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The MeisterSinger Unomatik watch collection features an uncluttered, original design. The MeisterSinger Unomatik watch line’s aesthetic focus is on offering a simple, vintage look. The dial format follows its traditional style of single-hands with a convenient power reserve display. These features offer the wearer a distinct piece not often seen in the modern luxury watch lines of recent decades. Searching for trustworthy places that have MeisterSinger Unomatik watches for sale could become a troublesome task. Exquisite Timepieces will assist you. Exquisite Timepieces can connect you with an extended line of extraordinary watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger Unomatik watch authorized dealer.


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Meistersinger Unomatik Review

Several years before pocket watches and clocks started having two hands, there used to be just one. The hour hand tells you everything you're required to know in a period when the time wasn't really as hurried or as precious as it is these days. Popularly, an event where the time was necessary for those days was in the year 1605 when Guy Fawkes was meant to blow up the Houses of Parliament. 

The set time that he's meant to set off the gunpowder's barrel that would blow up the popular parliamentary building of London needed him to understand the way the clock is being read. Knowing the way to tell the time wasn't known to a lot of people in those days, and on rare occasions would you see people carrying pocket watches. Only a sheer number of individuals has such a high-tech device, and a rich co-conspirator lent Guy Fawkes one so that he can get the precise timing right. 

Definitely, according to history, it was something he wasn't able to pull off successfully, but it's unlikely for it to be as a result of the failure of the watch. Either Guy Fawkes wasn't able to understand how to read the watch, or maybe fate happened, and the security guards of the Houses of Parliament just found him in an undercroft of that building prior to him having a chance to execute his plan. 

A locksmith from Nuremberg, Peter Henlein, strayed the foremost portable spring-driven clocks in the world, and this happened in the late Middle Ages. These watches became very precious to them, even though it was hopelessly inaccurate. A few hundreds of years later, and Johann Sebastian Bach enthusiast, Manfred Brasler, decided in the year 2001 that it was the right time for the reintroduction of the wristwatch with one hand in the age where every individual now has an obsession of knowing what the time says to the last second. 

The German brand, Meistersinger, is an independent one based in Munster Westphalia. This company has brought back the watches which just have a single hand. Because of the design of their watches, the Good Design Award, which is known as the longest-running and most prestigious global awards for new Product Graphics and Design in the world, gave Meistersinger an award for their great work. Meistersinger has also gotten a number of Red Dot Awards. 

To be honest, there's very small guesswork with regards to a single hand watch of Meistersinger. Its dial crystal clear twelve-hour dial is separated by 144 markers, and every marker represents a span of five minutes. With the 45, 30, and 15-minute markers being more prominent, then having an hour indicator that's thinner and longer than normal assists in trading off the minutes at a practiced glance. It doesn't take much time for one to understand what exactly the time says to the last minute, and for almost everyone, that's close enough. 

It is said that as soon as you begin to wear a watch which has one hand, the perception you have towards time begins to alter. With the watches of these days crafted to be done to the last second, this watch is for the ones who aren't restrained by clock watching. 

The time Meistersinger started, they only had four wristwatches in their whole range, but over the years, the brand has constantly maximized so that they now have a huge number of watches in their collection. 

On one hand, Meistersinger makes a timepiece that has a single hand, but on the other hand, is it the watch of good quality? Definitely, it is of good quality. Meistersinger powers these timepieces with the Swiss-made hand-winding movements and pieces can instantly be recognized. And even though watches with a single hand may seem to be an approach to timekeeping that is more relaxed, Meistersinger protects its Swiss precision clockwork with stainless steel casing of high quality. And every watch which is made by the brand has its own dedicated manufacturing number in order for them to readily identify each unit in case of maintenance. 

The symbol which is above the logo of Meistersinger is of a fermata, which is a symbol in music annotation that tells the player to take a brief pause. This can also be attributed to the devotion of Manfred Brasler to the music of Bach. 


Enough said about the history of Meistersinger, let's take a look at the Meistersinger Unomatik. 

