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Omega De Ville Hour Vision Watches

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The Omega De Ville collection was originally, in 1960, as part of the Seamaster collection, but later became a collection of its own in 1967. The De Ville watches simply offer a more classic look, away from the sporty designs of the other Omega watches. It’s more or less the most vintage-looking omega line, and it is no surprise that Pope John Paul II wore Omega De Ville watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega De Ville Hour Vision collection. You can find Omega De Ville Hour Vision watches for sale here.

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Omega De Ville Hour Vision Review

The Omega DeVille Hour collection was launched in 2007 and reveals the characteristics of bold nature and sophisticated workmanship that are effectively mixed. The watch has been rendered with careful regard for detail to demonstrate the future-oriented approach of the company to luxury watchmaking. The Omega Hour Vision is a complex piece of exterior workmanship and the most innovative technology in the De Ville collection. Luxurious and thrilling, the line OMEGA De Ville exudes elegance and has its traditional and pure characteristics in a loyal style. The De Ville Hour Vision Watch is expertly designed to deliver consistent results independent of the circumstances.


Omega De Ville Hour Vision: History and Development

Omega's story goes back to 1848 when, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, when Louis Brandt founded the company. In 1877, Cesar and Louis-Paul formed Lous Brandt & Fils, a company after they changed its name.

Eventually, a new movement named the Omega caliber was introduced to the firm. The new movement was easy to repair and retain time consistency, which played an important role in the growth of the company. As a result of this accomplishment, Louis Brandt & Frere-Omega Watch Co was renamed to the name Omega which nowadays is popular with watch lovers.

The DeVille Line was founded in 1967 and allowed the company to expand the market of sports models and dress watches, thus taking facts from the elegance of Trésor. Sophisticated design together with quality movements that produce an Elegant Series of Timepieces, has always been the focus of the line. The DeVille range was part of the Omega Seamaster collection when it first was released. The thread was the first to have a mutual axial caliber quickly until 1999. In 2007 DeVille expanded its collection to include DeVille Hour Vision a complicated piece with scratch-resistant crystal sapphire. In the present DeVille collection, there is a lot to choose, rendering the deal for a wide audience appealing.


What Makes the Omega De Ville Hour Vision Collection Special?

There are some reasons why you should get an Omega De Ville Hour Vision Collection to watch for yourself if you're new to Omega. The reality that Omega watches have firmly proven their existence in the watch industry indicates that they are exceptional. It has maintained a good reputation among its customers since the company was first introduced, rendering this special relative to other brands. 


Association with Olympics

Omega watches' collaboration with the Olympics goes back to 1932, after Omega's victory in the trial of the Geneva Observatory in 1931. It was the first time in the Olympics that a single watch brand took over responsibility. Since then, the Olympics have relied on Omega timekeeping devices including Omega De Ville Hour Vision which has evolved tremendously technologically.


Maintenance of Accuracy

During the 19th and 20th centuries, nations relied on a precise mechanical watch. This led by observatory research to advancements and developments in the horology industry. In 1931 Omega won all six divisions in the observatory trials. The results were very successful, leading to the introduction of a slogan, "Omega–the exact time of life" that set the standard up to that point. The trials were very successful, setting various world records. Omega De Ville Hour Vision collection is not an exception since it’s among the best Omega timepieces.


Co-Axial Escapement

Because Omega has been practicing timekeeping with accuracy over the years, the co-axial escapement has been one of its major accomplishments. Although the movement was not theirs at first, this caliber was a triumph for the firm. The design was first invented by an English watchmaker known as George Daniels but Omega adopted it and marketed it to a large extent. Omega completed the caliber with a free-sprung mechanism, which increased timing accuracy and mechanical reliability.


Great Underwater Performance

Omega introduced the set of Seamaster in 1957, which possesses unique qualities that withstand deep seas. In a submerged, concentrated gas setting, the Seamaster 600 has outstanding survival ability, which led to its adoption as an official watch by Britain's Special Boat Services. The range is furthermore the best possible choice for deep-sea diving because it has endured the deepest sea area referred to as the Mariana Trench.


