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The NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig watch line provides classic, distinguished pieces fit for any event. The NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig watch collection honors the timeless nature of wristwatch dials by utilizing subtle indexes, traditional roman numerals, and an elegant bezel. Meticulously handcrafted in-house, these sophisticated pieces feature a patented date function and power reserve indicator. The sapphire crystal backing accentuates the overall aesthetics by delivering an astonishing view of its inner mechanisms. The ergonomic wrist wraps are made of delicate, yet durable material such as genuine beige Velour leather and black or brown Horween Shell Cordovan leather. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly difficult to find authentic NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig watches for sale. Especially when you do not know where to begin your search. Let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in luxury wristwatches and can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig watch authorized dealer.


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Nomos Ludwig Review

Nomos Ludwig is one of the classics from the luxury watch brand, Nomos Glashutte. The models of this collection accentuate tradition and modernity in the best way. The group also has the self-winding models and the hand-wound models available. The roman numerals, thin bezel, and indexes make the timepieces even more elegant. With these watches, order, proportion, and precision are perfect. Also available in the Neomatik version, Ludwig is the ideal piece for a sophisticated wrist.


Nomos Ludwig 38

The Nomos Ludwig 38 is one of the stylish timepieces from this collection. With a stainless steel casing and tripartite stainless steel back, this watch has an exact diameter of 37.5mm. The glass for the watch face is sapphire crystal while the dial is galvanized, white silver-plated. Based on the preference of the Nomos design team, the watch features Roman numerals with IIII instead of IV. Apart from being splash-proof up to 30m, this timepiece also has a sub-dial, which shows the seconds function.

The in-house built Nomos caliber Alpha runs in secret underneath the stainless steel case back. This caliber guarantees precision and accuracy of the highest level. With an impressive 43-hour power reserve, the bearer needs to wind the watch only once every two days. The tempered blue hands and railroad minute markers give this watch a unique appeal. Not to forget the straps which are one of the finest leather worldwide, horween genuine shell cordovan leather.


Nomos Ludwig 33

Nomos Ludwig 33 is another exemplary watch from Nomos Glashutte. This timepiece has stainless steel casing and a tripartite stainless steel case back. The watch face glass is scratchproof sapphire crystal glass. This watch has the manually-wound Alpha caliber, which runs in secret underneath the stainless steel casing. It only needs to be wound once every two days, thanks to its 43-hour power reserve.

Other than having a galvanized, white silver-plated dial with roman numerals, the watch is also splash-proof up to 30m. The strap of this watch has the outstanding beige velour leather. The hands of this watch are also tempered blue. With its 33mm diameter, this timepiece makes the perfect piece for delicate wrists. The dial of this watch has a sub-dial that features the seconds’ function of the timepiece. Its perfect proportions and accuracy are sure not to disappoint.


Nomos Ludwig 35

The stainless steel casing of the Nomos Ludwig 35 gives it a smart, traditional, and sleek look. Suitable for both men and women, this watch has a diameter of 35mm, making it an excellent fit. This watch also has a stainless steel casing and a stainless steel case back. It also has the manual Alpha caliber with a 43-hour power reserve, which only needs to be wound once every two days. The galvanized white silver-plated dial also features railroad minute markers and a sub-dial that shows the seconds function of the timepiece. This watch has the smooth, thick, and long-lasting horween genuine shell cordovan leather for the straps. There is also a see-through case back version of this refined timepiece.


Nomos Ludwig Neomatik

Tradition and modernity merged seamlessly; that is the Nomos Ludwig Neomatik. The self-winding caliber DUW 3001 is at work with this timepiece, and the wearer gets to enjoy this beautiful sight thanks to the sapphire crystal glass back. It has a galvanized, white silver-plated dial which features cyan blue minute markers and Arabic numerals. The dial also has a sub-dial which features the seconds' function. The seconds' hands of this timepiece are red. This timepiece is rather robust as it has a 36mm diameter.

Apart from having the stainless steel casing and tripartite sapphire crystal glass back, this watch also has a domed sapphire crystal glass. The Nomos swing system off this timepiece ensures excellent accuracy. Aside from the 43-hour power reserve, the watch is also water-resistant up to 30m. As a Neomatik version, this watch has the remborde strap made exclusively for this version. The strap is made from the unique horween genuine shell cordovan leather, a thick, smooth, and robust material.


