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The Omega Ploprof watch is considered a highly-sought-after luxury divers piece. The Omega Ploprof watch collection derives its name from the term ‘professional diver’ and for good reason. These timepieces are admired and used by members of the Naval forces, including Oceanic scientists and deep-sea explorers around the world. The Omega Ploprof watch line stands-out with its unique geometric designs and is built to withstand water depths of 300 meters. They are a perfect choice for sport-watch aficionados. Trying to find original Omega Ploprof watches for sale can be challenging. If you are looking for the best place to buy Omega Ploprof watches, Exquisite Timepieces can connect you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in luxury watches and is an Omega Ploprof watch authorized dealer.


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Omega Ploprof Review

History of the Omega Ploprof Collection

The word Ploprof stands for “Pongeur Professionnel” which translates to ‘professional diver’ which relates to the type of watch. This extraordinary Omega product is much more than just an ordinary watch. It is considered one of the best watches Omega has launched to date.
The reason behind the birth of the Omega Ploprof series is that in the late 1960s, many individuals and enthusiasts coming from different walks of life who were involved in thrilling and inspiring activities like underwater exploration, off-shore oil constructions, or maintenance were looking for a durable and tough watch instead of other watches that were available back then. This was the reason why Omega came up with the best quality materials that were used to create these omega Ploprofwatches. It was a hefty product as compared to the other watches produced by the company.

The ‘Omega Ploprof’ series was also known as the ‘Omega Seamaster Ploprof’, and as the name itself suggests, the master of the sea. This, as a result, made the series of Ploprof watch one of the highest on-demand timepieces ever. The people involved in water sports like Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Rafting, Yachting, Cave Diving, Ice Diving, and Sub-aqua wanted to have this watch in their kits. Military, Navy, and other special forces also loved this product and used it for their daily use. Since there was an increase in the demand for underwater watches, the Ploprof series invented by Omega had the perfect product.

This was the time when the number of employees that worked for underwater contractors exceeded 3000’s marks, out of which 1500 were commercial divers. This led to a huge increase in the demand for these robust, legible, waterproof, reliable, and yet beautiful rated Ploprof watches. The debut of Omega PloprofSeamaster 600 was in 1969 and by April 1971, the Seamaster 600 was issued for retail sale. It was a remarkable and superb professional diver watch and as soon as it arrived in the markets, the Seamaster 600 had an exceptional response and a huge following in the retail market. People from different areas of the world went crazy about the product and wanted to have it.


The specialty of the Omega Ploprof Watch Collection

Something that made omega Ploprof collection different at the time of its production was the robust material and unique design that was made to handle any given situation. Specially created for divers, this watch was made with the idea to work under all circumstances. This watch is known for its incredible chronometric performance in the ocean’s depths or even on land. The Omega Seamaster Ploprof series watches can withstand the crushing pressures endured by the divers working deep below the ocean’s surface.

The Ploprof made a bold style statement. Its case could not be mistaken for any other watch. The fixed-in crown was pin-pointed at 9 o’clock under a protective buffer. This unique positioning of the dial allowed free wrist movement and prevented inadvertent manipulation which is ideal for serious divers.
The Omega Ploprof watches were launched in two models:


Omega Seamaster Ploprof 600M ref. 2901.50.47

Seamaster 600 is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable watches ever manufactured by Omega. Its history of complex design has made it rise to a perfectly accurate timeline that has been preserved with the help of reference books owned by detriment collectors.
The objective of this product since the time of its origin was to assist the collectors. It has always helped all of its owners to correctly understand all of its features. This watch and all of its variants have always been unique and its exquisite designs have always impressed people all across the globe.

The Omega Ploprof watch has been released with a total depth capacity of 300 meters. It is suitable for both day to day use, and for professional underwater diving as well. The dial of this timepiece is made up of stainless steel that gives it a great unique look as compared to any other watch in its class and price range. The straps of these watches are made up of alligator leather which helps them gain a much heftier look and an overall sturdy design.

