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The Omega De Ville collection was originally, in 1960, as part of the Seamaster collection, but later became a collection of its own in 1967. The De Ville watches simply offer a more classic look, away from the sporty designs of the other Omega watches. It’s more or less the most vintage-looking omega line, and it is no surprise that Pope John Paul II wore Omega De Ville watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega De Ville Tourbillons collection. You can find Omega De Ville Tourbillons watches for sale here.

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Omega De Ville Tourbillon Review

One of the most glorious and marvelous watches in the De Ville category known for its lavish design and unique art, the tourbillon collection is amazing. It is handcrafted to precision and the detail to attention is what makes it one of the best timepieces in the De Ville category.

The DeVille Tourbillon by Omega represents a collection that expresses a sublime art of watchmaking. The timepieces in this collection are handcrafted by a special team of horologists. The DeVille Central Tourbillon is a unique wristwatch all around the world and it is a timepiece that has the tourbillon cage, which rotates every minute and offsets the manner in which the gravity affects the watch performance. 

The case and the bezel on this collection of timepieces are expressive and with minimalist beauty. The lugs are impressive and act as a form of a frame for the case and bezel. The bezel looks narrow due to the profile that is domed inboard and the flat outboard and there are two sapphires at the center of the dial. This collection with its minimalist but yet vintage design is truly remarkable especially knowing that Omega is paying great attention to every detail and every timepiece is its own piece of art handcrafted by the most skillful watchmakers.  


History of the DeVille Central Tourbillon 

The collection DeVille originates from 1960 and at its beginnings, it started as a collection under the title of Seamasters and stayed as such until 1967. DeVilletimepieces by Omega gave to the collection a classic appearance, a more vintage look, and even Pope Paul John the second loved and wore these watches. 

Talking about the tourbillon movement which is specific for Omega we can say that in the period from 1994 to 2010 seven model versions were released. Omega advanced this movement up to 2600A Caliber in the year 1997. Previously separate now the winding system which was automatic, was integrated within the movement. The original designs of the Omega Tourbillon also gradually changed. Later in 2002 Omega released another Calibre 2600B that had rated Chronometer, which was additionally advanced and developed in 2004 and finally in 2007 when the Co-Axial escapement was included in the tourbillon. This assisted in the thematic integration of the Central Tourbillon within the movement of the timepieces.   


Dazzling Technology And Design Of Tourbillon Collection 

The DeVille Central Omega Tourbillon collection creates a great combination between the superb technology of the tourbillon and even greater and subtle elements of the design. The extraordinary performance of the chronometer was made possible due to the authentic calibers 2637, 2636, and 2635, all of them Co-Axial and in addition possessing an escapement that made far-reaching changes in the mechanical movements of the watches. 

The Central Tourbillon is a version that is extraordinary as the watchmakers paid a great deal of attention while creating this piece of art. To create this timepiece there is a need of 500 hours of work on each piece individually and the masters who create it insert their initials on the plate of the tourbillon. The skeletonized version does not contain any material that is not necessary on the bridge and plates and if any it is removed by the watchmakers who later bevel the edges. At the point of servicing the Omega Central Tourbillon, the watchmakers that designed the watches again review the same pieces and we can conclude that this collection of timepieces is something exquisite and reaches the peak of Omega as a legendary and reputable brand of watches.

The OMEGA’s Collection of Central Tourbillon contains some truly remarkable masterpieces. Each and every timepiece is an exquisite blend of breath-taking design and horological innovation. This family contains 3 main masterpieces in a limited edition series. The collection contains watches designed from 2002 to 2006 and the size is 38.7 mm of the case with surprisingly slim dimensions of 13.3 millimeters that make it perfect for comfortable daily wear on your wrist. The bezel profile is slightly sloped and domed. The distance between the lug to lug is 19 cm. 


The True Beauty Of The Omega Central Deville Tourbillon Bracelets

The bracelets are leather straps that can be in different colors corresponding to the dial. The straps are incredibly well-made with quality stitches with a large rectangular square pattern on the leather strap while on the underside the leather skin is extremely comfortable and does not cause any irritation against the skin. 

The buckle is a common and typical design for Omega with twin trigger deployment. This twin deployment makes the buckle secure so you can make sure that the strap stays comfortably and secure on the hand. The extra length can be tucked under the buckle so it would not be on your way. The bracelet is heavy enough not to cause unnecessary movement of the watch on the hand but light enough for comfortable wear. 


Design of the Cases

The design of the cases of the timepieces comes from the authentic one dating from the 1994 Deville Central Tourbillon. It is robust and it looks like the ring is framed within the lugs hoods and bezel that is strongly pronounced. It boasts a classic style in reference to the design and as said this is a result of the luscious lugs. There is a kind of 2 crowns - one placed on the case back whose function is to set the time functions and the other crown that is positioned on the usual place that is used solely for winding of the watch by turning the crown in a counterclockwise direction.