Since the launch of Meistersinger, which happened in the year 2001, they've become a new concept in wristwatch design with individualism, distinctiveness, and clarity, which took over the cognoscenti of the wristwatch industry by surprise. In the '90s, the designer of Meistersinger, Manfred Brassler, played a significant role in the modern designer watch industry. After he sold his firm, he worked for 3 years in order to develop a watch that combines sophisticated elegance to a timeless design. An extraordinary piece from the set of wristwatches is the Meistersinger Unomatik.

Paying homage to time value via artistic composure is the motive behind the creation of Meistersinger Unomatik. The consistency in the application and development of the motive behind the single-handed wristwatch that's exhibited by the Meistersinger Unomatik offers the wearer a hand-tooled device, which is valuable and meets high artistic, functional, and aesthetic demands. 

The actual proportions offered by the pocket watches format from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries made Manfred Brassler decide to make use of a 45 millimeters case for the Meistersinger Unomatik, thereby making space for imaginative design. The maker made an ingenious placement of the zeros at the front of the numbers that are of single digits, achieving an uncluttered and balanced dial. After that, he did a creative integration of a stopwatch-style hand, giving the Meistersinger wristwatch the unadorned aesthetic appeal of a measuring device. The overhanging and extra-long hand beautifully complements its dial face that's large. The spatial relationship between hands and dials is thereby proportioned optimally. 

Manfred Brassler made use of his stylistic preferences in the design of the case, which is a pocket watch-like housing and a gently molded casing that has moveable lugs and a plate-shaped, flat crown. There are six screws in its polished case, and the watch shows its 48-hour power reserve on a display of the single-handed wristwatch that has a sapphire glass cover whose character and elegance are enhanced by the domed glass's reflection. If you wear the Meistersinger Unomatik every day, you no longer need to wind it. The natural movement of the owner offers the wristwatch its drive, as there is a harmonious transfer of the human rhythm to the mechanism. Meistersinger Unomatik isn't only true to technical traditions and matchmaking – they also give them life. 

Even though each stylistic element of every Meistersinger wristwatches are rather unassuming of and in themselves, in concert, they make a harmonies visual profile that's unique. The brand name of Meistersinger is conscious of the ideals of these designs, putting it within the artisans and goldsmiths' vulnerable tradition as an actual continuation of the high medieval art of poetry and song. In the initial 5 years in the wristwatch industry before the creation of the Meistersinger Unomatik, the watches from Meistersinger have gotten 7 award nominations and several prices, which includes the Red Dot Award. 

Manfred Brassler made use of Meistersinger to show a philosophy of harmony that appeals to the sense of time of an individual. Similar to every watch made by Meistersinger, the Meistersinger Unomatik is a calming card; which is a symbol of a particular esprit de vivre; a long life for individuals who have a sense of time. The feeling comes out from the committed world of Manfred Brassler following years of development in building the concept of Meistersinger. 

One thing that's special about the Meistersinger is its size. It has an automatic winding movement that is animated by an automatic A07.161 caliber, which comes from the Valgranges line from ETA. The Meistersinger Unomatik is the symbol of the single-hand billposting. This series includes plants that have a diameter of 16.5 lines and was launched to meet the increasing demand for large plants. The second pointer on the Meistersinger Unomatik shows the power reserve, i.e., the time it takes for the movement to come to a standstill if it is no longer moved or wound up manually.

The indications of this watch only feature two spheres for posting the hours and the power reserve. The high range ETA derivation allows the reading of the indications in a clear and symmetrical way, arranging the 12 hours in a traditional way that includes a clear subdivision of the minutes always readable through the sphere of hours.

The watch is available in 4 color variations: white, cream, black, and brown with anthracite reflections. Everything is enclosed in a steel case which has a double sapphire crystal and a water resistance of 5 bars or 50 meters. The leather strap of the watch is available in black, brown or anthracite and is equipped with a folding clasp. The Meistersinger Unomatik goes for $3850, and it is totally worth its price.

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