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The MeisterSinger Perigraph watch collection is highly revered by the global watchmaking community for its technical designs. As an award-winning series, the MeisterSinger Perigraph watch line offers an array of dial options. The balance of dial color and the tones of the hand and numerals deliver a striking effect. Features include a calendar, automatic movement, and in some pieces, a transparent glass case backing. The wide-dial and leather straps all contribute to the overall vintage style of the MeisterSinger watch series. The search for genuine MeisterSinger watches for sale does get challenging without assistance. If you are looking for the best place to buy MeisterSinger watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger authorized dealer.


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MeisterSinger Perigraph Review

MeisterSinger possesses an affinity for things that aren't usual anytime it is crafting its watches of a single hand, and this Perigraph collection that also incorporates a date display isn't an exception. The well-balanced date ring freely rotates around the middle of the dial. A little arrow which is at 12 o'clock points to the present date, and it advances once every day at midnight. The analog type of the date's representation corresponds to the circular time display and also makes provision for just enough of an overview.

The MeisterSinger's Perigraph got the GOOD Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award for its entire design technique and also had the highest votes for the Watch of the Year. The stainless steel of the watch is water-resistant up to five bar, 43 mm in diameter, and its dial is housed by a sapphire glass that's domed. The Swiss auto movement, which has a rotor that supplies this wristwatch with a thirty-eight-hour power reserve, can be seen via its sixfold screwed glass exhibition back.

In most cases, mechanical wristwatches are crafted for fitting a precise set of activities, or they excel at a precise purpose. Dive wristwatches (as you can decipher from their names) crafted for a chronograph, water activities – while useful in general – are crafted with motorsports in their mind, and world timers and GMT make for excellent companions while traveling.

This isn't actually surprising because if you check out the history of wristwatches, which define some precise aspect of the wristwatch market, you'll take note that they only emerged with companies trying to make provision of the best wristwatch for these activities in question. One fantastic example is the making of the Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms and Rolex Submariner in the early '50s as the wristwatches that'll define the segment of diving watches.

The form of timekeeping, which is known to be the oldest are sundials. In its easiest form, a graduated circle or semicircle which is a stick, and its sun shadow shows approximately the present time. Those types of sundials can be dated to as far back as the Babylonian and Egyptian civilization's study of (about 1500 B.C.), early European Civilization, the Chinese, and the Mayan Civilization. In the old testament, there's a passage that mentions a sundial as the "dial of Ahaz" in the book of Isaiah 38:8. Such a timekeeping mechanism's simplicity evokes a time in the evolution of humans where an exact timing wasn't really important compared to possessing a number of the idea of where in the day a current time was. While it's impractical for daily activities these days, when one goes for a vacation, that is precisely what someone wants.

The German brand, MeisterSinger, has the intent of bringing back that kind of simpler times to these days. Their lines of timepieces possess variants of flagship wristwatch models, which have just one hand. The Meistersinger Perigraph model we are also talking about here also has a rotating date disc. Since this disk only advances one time in a day, you do not lose the entire effect of the single hand, but you gain a substantial piece of info.

The shining star for this model of the Perigraph is the dial. It has a dark gray anthracite, which functions well with the look thin single white hand, which extends all the way to the dial's edge. It has precise and clear markings. Since it has no seconds or minutes, it is necessary if it has clear markings in a way that anyone can have an idea of what time it is at a glance, even if it is a five minutes precision.

This is accomplished by MeisterSinger by having berry twelve hours marked using a legible sans serif font and pre-opening zero for the single-digit because that makes the markings around the disk to be pleasing to the eye and symmetrical. Between 2 hours, you get a long marker index for the ½ hour, smaller ones for the fifteen and forty-five minutes, and way smaller ones for the five minutes increments. 

As we said earlier, it has a thin and long single hand, which reads the marker that is closest to the hands. Swiftly doing a calculation what the time says when it isn't at hand takes quite some time to get used to; nevertheless, after we tested this wristwatch for days or thereabouts, this wasn't really an issue and became kind of second nature.

