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The Omega De Ville collection was originally, in 1960, as part of the Seamaster collection, but later became a collection of its own in 1967. The De Ville watches simply offer a more classic look, away from the sporty designs of the other Omega watches. It’s more or less the most vintage-looking omega line, and it is no surprise that Pope John Paul II wore Omega De Ville watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega De Ville Tresor collection. You can find Omega De Ville Tresor watches for sale here.

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Omega DeVille Tresor Review

The elegant and stylish Tresor collection by De Ville is specially designed to keep the tradition of Omega watches in mind for both men and women. This category includes some of the finest timepieces which are inspired from the past and include a touch of modern design. Every single watch in this category has a chronometer and anti-magnetic features. With scratch-resistant sapphires and 18k gold used in each watch’s creation, the traditional touch of Omega can be seen in every Tresortimepiece. The difference in material, the range in colors, and the unique dials will leave you speechless with their beauty. The Tresor models are created with the utmost precision and you can get them with diamonds, leather straps, quartz, or steel. Every Tresor watch is powered by Master Co-Axial Calibers 8910 and 8929.

Omega Deville Tresor can boast with its innovative design intended for the new generations and genuinely modern and sophisticated touch in addition to the obvious inspiration that can be traced back into the past models.   


History of the Omega Tresor

The first Trésor watch appeared on the market for the first time in 1949 and in 2014 DeVille Trésor got its second release. The wording Trésor means actually treasure, and the original collection contained the legendary 30 mm caliber that was integrated into the authentic model of case in pink gold with a size of 37.55 mm. This time you could find the collection DeVille Trésor of 2014 in three types of gold (white, Sedna and yellow). The watches from the collection were manually wound with caliber 8511, and great resistance against magnetic fields.

In 2019, Omega represented the steel version of a timepiece that is appealing by its design, with convenient 3-hand and represents a watch for date dress. The 40mm case is polished, with curved lugs that resemble the older collection of 2014 but with an added thin profile that measures 10.6 mm. This remarkable Omega Tresor collection is an impeccable blend of classical and contemporary styles. The truly gorgeous thin cases can be purchased in two sizes: either 36 mm or 39 mm. You can choose among a wide spectrum of straps that can make the watches look classic. All the straps are made of colorful fabric and leather. But the De Ville Tresor does not stop here! They designed a new 40 mm collection with technical excellence and sophisticated design intended for gentlemen with the most delicate and refined taste. 


Omega Tresor Womens (36mm and 39mm) 

Kaia Gerber, who is a brand ambassador has collaborated with Omega Tresor and designed a camo strap in two versions for the De Ville model. You can choose between beige and blue colors, and two widths corresponding to the sizes of the cases in the Tresor edition from 2018. What is common for all the timepieces from the Omega Deville Tresor are: the curves along with the case, which is diamond-paved, and the integrated diamond in the crown. To get the look of luxury the crown has been polished with "HyCeram" in red color. The dial features Roman numerals which are embossed or transferred and slim hands for time expression. 

Each of the watches from Omega Tresor has an incredibly beautiful specially designed mirrored case back that features the concept “Her Time”. The idea that stands behind the mirrored case back besides seeing the mirror as an accessory is that it reflects the natural beauty that can be found in each woman. The case back contains the caliber 4061 made by Omega. The sizes of the 39mm and 36mm cases boast style, simplicity, and personality. The Roman numerals are elongated and they stretch to the dial’s center. There are masculine traits on the watch referring to the size of the large case and the dial. 

The case might be thin; however, there are curves of the watch. The curves and lugs of the case are appealing with rows of diamonds around the bezel that attract the eyes to the timepieces contours. In addition, a feminine touch was achieved by a red ceramic insert that is in the shape of a flower integrated into the crown where a diamond is placed. The Roman numerals are stylized on their tips and make a central circle in the dial. The hands are thin and tapered. There is a symbol of a flower with eight petals on the case back and a surface that is mirrored. 


The Models within Omega DeVille Collection 

Within the De Ville Tresor, there are two unique watches that expose an additional luxury finish of the collection. The material is gold with 18K Canopus™ and around 262 diamonds that cover the numerals also featuring white gold -18 K. Some of the other features that you can opt for are a red strap made of leather in combination with dial-in pearl color or a blue strap with blue dial.

