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The NOMOS Glashütte Tangente watch collection continues to gain accolades on the global watchmaking stage. Inspired by the Bauhaus designs, the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente watch line aims to deliver a classic, yet versatile piece. The intriguing features range from hand-wound and self-winding movements to convenient date functions and a power reserve indicator. The minimalist presentation, striking color options, ultra-slim casing, and sleek wide-faced dials all contribute to the alluring nature of a NOMOS Glashütte Tangente watch. If you are looking for genuine NOMOS Glashütte Tangente watches for sale and do not know where to start, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Tangente watch authorized dealer.


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NOMOS Tangente Review

NOMOS Tangente was the first NOMOS watch from NOMOS Glashütte. The Bauhaus design inspires this collection's design. Apart from being the best-selling watch for more than 25 years, It has also received numerous awards over the years. There are several models of this collection that have been produced to suit different styles. NOMOS should be all you think of whenever you think of form and function. The brand guarantees you beauty and precision when it comes to all of its timepieces.


NOMOS Tangente 38 Watch

The NOMOS Tangente 38 is a classic piece from this German brand. The watch has two variants, either with the solid case back or with the sapphire crystal glass back. It also has the in-house built hand-wound Alpha caliber with a power reserve of up to 43 hours. The timepiece has a diameter of 37.5 mm and a water resistance of up to 30 meters. The case is stainless steel and a sapphire crystal protects the dial. The dial can either be galvanized or white silver-plated. Straps for the timepieces are horween genuine shell cordovan, which is almost indestructible.


NOMOS Tangente Neomatik

The NOMOS Tangente Neomatik is another unique model from this collection that has the NOMOS swing system, thus ensuring the outstanding accuracy of the watch. It has automatic movement and a 43-hour power reserve. The watch also has a 35mm diameter and a stainless steel casing. The breathtaking self-winding movements can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass back. Its water resistance is up to 30m, and the dials are white silver-plated with cyan blue minute markers. The straps of this timepiece are unique leather, which complements its minimalistic look.

Another classic piece is the NOMOS Tangente 35. This timepiece has the NOMOS Alpha caliber. With a stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal glass, the watch is water-resistant up to 30m. It has a 35mm diameter and a simple thin bezel. The watch has galvanized silver-plated dials and original leather straps with a stainless steel buckle. NOMOS Tangente 33 is a unique piece for slender wrists. Just like the name suggests, the watch has a diameter of 33mm. It is available with different back options, either a stainless steel case back or a sapphire crystal glass back.


NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 41 Watch

The NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 41 is a slender and iconic timepiece from the NOMOS brand. The watch has a stainless steel casing and a bipartite sapphire crystal glass back. It has automatic movement, a 42-hour power reserve, and it is water-resistant up to 50m. The sapphire crystal glass has an anti-reflective coating. With a 40.5mm diameter, the timepiece is quite robust. It also has a white silver-plated date ring on the dial. This watch is the first Neomatik piece with a date function. The straps are long-lasting leather that exudes the elegance of the timepieces.

Tangente Neomatik is a unique piece whose design is inspired by the Bauhaus building. It has colorful details, features numerals for minute markers and a sub-dial, which features the seconds' function. The watch has an automatic ultra-thin caliber DUW 3001, which makes it slender. The minute markers are cyan blue, unlike the hour and minute markers are in black. It has a diameter of 35mm and a stainless steel casing with a sapphire crystal glass back. The timepiece is water-resistant up to 30m with a 43-hour power reserve. With its sapphire crystal glass back, the wearer can enjoy the automatic movement of the watch.


NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 39 Watch

The NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 39 is another stylish piece from the German brand. With a diameter of 38.5mm, the watch has automatically perfect proportions. It has a self-winding movement, and it is water-resistant up to 50m. The sapphire crystal glass of the watch has an anti-reflective coating on the inner side. This timepiece also has a 43-hour power reserve. With the NOMOS swing system, the wearer is guaranteed the accuracy of the watch. The watch is unusually slender, adding on to its minimalistic look.