It is also very easy to adjust the strap according to any particular wrist size without having to change the straps, as it has an adjustable buckle that can be adjusted according to the length of the strap. The face of the watch comes with a radial moving dial that can be moved according to the preferences. The watch also comes with a shadow resistant that gives it an edge over other competitor products.

The esteemed head of Omega Heritage has done a wonderful job of collating the Ploprofs collection and the Comex story. In order to correct the previously invalid chronology of the watches, it was necessary to seek independent verification of what the watches looked like at the production stage. This Omega Ploprof had an amazing prototype with a red plastic crown lock nut. If someone wears the Omega Seamaster 600m watch, he will feel the difference between wearing an ordinary watch and a Ploprof watch. The Bezel B1 mark was seen on the Mark 1 edition of the watches in the year 1971.

The Omega 166.0251 was the model number that has given the unique identity to its model. This hefty watch has been priced at 2,450 USD in the market. Here is a quick list of the features:

  • Water-resistant up to 300m
  • Made with the finest quality stainless steel (42mm)
  • Beautifully proportioned with an overall versatile design
  • Alligator leather strap comes in two color variants (red and brown)
  • Extra polished external bezels
  • Chronometer powered by Calibre 2500
  • Automatic winding 48 hours power reserve
  • Long term timing stability and short-term timing precision
  • Adjustable chronometer up to 5 positions & strong sheer guard for the crown protection externally
  • Helium escaped valve
  • Unique cylinder design


Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m

In 2016, OMEGA officially launched another watch that was produced to withstand the high pressures endured by divers working deep down the ocean’s surfaces. It was the Seamaster Proplof 1200, the so-called “Ploprof” from the ‘ProngeurProfessional’ which means professional divers. It was again among the most robust and seaworthy divers’ wristwatches of its time.

The Seamaster Ploprof 1200m had similar looks as compared to the original watch which was a re-addition to the limited-edition Omega Seamaster 600M. One of the greatest changes made to Ploprof was a titanium exterior that was not used in the earlier models of Omega Seamaster 600M. This bi-directional rotating bezel watch has a total dimension of 55x48mm which makes it finer and lightweight compared to the previous models.

The Omega Proplof 1200M is now available with a brushed mesh shark-proof bracelet and a rubber strap that makes the Ploprof watch much tougher for rough usage. The bracelet with its double extension system is fitted with the Omega’s latest diving clasp and its pinned links allow precise adjustments to 18 different positions. It also features a divers’ extension to 26mm to ensure that the watch fits perfectly over the diving suit.

The Ploprof is equipped with the revolutionary Omega Co-axial caliber 8500 and also with the fully magnetic resistant Omega master chronometer caliber that delivers the Ploprofperformance to the divers. The dial is highly legible with the trademark of the double marker at 12 clock position and larger marks at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.


Here are some of the outstanding features that are seen in the limited-edition Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200:

  • Easy time-zone change procedures with effective and stable settings.
  • The adjustable front dial can be suitable for all types of straps.
  • Remarkable spacing
  • Creative self-winding feature
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Easy and efficient screw down the crown settings
  • One of the best helium escape valves
  • Latest co-axial mechanism
  • Double anti-reflective treatment both inside and on the surface of the watch
  • Excellent chronometer technology
  • Record-breaking water-resistant settings measured up to a 1200m/4000 feet’s

The 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m version of the product is a masterpiece having revolutionary improvements over previous models of the product. It features an even greater accuracy level, can withstand much greater magnetic fields compared to previous prototypes. This model is great for day to day usage due to the use of titanium material.

Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Titanium comes in four different models. All the models have a mesh titanium bracelet with an elegant rubber strap included within the box.
Last but not least, this beauty now comes with a wonderful case back which is made using the sapphire crystal.

Below are the four different models that this product is available in:

  • Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m with blue dial / 18k Sedna gold bezel with blue insert – 18,000 USD
  • Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m with grey dial / dark grey bezel – 13,800 USD
  • Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m with black dial / black bezel – 12,600 USD
  • Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m with white dial / Blue bezel – 12,600 USD

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