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The MeisterSinger Urban watch collection highlights the sophistication of pocket-watch dials with contemporary influences. Crafted with city-living in mind, the MeisterSinger Urban watch series focuses on delivering timepieces that are perfect for day-to-day metropolitan lifestyles. They took the concept of classic designs and added a flare of modern distinctness. The single-handed dial features an automatic movement with dial colors ranging from black and blue to tobacco and white. If you are trying to find a timepiece with a minimalist presentation, the MeisterSinger Urban watch line will definitely pique your interest. Searching for MeisterSinger Urban watches sale can get challenging when you do not know where to start. Let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is well-known for its wide array of high-end luxury watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger Urban watch authorized dealer.


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MeisterSinger Urban Review

MeisterSinger Urban is a cool interpenetration of the concept of classic design. However, the German watchmaker gives the chance to access its style more, and this will definitely bring more new fans. Well, what can this model give to us? Let us look closer at it.

The recent Salthora Meta X is perfect with a casual shirt or even a suit. The new Urban collection from MeisterSinger is a little bit in another direction. No, no, you shouldn't be expecting something that is unusual and crazy, but all the same, the design of this wristwatch is not the same with that of other models that were formerly launched. Definitely, what plays the major part here is the single hand that's on the watch face. Here, it displays both hours and minutes. Carefully look at it, and you'll know that it has only four digits that are positioned on opposite sides. Every other are denoted with indices. Yes, that kind of minimalistic set up excellently with the ideology of MeisterSinger –where you don't hurry and value time, but do not count every second.

The hand of the watch arrives in 2 colors, which are dark and light. It appears to be plain on the pictures, but if you look well, you'll see some hint on volume in the light variant, you will see this well when you get your own MeisterSinger on hand. Definitely, there are a number of versions of the dial, so you'll be able to choose the one which you love most. Black, Blue, Tobacco, and Opaline Silver are all classic colors, and we're certain you'll love one of these. It would be best if you also took note that the digits also have different colors, which are dependent on the color variant you pick.

Do not expect some surprises in it. MeisterSinger Urban has been marketed to be the watch that is a wonderful value from the German masters, so they just had to maintain a minimum price. In other words, you should expect a Miyota 8245 automatic movement in it. This type has about 42 hours of power reserve, what's very impressive for a "base level watch." People who own this watch will have the ability to see the movement through the sapphire crystal back.

The Urban model of MeisterSinger arrives as a cool surprise for individuals who seek to be individuals. What may be brighter standard colors or custom dials? We believe that those bonuses will be appreciated by the young generation, even if it's for more fees or for free. The MeisterSinger Urban is priced at $995.


MeisterSinger Urban Day Date Watch

About a year ago, MeisterSinger unveiled a fresh and young interpretation of the single-hand wristwatch. With its concise, clear look and striking numerals, the Urban perfectly fits in with the way of life of young city inhabitants that confidently dispense with things that are too complicated and do not let themselves be rushed. In the tireless city also, they do not want their time to be measured in seconds. But a lot more can be done by Urban than just displaying the time: the new Day Date variant shows the weekday at 12 o'clock and the present date at 6 o'clock in 2 different windows.


MeisterSinger Urban Day Date Distinctive Instrument

The in house specialties of the brand actually include calendar display on open rings, but the Urban Day Date windows' shapes are also part of the design code of MeisterSinger, as the circular date window of the watch has been made to match the design of the case and the semi-circle to read the weekday, is in correspondence with the fermata logo. Above everything, it makes a magnificent point of interest, which is between its upper hour markers. The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date is the only one from the German watchmaker to show the typical twin hour digits just at 10, 08, 04, and 02 o'clock, and this particularly gives it a dynamic appearance. And the watch's power typography emphasizes its instrumental character just much like the single hour hand's red tip. You can find the Urban Day Date in 4 different designs of their dial; the date and day windows underscore the special geometry sign with a contrasting color that's matching. The sand gray and opaline silver variants are fitted using black date disks, while there is a vibrant red in the blue and black variants.


