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MeisterSinger No 01

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This elegant watch is a classically styled timepiece that features hand-wound movement, traditional indexes, and a single hand display. The perfect combination of time -tested details, quality, and craftsmanship, this watch has won several awards. Some of them are the 2004 Red Dot Design Award, 2004 iF Design Award and 2004 Netherlands Watch of the Year. This luxury watch comes with 19 jewels movement and a power reserve of 42 hours. It is available in different shades like Sunburst Anthracite, Ivory, Sunburst Blue, and Silver-white. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the MeisterSinger No 01 collection. You can find MeisterSinger No 01 watches for sale here.

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Meistersinger No 1 Review

Since the year 2001, several exceptional mechanical watches have been made in the Westphalian city of Münster in Germany. These wristwatches have a single hand which gives the wearer the chance to read the time. The founder of MeisterSinger, Manfred Brassler and his team of fourteen coworkers made these classical timepieces with this distinctive specification on the cultural and technical tradition of watchmaking, which is very exquisite and unique. Even though these wristwatches have just a single hand, one can easily tell what the time said to five-minute increments, and that's because they gave these wristwatches the clear and practical readability which measuring instruments and standard gauges still make use of till this day. 

The MeisterSinger No 1 is the foremost one-hand wristwatch from the German giant, and it was launched in the founding year of MeisterSinger, which is 2001. This wristwatch has received several awards such as the "The Golden Balance" twice and also a lot of other renowned design awards.

With less than 20 years of being unveiled, MeisterSinger is still quite a young German brand, and the concept of a German-made case, which has a Swiss movement is something which is very plausible and impressive. Of course, the German case has gained people's interest because of their quality finishing. Actually, the name "MeisterSinger" means "Master Singer," and the name was borne out of the creator's love for music and its rhythms. Of course, this is nice because it's a lot different from the pilot watch story or the typical diving watch.

The initial thing we noticed in the MeisterSinger No 1 is its attractive case. It is typically 43 millimeters with some high polish and brushed sides, and it also has a reasonably large crown. The total effect is the type of a really elegant, classic, and extremely "clean" case. The case back is quite okay too as it contains the logo of MeisterSinger stamped all over it, thereby making it not have a display back. The wristwatch also has a very beautiful crystal, and anytime you look at the wristwatch's dial from an angle, you will get a nice effect.

When it comes to the strap of this wristwatch, it is super cool. It's a dark brown suede which has contrast stitching, and that gives this MeisterSinger No 1 an extended casual look. Overall, the strap has a rich appearance, and it is the perfect one to go with your casual shirt and jeans, it can even also complement a gorgeous suit. The strap of this wristwatch isn't wide, and because of this, it wears well with dress shirts. One understated and beautiful item in the MeisterSinger No 1 is its buckle, and it adds to the MeisterSinger No 1 rich-yet-understated feel.

When you wear the MeisterSinger No 1 on your wrist, it wears small. The wristwatch is very light, and it will fit comfortably with all your shirts. It feels purposeful, understated, and quiet. Someone once referred to the MeisterSinger No 1 as the "one fits all" wristwatch as it goes well with all his shirts. Almost everyone will fall in love with the style of the watch, even though it kind of looks like a kind of gauge or an instrument, it is still beautiful. It looks utilitarian and industrial. The cream dial of the watch looks fantastic with its dark brown strap. A lot of people have given numerous compliments and comments anytime they see this wristwatch on our wrist, and most of them are positive feedback compared to pieces that are much more expensive.

Without any second hand, it isn't possible for one to measure the performance of its movement. The wristwatch has a 42-hour power reserve. The MeisterSinger No 1 arrives in a box that is very unusual, it is made just like a book. Actually, you can easily put the box in a bookshelf alongside a number of books, or you can just present it on your coffee table. This is quite unique, we must confess, and it gives us an impression of quality. When you wear the MeisterSinger No 1, it feels like real traditional timekeeping which has a different flavor - a different spin. What it offers is a fantastic quality for its price, and its versatility is top-notch. How unique a single-handed dial is can greatly add something to a wristwatch collection. The MeisterSinger No 1 is one of those pieces which isn't pricey but has the ability to attract a lot of attention because of its unique single hand and its beauty. The MeisterSinger No 1 has a number of variants, and there are quite a number of different models in the lineup of MeisterSinger.

MeisterSinger No. 01 City Edition Watch

MeisterSinger is a brand which is widely known for the fact that their watches have a specific display which is based on the "single hand" concept. These watches arrive in various styles, various sizes, with or without any additional specifications, but they always come with a single hand for the indication of the time. This is a hallmark for the German brand. These days, definitely with the Mono-Aiguille ideal entirely preserved, this brand has launched a refreshing concept without anything less than 45 different MeisterSinger No 1 limited edition, and that is the City Edition. Every one of them is used as a tribute to the various cities where the retailers of this brand are based. 

As said earlier, they have made 45 different wristwatches, and each of them is in very limited editions which varies from five to one hundred pieces depending on your edition. These wristwatches are representing 43 different cities throughout the globe (there'll be two different editions made for Rotterdam and Paris) from New York to London, to Barcelona, Sydney or Tokyo. Everything is based on the same watch with identical specs and appearance. The only thing that will be different between these MeisterSinger No 1 City Edition wristwatches is on the case-back side, with the watch's sapphire crystal being adorned with a printed silhouette of the skyline of the chosen city and a motto which is engraved in the surrounding steel alongside the city's name.

The jewelers who have partnered with them have chosen a number of texts from traditional slogans like the Munich version having "Weltstadt mit Herz" (which means metropolis with a heart) to Lyon having "entre amish le temps ne compte plus." "The City that never sleeps" for New York, or even the defiant motto of Paris "Fluctuat nec mergitur" – "Tossed by the wave but never sunk" on the coat of arms of the city. A fantastic tribute and a discreet way of expressing your pride, without ostentatiously displaying it on your watch's dial.

The City Edition of MeisterSinger No 1 is based on the model of the brand that's most classical. The No 1 is enclosed in a 40 millimeters case made of stainless steel with a hand-wound movement that's based on the Sellita SW 201, which is a similar money that's used in the small MeisterSinger Phanero). The Sellita SW 210 is a simple but robust movement that feels nice to look at. It has 19 jewels, boasts 42 hours of power reserves and ticks at 4hz. The shape of the case is in the vein of the production of MeisterSinger, with a thin bezel and a large dial opening. It is totally polished and arrives attached to a brown leather strap that is vintage-inspired.

All the MeisterSinger's No 1 City Editions possess the same dial (without mentioning the city it pays tribute to). Just the italicized "City Edition" lettering that's at 6 indicated these special watches’ significance. There's a specific dial color that's unique to the "City Edition," a cool dark grey tone with a sunburst pattern. It's only hand, alongside the markers, are all done in white. Nevertheless, the hour indices are all in a contrasting golden color. This is a type of watch which you can wear to any form of casual occasion, and it will fit well with almost all your shirts.

All in all, MeisterSinger City Edition is a gorgeous looking one, and if there's one made as a tribute to your city, it would be lovely if you get one for yourself. MeisterSinger has always made wristwatches of exceptional quality. The MeisterSinger No 1 is no different, and we are very sure you'll love it.

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