing out a watch designed for the eyes of men and ladies. A lot of work is put into making just one of these beauties. Little wonder the watch has a Swiss Sellita SW300-1 Premium with a 42-hour power reserve.

Most Popular Lundis Bleus Watch Models with Prices

Of all the Lundis Bleus, the Essentielles and Contemporaines collection is the most popular. These two series have many models under them, which is easier to find on the market. Collections like Metiers d’Art and Unique pieces are hard to find due to their price tag. However, those two collections stand to be the best collections from the brand. Below is a table that shows the most common Lundis Bleus watches and their price tags.

Model Price ($) Dial Material
Essentielles 1120-04 3130 Silver
Contemporaines 1120-JN “Nephrite Jade” 5055 Dial Jadeite
Contemporaines 1120-CL “Crazy Lace Agate” 5057 Agathe
Contemporaines 1120-LD “Labradorite” 5062 Spectrolite
Contemporaines 1120-MW “Meteorite” 5055 Meteorite
Contemporaines 1120-EM “Random Abstract Mosaic” 3955 Enamel, Silver
Contemporaines 1120 3956 Mother-of-pearl
Contemporaines 1120 3956 Enamel, Silver
Contemporaines 1120-AV “Dark Blue Aventurine Glass - Silver Markers” 3956 Aventurine
Contemporaines 1120 - EU “Burgundy” 3949 Enamel, Silver

The Lundis Bleus History

Johan Storni and Bastien Vuilliomenet met in 1994 at the watchmaking school of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. The brand Lundis Bleus started as a conversation between two friends who were watchmaking students. Though they were friends, both of them took on different career paths. Johan furthered his knowledge at the International Museum of Watchmaking, where he added a watchmaking technician certificate to his ranks. Bastien, however, went on to university and received a degree in industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
The 30th of December 2004 proved to be the pivoting point for the brand Lundis Bleus as both friends sat down over dinner. Over that evening, both men ventured into a new career, Lundis Bleus. They made a new resolution to join forces and create something the world of watchmaking had never seen. Fast forward ten years and both men studied under the best in the watchmaking business. Renowned manufacturers like Richard Mille, La Joux-Perret, and Corum were their tutors. After gaining all they felt they needed, they were ready to take their project to the next level. In November 2016, they released their first model, the “1100’.
On the 1st of August 2021, Bastien became the company’s sole owner after working as a team with Johan for over five years. Since then, Bastien has been writing the next chapters of the beautiful adventure Lundis Bleus.

Conclusion: Lundis Bleus is the Embodiment of Uniqueness

Every year, Lundis Bleus creates a couple of unique pieces that aren’t mass-produced. These timepieces are hand engraved at the Lundis Bleus workshop. They use various techniques through their network of highly skilled artisans and artists to create unique pieces per the demand of some of the brand’s most creative customers. Sometimes, they create these 1-in1 unique models strictly from their imagination. You can contact the brand if you would like to create a unique timepiece for a loved one. They have a lot of amazing ideas you can use to surprise the person you love.