Mesmerizing Tourbillon Cage

The cage where the tourbillon is positioned is mesmerizing and you can find it at the dial’s center. The tourbillon makes a full circle in one minute. The hand that is used for telling the seconds is in a form of the symbol of Omega and it is connected tightly to the cage. There are two sapphire discs that are superimposed and that feature hands used for telling the minutes and hour in the form of arrowheads. The tourbillon has a central role and the hands for the minute and the hour are positioned at the tourbillon carriage edge so they do not obstruct the tourbillon and at the same time offer great legibility of the time.  


The Design of the Dial

The dial features a kind of radial geo-shaped pattern and in the middle of the dial, there is a central track like a ring made of gold. This track features some divots that do not have equal diameter and depth and their function is to be an effective track for seconds. There is a regulating scale that if you want to tune it you can move backward and forwards while the regulating index serves as a second hand. The dial represents a set of sapphires that are superimposed over each other. The hands for telling the hours and minutes are circular sapphires that go around the dial and you can actually hear the tourbillon movement. 


The Movement of the Central Tourbillon Collection 

The watches from these series have an automatic caliber that belongs to the 2600 series and offers 45 hours power reserve if entirely wound. Unlike the other calibers fitted in Omega watches, these cannot be observed as the case back is not transparent but as said above with beautiful engraving. The movement is self-winding and has Co-Axial escapement. The movement is PVD coated and features spiral patterns, mechanisms, and bridges that are polished with weight which is platinum oscillating. The winding is efficient thanks to this platinum mass. In addition to the functions, the watches are also certified chronometers.  

The watches are all water-resistant up to 100 feet and suitable for wearing when swimming. The bracelets are also well adaptable to wet conditions and resistant to tear and wear of the time even if you use the watch during swimming.


Omega DeVille Tourbillon Co-Axial Watch Numbered Edition 44MM

Powered by the Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2638, this masterpiece consists of a Co-axial mechanism and its authenticity can be seen with the Watchmaker’s initials at the back of its main plate. This perfectly designed watch has an 18K Sedna gold brushed dial and inner ring. The design is produced by laser ablation and it also has a blue leather strap with an 18K Sedna gold clasp.


Dial Color: Blue
Crystal: Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Lugs: 22mm
Strap: Leather
Power Reserve: 45 hours


Omega DeVille Tourbillon Co-Axial Watch Numbered Edition 38.7MM

Powered by Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2645, this is a stunning masterpiece that is specially designed with a scratch-resistant crystal dial and gold indexes. It is a numbered edition available with the chronometer feature. It has an 18K gold plated second hand and an 18k red gold case.

Specifications: Dial Color: Sapphire
Crystal: Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Lugs: 19mm
Strap: Leather
Case: Red Gold
Power Reserve: 45 hours


Omega De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial Limited Edition Watch 38.7

Powered by Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2637, this limited-edition watch is a pure platinum timepiece with an 18K red gold seconds hand-built on a titanium cage. It has a 950 platinum case with 170 different baguette diamonds and 289 single-cut diamonds. The watchmaker’s initials can be seen on the back off the main plate to prove its authenticity.

Dial Color: Sapphire
Crystal: Scratch- Resistant Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Case Diameter: 38.7mm
Strap: Leather
Case: Platinum
Power Reserve: 45 hours

This timepiece also has another variant that is powered by Co-Axial Calibre 2636. It has a transparent case back with an additional 18 pieces of gold indexes. The bridges, barrels, and the main plate are skeletonized. It also has a sapphire dial color.


Omega De Ville Tourbillon Price

Omega produces around twenty timepieces from this collection per year and this makes this collection a rare find not only when talking about Omega but in general in the watchmaking industry. So, when you see a number on the dial you can take that literally as a number of produced watches. Each of the timepieces boasts artistic ability and engineering prowess for every inch of the watch surface. Omega is especially careful about the decorative details on these watches. The plate that is positioned under the tourbillon is extremely well-made. Central Tourbillon is placed in beautifully designed cases. They all display discreet beauty with the Omega logo positioned in the center of the tourbillon. At our site which is at the moment, there are two models that you can purchase and choose from. The first one is the Co-Axial Tourbillon Numbered Edition which you can purchase for 137,000.00 dollars and the second one is the Limited Edition that is available for 335,000.00 dollars. You have a unique opportunity to become a proud owner of one of the Omega DeVille Central Tourbillon timepieces.  Regardless of the model, you choose we are certain that you will not regret buying it as it is a great investment and offers great value for the price offered. You will always be in style with one of these timepieces.