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NOMOS Minimatik Review

The NOMOS Minimatik is a timepiece from the German luxury watch brand, NOMOS Glashütte. More slender and more elegant than before, this watch is a design by Simon Husslein. It is with this watch that the German brand introduced its high-end caliber, DUW 3001. By incorporating unique craftsmanship, the latest technology, and some of the best designs from Glashütte, the brand has come up with a classic timepiece. With its curves, this wonderfully proportioned timepiece sits perfectly on the wrist. The watch was also able to win some of the most important design prizes shortly after being released to the public.

Minimatik models are unique as they come with different designs. The collection has three different dial versions. These dial colors range from midnight blue, champagne to white silver-plated. NOMOS Glashütte has done what we can say is next to impossible. The German brand has produced a proprietary escapement, something almost no other company in the world has done. Through this proprietary escapement, also known as the NOMOS Swing System, the company has been able to achieve its independence in the world of fine watchmaking. All of the Minimatik models have the NOMOS Swing system, which guarantees the watch's accuracy and precision.

The case construction of the Minimatik timepieces is tripartite. Starting with a narrow bezel, the flanks are designed to be three-dimensional. The lugs seamlessly integrate into the case. Another creative feature is how the curved sapphire crystal glass flows into the case in a single sweep. This model has a tapered case form, and the timepiece gently comes together from top to bottom, giving it an elegant appearance. The dial design is inspired by the use of numerals every two hours. There is a small dot between each digit. One more unique feature is the decentralized seconds' hand, which is generously proportioned and distinct. With the Minimatik collection, the German brand has successfully interpreted such a classic form in a contemporary manner while remaining true to what is typically NOMOS.  


NOMOS Minimatik Champagner

NOMOS Minimatik Champagner (Ref. 1204), is one of the three unique models from this collection. This watch has a stainless steel casing and a domed sapphire crystal glass. The automatic caliber DUW 3001 can be seen running underneath the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. With a diameter of 35.5mm, the watch is slender and beautiful on the wrist. It has a water-resistance of up to 30m, making it splash-proof. This watch has a galvanized, champagne gold dial with neon orange minute markers. The hands are rhodium-plated while the second hands are neon orange. There is also a sub-dial that features the seconds' function.

The straps for the Minimatik models vary with the dial colors. For the Minimatik champagne, the straps are cowhide leather with a natural finish. It also has a lug width of 17mm. This watch is unusually slender, highly precise, and with the NOMOS Swing system embedded within. The NOMOS Swing system ensures impeccable winding and outstanding accuracy. Being a timepiece with an automatic caliber, the wearer does not have to wind it at any time. It has a 43-hour power reserve. The simplistic design of this watch and its minimalistic beauty accentuates its elegance of the wrist.


NOMOS Minimatik Nachtblau

Another elegant model from the Minimatik collection is the NOMOS Minimatik Nachtblau, (Ref 1205). Designed in Berlin, the watch has a stainless steel casing as well as a sapphire domed crystal glass, which is scratch-resistant. Through the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back, one gets to enjoy the self-winding movement of the caliber DUW 3001. This watch exhibits outstanding accuracy, thanks to its NOMOS Swing system. The diameter of this watch is 35.5mm, while its height is 8.9mm. With its water-resistance of up to 30m, the timepiece is splash-proof.  


NOMOS Minimatik Midnight Blue

The NOMOS Minimatik midnight blue has a power reserve of up to 43 hours. Being an automatic watch, the wearer does not have to worry about winding it every now and then. The timepiece has a midnight blue dial with gold accents and green minute markers. There is also a sub-seconds dial which has pride of place. The hands are rhodium-plated with the seconds' hands being neon-orange. Since the straps of the Minimatik timepieces vary with the color of the dial, this watch has horween genuine shell cordovan back remborde strap. The leather material is thick, smooth, and robust, making the straps long-lasting.


NOMOS Minimatik 1st Edition

The NOMOS Minimatik 1st edition (Ref 1203), is a watch that complements and flatters both him and her. With a 35.5mm diameter, it gives the wrist a refined look. This watch has a stainless steel casing and a domed sapphire crystal glass that is scratch-resistant. The bearer gets to enjoy the breathtaking self-winding winding of the automatic caliber DUW 3001 thanks to the see-through sapphire case back. This watch is ultra-thin and fits perfectly on the wrist because the lugs, case, and sapphire crystal glass create one continuous line which gives the watch its perfect shape.

The details on the galvanized, white silver-plated dial are another exciting aspect of this Minimatik model. It has delicate dots and perlage and numerals that have plenty of space on the dial. Digits appear every two hours with cyan blue minute markers and gold accents in between. The cyan blue details give it a dash of originality, combining beautifully with the white silver-plated dial. This timepiece has lightly rounded hands red-colored hands even for the sub-dial showing the seconds function.

With a water-resistance level of up to 30m, this watch also has a 43-hour power reserve. Its water resistance makes it splash-proof. With this timepiece, the automatic caliber DUW 3001 is setting new standards. With the NOMOS Swing system, the watch has splendid winding and an outstanding level of accuracy. The NOMOS winged clasp on the strap of the watch exudes elegance through its beautiful minimalism. Exclusively made for the Neomatik series is the remborde straps. It is horween genuine shell cordovan leather material, which is smooth, thick, and robust, making the straps long-lasting. The German brand has made sure that this timepiece remains wonderfully elegant, just like the rest of their models.


Wrap Up: Nomos Minimatik Review

By looking at a NOMOS Minimatik review, you can understand more about the model that interests you. It contains some of the essential details of the watch that is of interest to you. Information such as the specifications of the timepiece will help you gauge the functionality and design of one before buying. Because the company produces different models with varying specifications, the owner will have quite a variety to choose from.

NOMOS Glashütte Minimatik is one of the classic collections from the German luxury watchmaking brand. The iconic automatic timepieces are beautifully presented as they come in an elegant leather wallet. This black full-grain leather is soft and wonderfully protects your watch. By combining the craft, high tech, latest designs, and NOMOS tradition, the company has been able to produce some of the most unique and award-winning timepieces in the world of watchmaking. Even after incorporating some of the latest technology and designs, the brand still manages to have the original remain original. The Minimatik models are one of the cheery and exquisite timepieces from NOMOS Glashütte.

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