The Tangente NOMOS perfectly embodies NOMOS Glashütte. It is a timepiece that showcases the craftsmanship, skill, and technology of the company seamlessly. The NOMOS Neomatik 41 has a date ring with two unique red dots that frame the current date. This watch guarantees the wearer accuracy for both the time and date function. The NOMOS Tangente 139 is another award-winning timepiece from the German brand. It has a diameter of 35mm, suitable for both men and ladies. Its water resistance is up to 30m. With its power reserve of 43 hours, you only need to wind it every two days because it has the Alpha manual caliber. NOMOS 139 has been existing for more than a quarter-century.

With a water resistance of up to 1000ft, the Tangent sport is a beautiful and comfortable piece to wear. The watch has a white silver-plated dial and a date function at 3 o’clock. Its hour indexes are made of luminous material and also features the new NOMOS bracelet. This timepiece is more robust with its 42mm diameter and the domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating inside and out. The watch has an automatic movement, stainless steel casing, and bipartite sapphire crystal glass back fixed with six screws. The dial is galvanized white silver-plated with sand-colored hour indexes.

The NOMOS Tangente 38 is a unique piece because it can be found in two variants; one with the see-through case back and the other one without a see-through case back. The NOMOS 164 is an excellent fit for robust wrists because of how it’s perfectly proportioned. The watch also has five numerals whose typography was inspired by the Bauhaus design. It also has a sub-dial which features the seconds' function. The NOMOS Tangente 41 and the NOMOS 35mm are an excellent fit for robust wrists. The watches are perfectly designed to suit every wearer.

With its representation of modernity, the NOMOS Tangente 101 has collected several prizes. The watch is a masterpiece of straightforwardness. Its precision is high because of the manual NOMOS Alpha caliber. The NOMOS 33 makes the perfect fit for ladies with just a diameter of 33mm. Tangente 33 makes an ideal fit for more delicate wrists. It is water-resistant up to 30m with a stainless steel casing, stainless steel case back, and sapphire crystal glass. The watch has a power reserve of up to 43 hours. It also has a velour leather strap that easily attracts attention. This timepiece gives a more refined look too delicate wrists. The NOMOS Tangente 35mm is slightly bigger than this because it has a slightly bigger diameter of 35mm.

The NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 41 is a perfect fit for robust wrists. With its slightly bigger diameter, the piece provides a more masculine feel to the wrist. The NOMOS GlashütteTangente embodies the company’s watchmaking at its best. The collection is confident in its style, and its quality and design continue to be outstanding. The Tangente Noematik 39 makes for a stylish accompaniment for the workplace. Be it official or casual attire; the piece matches perfectly. The numerals of this timepiece draw the inspiration for their design from the Bauhaus era.

The Tangente Sport Neomatik can come in two versions, either with the marine black dial or with the white silver-plated dial. This watch has an extra-robust case with the stainless steel bracelet giving it the perfect finishing. The NOMOS Tangente 164 is different from the other one because of its sapphire crystal glass back, which allows for a breathtaking view of the manually-wound NOMOS Alpha caliber ticking.


NOMOS Tangente Doctor Without Borders Watch & Organization

NOMOS doctors without borders contribute a massive part in helping humanitarian organizations. With their special edition of the Tangomat model, the company has been able to give 250 euros from each watch sold to providing emergency relief. Over the years, NOMOS Glashütte has produced over 8000 timepieces to support humanitarian organizations. The Tangomat features a red 12 because that is the color of emergency aid and doctors without borders. It has a see-through case back that provides a breathtaking view of the self-winding movement.

The NOMOS Tangente doctor without borders is an organization that has done a great job in providing aid to those who are in need. NOMOS Tangente 39 is available in either silver cut or midnight blue dials. With the NOMOS automatic caliber within, the watch ensures a high level of precision. A great thing with the NOMOS Tangente price is that it guarantees you value for money spent. For your classic NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 35, look no further for we got you covered. The doctor without borders NOMOS is a piece that has been playing an essential role in society.

The NOMOS Glashütte Tangente 38 also provides a minimalistic look suitable for most watch fanatics. The NOMOS Noematik Tangente is a classic and refined piece with unique typography. The NOMOS Tangente 172 has a patented power reserve indicator. This mechanism shows when the watch is running out of power. The watch has a power reserve of 43 hours. The NOMOS Tangente 131 is a clear illustration of German efficiency that also has a patented power reserve indicator. If you are a watch enthusiast, then you are in the right place if you’re looking for NOMOS Tangente for sale. From the NOMOS designs, it's only fair to conclude that NOMOS is a century of Bauhaus.

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