This is a truly wide collection with every timepiece taking your breath by the different dial colors and stainless steel cases. The cases are made of gold in different versions, so you can choose among the 18K Moonshine, 18K Sedna, and 18K Canopus. The dial can be purchased in more than 8 colors such as blue, silver, black, pearl, and others. DeVille Tresor has been an established and reputable name on the market for 125 years and in this honor, Omega has designed a new timepiece made of red enamel and yellow gold (18K).  


Omega DeVille Tresor 40 mm

Omega released its first thin Trésor line in 1949 when it became famous with the legendary slim caliber of 30 mm. Now after 70 years we are still impressed with the elegant timepiece that has a 40 mm 18K gold or stainless steel case and it is manually-wounded. Omega in an interesting blend between contemporary style and the traditional style designed the Master Chronometer with manual-winding whose movements are certified for this collection. The certification of the Co-Axial Calibers is done by METAS and they meet the top quality requirements for performance, precision, and resistance.   

The dials are domed and are in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. The enamel dials with enamel prints, with a modern touch and luxurious finish, are features of the genuine model in blue color and pattern with brass-stamps. The technique of "Grand Feu" is applied at the enamel dials that show the craft skills required for this technique. The watchmaker applies oxides and then the dial is fired on extreme temperatures up to the moment when the pattern shows up. 

Each of the models from the De Ville Trésor collection can be found on straps that are made of leather. What you can expect from the models are watches that have integrated diamonds in their design as well as watches with windows that show the date. No matter which of the models you decide to choose one thing is for sure and that is that you cannot make a wrong choice and you are sure to find more than one timepiece that will satisfy even the most delicate taste and shall match the most refined styles. 

Among the classic watches from the collection of De Ville Trésor, you can find the models that have movements that are Coaxial and thin cases that can be purchased just as mentioned already in this article in yellow gold, white gold, or Sedna gold; all in 18K. When matched with the beautifully designed dials in various colors and the straps made of leather, these timepieces represent a true example of sophistication. One of the first things that one can notice with this collection is the stunning dials and simple but elegant design of each of the timepieces. The simplicity of the Omega DeVille Tresor watches is incredible as without having too many features and too much of everything, these timepieces are attracting attention.  

  • Omega Tresor Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40 mm - 125th Anniversary Edition
  • Omega Tresor Quartz 36mm Moonshine Gold
  • Omega Tresor Quartz 39mm
  • Omega Tresor Master Co-Axial 40mm


Co-Axial Movement in the Omega Tresor De Ville 

If we take one example from the whole wide range of collection, in this case, it will be 40mm Master Co-Axial, the one thing that it is noticeable is the non-existence of the date window. The case size of 40mm is just the perfect size and this timepiece sits comfortably on the hand. 

However, what makes this watch as well as the other models from the Deville collection truly incredible is the co-axial caliber 8929 and that represents the most-sophisticated hand-wound movement that has 60 hours of power reserve. It is a real standout. The watch dials are legible and sharp. This phenomenal movement of the caliber is on display and can be observed together with the three bridges that are supporting the movement. 

 Twin mainspring barrels guarantee equally distributed torque release. In addition to improved shock resistance, there is a free-sprung index. The watches from the collection are all water-resistant up to 30 meters. The dial is domed shaped and can be impressive in opaline. The window for the date is positioned at 6 o’clock! There are different varieties of straps but each of them is made of alligator leather and according to the color of the case there is a corresponding buckle. 


Omega Deville Tresor Price

When talking about this particular collection of Omega, what we can certainly verify is the high-quality standards of timepieces that always stand for this brand name. Being an incredibly large collection the price range of the watches varies from 4500 dollars to 20.000 dollars. By purchasing one of the timepieces from Omega Deville Tresor you are making a lifetime investment that complements your style and adds a luxurious comfort on your hand. The timepieces offer true value for the money and represent a benchmark that presents a real challenge for the competitors. If interested in checking all the available models from this collection make sure you click on the Omega Deville Tresor at