MeisterSinger Urban Day Date Reliable Movement

A dependable automatic caliber is used to power the Urban Day Date, which is the Miyota 8265, the workings that can be observed via the screwed glass exhibition back of the case made of stainless steel. Anytime the person who is wearing the wristwatch moves, the movement is supplied with fresh energy sign on the rotor that is engraved with the logo of MeisterSinger. It has a mainspring that stores the power for about 42 hours of precise running and also for the date disks next to the following calendar day at midnight. If the person wearing the watch takes it off over a long weekend, he can easily and quickly adjust the date and weekday through the crown.

The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date arrives with a textile strap that is matching. It is powered by the Miyota 8285 automatic watch movement and a power reserve of 42 hours. Its diameter is 40 millimeters, a stainless steel case that exhibits the six screws at it's back. It's water-resistant to 50 meters or 5 bars, and it is made with a durable sapphire crystal. The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date is a fantastic wristwatch overall, and every watch enthusiast should own a piece.

The watchmaker, MeisterSinger, was established in the year 2001, and they have manufactured mechanical wristwatches, which are very special in the Westphalian city of Münster, Germany. Every wristwatch from their brand has just a single hand that possesses a fine needlepoint, which gives the person wearing the watch the chance to read the time. The founder of MeisterSinger, Manfred Brassler, and his team of fourteen co-workers make their classical wristwatches with these distinctive characteristics in the cultural and technical tradition of matchmaking in the early days, as it were tower clocks which has ever since required nothing more than a single hand. Even though it has a single hand, one can easily read the time in 5-minute increments, and that's due to the fact that Brassler gave his wrist watches the clear, practical readability which measuring instruments and classical gauges still possess today.

MeisterSinger is a very strong brand with the domestic market. Nevertheless, the company is also established well abroad, and our stores in the US and some stores in some other countries sell the single hand wristwatches in their stores. As of now, they have a collection of 21 different series which have more than 70 watch variants, and many of which has already gained awards for their designs, like the German Design Award and Red Dot Award. This wristwatch is priced at $1195.


MeisterSinger Urban ur901 Watch

The MeisterSinger Urban ur901 is a refined style wristwatch that echoes the important design principles of the German watchmaker via its single-hand functionality, crisp white dial, tan brown leather strap, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It also has a smooth stainless steel case and an attractive exhibition case back, which reveals the impressive mechanism that's stowed within the watch. The width of its case is 40 millimeters, water-resistance of 5 bars or 50 meters, and is powered by Miyota 8245 automatic watch movement. This wristwatch is priced at $1195.


MeisterSinger Urban ur902 Watch

The MeisterSinger Urban ur902 is a stylish and entirely black design watch that has a case made of smooth stainless steel. Made to perfection by the German watchmaker, it gets its elegance from its smooth black leather strap, refined black dial, a durable sapphire crystal, and a lovable exhibition case back, which reveals the strong automatic mechanism of the watch. The width of its car is 40 millimeters, powered by Miyota 8245 automatic watch movement. This wristwatch is priced at $1195.


MeisterSinger Urban ur908 Watch

This is an attractive blue fascia dial that has bold white hour-markers, and the trademark single hand of the German watchmaker makes the wristwatch very easy on the eye.

Distinctive in its way of keeping time, the creator ensures that the watch is singled out from others, and the entire appearance is more than casual enough for the office. The watch is powered by the Miyota 8245 automatic movement. Designed in Switzerland, the wristwatch arrives in a sporty look which has a wide legible dial with 144 markers, and a leather strap. Every single marker is a representation of 5 minutes and creates a way of telling time that's unusual. A buckle and pin clasp and an anti-reflection sapphire crystal are used to fit the wristwatch. This wristwatch is priced at $1195.

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