A Comfortable Watch to Wear

The case is a dense, almost stocky figure of this Omega. The rear diameter of the De Ville Hour Vision case is smaller than the bezel's diameter, the case expands in size and opens up towards the top As such, the position is outstanding and the general comfort ideal with its small angled bugs. The watch is excellent. The brown crocodile strap comes with a pliable, simple-to-use, red-gold clip. The powerful feeling of this case is enhanced by the weight of red gold as well as the weight of the sapphire crystal. A part of the case middle consists of that visual material, which shows the profile 8501 Omega Caliber between its flanks and the lugs.


An Elegant Watch

Let's take a look at the dial turning inward from the periphery. Initially, you have the polished bezel made of red gold that fluctuates from black to dark brown throughout the dial. Besides, consider an extremely discreet white line, with a marker of minutes and seconds that are rated from 0 to 60. Then you get the time display positioned with its grooves on a rhodium surface to give way to the date. The surface look resembles a printed circuit on an electronic board and adds to the overall appearance of this otherwise stylish watch a technical touch.

Then the red hour-markers are presented with gold The Numerous finishing styles on these markers enable them to catch the light at different angles. The hands and date window are also built in the same manner. This Omega has outstanding readability for the overall result. The clock is limited to a minute and the great pleasure of lovers of deflation. The inscriptions "CO-AXIAL" and "CHRONOMETER" are also noticeable except for the manufacturer and model code.


A Creative Movement

All of this innovation leads us to the in-house automatic movement of the 8501 Omega Caliber evident on its middle side, and also behind the sapphire crystal back under all its different facets. Let's look at its design first: like the balance bridge, the rotor is made of red gold. The screws and balances are blackened and the barrels filled in a DLC or Diamond-like-Carbon form are sealed by rhodium plate. Such coatings contrast delicately with the painted surfaces and arabesque style of the Côtes de Genèves. The whole look provides a strong, gorgeous visual identity for the whole piece.

The 8500 Caliber, the foundation of the design behind 8501, is the first of Omega's latest calibers in 2007, strengthened with expanded durability and regularity and streamlined maintenance. First, you will note the co-axial escape created by the great horloger, Georges Daniels, obviously, the only company that used it for mass production, initially introduced by Omega in 1999. This escapement facilitates the activity of the movement.

The two-direction rotor has increased efficiency and reliabilities and needs little lubrication, without the bearings and instead fitted with a modern pinion. The energy supply winds the two barrels concurrently, and their internal and external DLC covering now has slight friction without any lubrication. These two tubes are placed side by side to ensure optimal use and increase the regularity of the watch again by reducing the springs tension-in comparison with having a single, longer spring mechanism in one barrel (with a power reserve equivalent). Omega has greatly improved this caliber of 8501 to ensure that this De Ville Hour Vision has absolute optimum efficiency.


Date Indicator

The date indicator progresses to "31" on most calendar watches, irrespective of how many days the month would last. This means you would manually shift the date monitor to have the "1" shown on the correct day after months of less than 31 days (five times a year). The amount of periodic adjustments is limited by an Omega De Ville Hour Vision co-axial annual calendar to one. Each month of 30 and 31 days, it progresses properly; February is not the only month it can master; it has either 28 or 29 days, of course. The name of the yearly calendar derives from its ability to run without adjustment for a whole year.

A very basic calendar view consisting of an oblong window is included on the Omega De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar. It adds to the sporty and sophisticated aspect of the watch. The Omega De Ville Hour Vision Collection is among the few calendar watches that have no subdials. Omega wanted to reduce the number of displays on the dial and therefore decided to show only the month you need to see to configure the calendar in addition to the date. 


The Omega De Ville Hour Vision Watch

The De Ville Hour Vision is one of the finest examples of exemplary craftsmanship. It is a combination of class and simplicity. It has the Master Chronometer feature, which means that the watches under this category went through 8 different tests taken by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), and cleared every single one.

You will find some exceptional watches in the Hour Vision category that are made up of 18K gold. Another great feature in every Hour Vision timepiece is the Annual Calendar which displays the month and the date. There are 20 different models in the Hour Vision Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar 41mm category. Here are all the variants that you can choose from:

  • Omega Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold Strap
  • Omega Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Steel On Steel
  • Steel On Leather Strap


Wrap Up: Omega De Ville Hour Vision Review

For the Omega watch enthusiasts, the De Ville Hour vision could be almost considered as a display model. The caliber reveals in particular that genuine technological advances in the field of watchmaking can also be implemented in a mass production scenario. Setting aside the technological aspects, the architecture of the case of this watch is a real visual victory and a daily joy to carry.

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