The legibility is gotten because of the huge contrast between the markers and white hand with the anthracite dial. The present-day is displayed at the position of the 12 o'clock by the internal rotating disk with a small red arrow that points to the date. The disk of the date displays an index for the even dates and Roman numerals for the odd dates. Everything is unique, legible, and well thought out.

A sapphire crystal, which is a little bit domed, is used to complete the case, and the crystal has been treated for anti-reflection. Because of the huge dial and the fact that it has an extremely thin bezel, the curved crystal makes a looped effect at angles which assist in seeing the index that the hand is nearest to.


MeisterSinger Perigraph Black Line

This new Black Line look of the MeisterSinger has given the exquisite Perigraph model an entirely new character. Inside its jet black case culled with a saddle strap made of leather, this timepiece which has won multiple awards, is just crying out for an adventure –or maybe simply a spring trip out in an exquisite car – a famous prominence dressed in jet black – that's the Perigraph Black Line.

The MeisterSinger Perigraph has an open date disk, which has long since turned out to be an exquisite model in the collection of MeisterSinger.

This MeisterSinger Perigraph is everything except a "tactical wrist watch," and that is initially because it does not show you what time it is right down to the precise minute. No wristwatch from MeisterSinger displays "14:37 hours," and units of the military preference for mechanical wristwatches, which have an exhibition back and give the wearer the chance to observe the painstakingly embellished Swiss Austrian movement - making a fantastic contrast to the back of the case, and it is also coated with DLC.

The DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating gives the Perigraph Black Line its particular rugged and hand-wearing feature.

The saddle leather strap of the MeisterSinger's Perigraph gives it a great appearance with jeans or leather jacket, definitely. But it also possesses the style of impressing as a smart stylistic inconsistency with a suit, thereby showing that its wearer can sometimes be anything but nicely behaved. Also, anytime one pairs it with a textured strap, which has a similar color with the luminous digits of the watch (or maybe in a matching red), the wristwatch will most likely display entirely different sides of its behavior. 


MeisterSinger Perigraph AM1007OR

The AM1007OR variant of the MeisterSinger Perigraph is a mechanical wristwatch, which shows its greatly made mechanics via its transparent case back to the outside. The example of ours arrives in a version, which has a crocodile Paterson calfskin strap and an anthracite dial. One can instantly notice that its case is magnificently thin, and it measures only 11 millimeters at its thickest point. A Swiss ETA 2824-2 auto movement is used to drive the Perigraph, and it can be recognized by its glass back, which has the logo of the German wristwatch manufacturer with a golden print. Here, there's nothing one can complain about.

The fine mechanics of the watch, coupled with its auto movement, have a cleanly finished look. It uses a case material stainless steel that's well polished, and it's already extremely high-quality impression is even given more strength. The usage of stainless steel that's polished can also be seen in the buckle's bracelet, which also bears the brand's logo. This bracelet itself possesses a white seam and is very comfy to wear. Individuals who would love to own a different bracelet have the chance to pick between two further colors, which are the classic Milanaise and cognac suede bracelet. This MeisterSinger Perigraph has the water-resistant feature to a pressure of five bars, but no one wants the watch of a diver, and the Perigraph does not want to be that.


MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze

The newly launched Perigraph Bronze by MeisterSinger is a watch that'll display the time in a single hand, just like the others – for individuals who want to remain on track. This style of display's principle is just like that of the early rendition of clock towers, and this offers a great historical value to the brand and the wristwatches they make. This wristwatch features entirely functional typography and also includes double digits for the indication of the hours. This perfectly fits with the philosophy of MeisterSinger, which is always doing things the way they want. With the signature open date ring of the watch, the MeisterSinger Perigraph long since became an iconic exquisite in the world of wristwatch design, and now the limited edition model of the Perigraph is with a solid bronze case, which is filled with instrumental character.

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