Nomos 234

Nomos 234 is the other version of Ludwig 38 with a sapphire crystal glass back. With this version, the in-house crafted and manually-wound Alpha caliber can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass back. This caliber bears a 43-hour power reserve. The Roman numerals and the railroad minute markers make this timepiece a classic. With the 38mm diameter, it qualifies for the perfect fit for robust wrists. Its masculine sizing makes the watch appear more decisive and modern.


Nomos 282

Nomos Glashutte Ludwig is sure to cater to all styles and tastes because of the different models from the collection. Models such as the Nomos 282 have other colorways such as the Ludwig Neomatik champagne available. This watch has a galvanized, champagne gold dial with neon orange Roman numerals. It also has rhodium-plated hands and a sub-dial, which features the seconds' function. The remborde strap of this watch is made of cowhide leather, a beautiful, robust, and environmentally friendly material.


Ludwig Neomatik 41 Date

Ludwig Neomatik 41 date is the Neomatik model of this collection that features a date function. It has the first Neomatik caliber with a date mechanism. The wearer gets to see the DUW 6101 automatic caliber running through the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back with ease. It also has a stainless steel casing and sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating. With a galvanized white silver-plated dial, this watch also has a water-resistance of up to 50m, making it suitable for showering. The date window for this watch is at four o’clock. Besides being a slender piece, this watch also has a 40.5mm diameter, which makes it a perfect piece for robust wrists.


Nomos 205

It’s a smart and subtle timepiece, the Nomos 205, which is the Ludwig model that has a see-through case back. The Alpha manual caliber can be seen running through the sapphire crystal glass back. This watch has a 35mm diameter and a 6.8mm height. The Nomos Ludwig 205 also features Roman numerals but with IIII instead of IV and railroad minute markers. Being a legendary timepiece, it has been gracing the wrists of men and women for a quarter of a century. This slender and refined piece remains appealing and understated, even as time goes passes.


Nomos Ludwig Neomatik 41

Nomos Ludwig Neomatik 41 continues to be a classic timepiece capable of telling both the date and time with a high level of accuracy. The single Arabic number among the Roman numerals makes this timepiece even more appealing. Despite having a large size, this watch continues to be slender and bears a minimalistic look. The Nomos Glashutte luxury watch brand has been able to successfully incorporate the latest technology with the skills and Nomos tradition. This has, in turn, resulted in efficiency and precision in the functionality of the Ludwig Neomatik timepieces.


Nomos Ludwig 234

Even as years go by, the Nomos Ludwig 234 continues to be an iconic timepiece. The functionality of this model is unquestionable to date. The price range of this model begins at 2,300$. Another watch is Nomos 260. This is the Neomatik 41 date. With the date function making it quite a unique model from the Ludwig collection, one can’t help but think of the precision in its functionality.

Different models from this collection have varying prices due to the difference in their specifications. The price range of the Nomos Ludwig 35mm starts at $2,000 onwards. For the Nomos Ludwig 41, the price range of the model begins from $4,000. With the expertise and skill put into the manufacturing of these timepieces, the wearer is guaranteed the value for the money spent. Through the many varying models, this luxury brand gives potential buyers a variety that he/she can choose.


Nomos 271

We can’t forget the Nomos 271. With a diameter of 40mm, this watch makes for a classic fit for more robust wrists. Apart from having the patented Nomos date mechanism, the bearer gets to enjoy the breathtaking view of the DUW 5101 automatic caliber running underneath the sapphire crystal glass back. As an automatic, the wearer does not keep winding the watch. It has a 42-hour power reserve. Another unique thing about this watch is how the date function is at twelve o’clock. It also has a galvanized, white silver-plated dial that features railroad minute markers and tempered blue hands just like the Ludwig 33.


Wrap-up: Nomos Ludwig Review

Nomos Glashutte has done an outstanding job of incorporating its Glashutte traditions with modern technology to come up with a suitable product for their clients. Regardless of your taste, there is always something that will suit you from the Ludwig collection. The German Brand continues to produce unique and elegant timepieces as time goes by.

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