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Whether from the front, rear or even from the side. The Pangaea Day Date from MeisterSinger is nice to look at from any angle. Gliding past each other in opposite directions, the open day and date rings are typical elements of the MeisterSinger. And the flat, curved case elegantly disappears under every cuff.

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The Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date Review

For the people who’re unfamiliar, MeisterSinger is a brand based in Germany which has developed a solid reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of one-handed watches, in very little time. Their simple, elegant designs reflect a commitment to aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. With only one hour-hand, these watches will give you a feeling of deceleration. And even the logo above the name MeisterSinger stands for the very same theme. It is a fermata – the pause symbol in musical notation.

The particularity of MeisterSinger? The single hand, of course. A choice that doesn’t dominate the actual watch market in general, but that this German brand perfectly masters it. It’s exactly what gives their models their unique styles. “Function defines design” and surely not the other way around. The brand ideology revolves around – “LESS IS MORE!” Time is indicated by one hand. If you’re not used to this type of display it’ll take a brief adjusting time. It is unlike any other watch in the market. These watches by MeisterSinger watches not only have the charm of featuring the single watch hand but they are also really practical, all thanks to the day and date display.

The Pangaea Day Date collection by MeisterSinger features in total 4 dial colors: (PDD901) the white dial, (PDD903) the Ivory, the sunburst Anthracite (PDD907), and the sunburst blue (PDD908).


Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date PDD901 ($2,076)

The white dial featured in model PDD901 has blue colored hour indexes and a blue hour hand. This combination of coloring and style is pleasant. It offers excellent contrast for the watch dial. Makes watching the timepiece a treat.


Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date PDD903 ($2,395)

The Ivory PDD903 has the same combination of the blue colored hour hand with blue hour indexes and black Roman numerals and indexes but a warmer ivory color dial. All the versions are beautiful and it’s only a matter of accessorizing the watch with the rest of the outfit.

The white dial PDD901 and the Ivory PDD903 have both blue hour indexes, a blue-colored hour hand, and black indexes and numerals. This combination used in these watches is very pleasant to view. It offers a decent contrast for the watch dial. It appears very classy and elegant and suits well with almost any type of formal clothing. 


Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date PDD907 ($2,595)

The dial on the PDD907 model is actually the darkest one in the whole line-up. It features a dark grey watch dial. It offers white painted indexes and Roman numerals and a clean white watch hand. Even though the dial offers quite a handsome amount of information (date discs, day), the Pangaea watch dial doesn’t seem crowded, it’s perfectly balanced and pleasant to view.


Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date PDD908 ($2,395)

The popular one from the Pangaea Collection is the reference PDD908 with a sunburst blue dial. Watch enthusiasts love the whole dial of this one with its white printed indexes and Arabic numerals. It really gives a nice contrast and perfect visibility of all the information, besides the added functionality of the day and date circles which fill the dial – is not heavy. The interesting thing about this piece is that the date ring rotates clockwise while the day ring turns counterclockwise. What does that mean? a nice spectacle at the change of the day and the date.


A nice touch, to these watches, is the collection name, Pangaea. It is imprinted at the lower end of the watch dial. To many people, it appears as something with the least significance, however, in terms of watch design, it’s very smooth and quite important. The upper side of the watch is used for the brand name and logo, together with a small red triangle which is indicative of the day/date.

A quick fun fact worth mentioning here is that the Pangaea Collection has won several prizes: the 2013 Red Dot Award, Good Design award 2013 and German Design Award in 2014.

The entire Pangaea Collection has the same case. It comes with a brushed stainless-steel case features an ultra-thin bezel and short dynamic lugs. The case measures at 40mm in diameter. The watch sits comfortably on the wrist. The watch case which offers 5bar water resistance has domed sapphire glass on. Moreover, the lovely steel crown has the MeisterSinger logo embossed on it. Moving on to the backside, the exhibition case back is closed tightly by six screws. It offers a clear view of the automatic watch movement inside, an ETA 2836 or its Sellita clone, the SW 220-1. 

One watch hand in MeisterSinger watches undertakes the task of indicating both the minutes and hours. To some folks, especially ones who choose to live life at breakneck speed, every single second is of utmost importance. But as times passes by, one age and becomes wiser, the priorities inevitably change. And then all of a sudden, the idea of obsessing over minutes and seconds seems idiotic. These German timepieces are intended for this latter group of individuals.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s viewed from the front, rear or even from the side, these German Pangaea Day Date from MeisterSinger are beautiful to look at from all sides. The open date and day rings, gliding past each other in opposite directions, are typical features of the MeisterSinger. And the flat stainless-steel watch case gracefully disappears under every cuff.

MeisterSinger offers the Pangaea Day Date with a choice of two strap colors, cognac, and dark brown. Everything about these timepieces feels refined and well made. The MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date appears unique from the various other models in the brand’s lineup. The rounded watch design is conspicuous and bold. Each dial indication on the watch is pretty easy and simple to read.


Wrap Up: Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date Collection Review

MeisterSinger stands out from the crowded watch scene with its unique identity. MeisterSinger is cool and the brand showcases it in their products. You may hate it, or really like unique the single-hand watch concept and the actual philosophies which make it even more personalized. Regardless of it, it’s their schtick, and they stick to it – “religiously”. 

I suspect most audiences this article will succumb to the charms of the Pangaea Day Date by MeisterSinger. It is an excellent timepiece, looks splendid, proves easy to live with and symbolizes a stunning level of refinement and quality. The Pangaea Day Date watch collection is a well-designed and refined timepiece for people who desire to stand out. The simple elegance derived from industrial design leaves its wearer in awe - A retro look with hints of modern.

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