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Omega watches have become a household name among horological aficionados for as long as anyone can remember. Omega is no newbie in the watch industry, and its accomplishments and feats are not only known to enthusiastic watch collectors but also plebs in the industry. But the story about the road to success of a luxury watch brand never gets boring, and Omega isn’t just any luxury watch brand. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega Speedmaster Ladies collection. You can find Omega Speedmaster Ladies watches for sale here.

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Omega Speedmaster Ladies Review

Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection was recently updated and provides a range of premium features, a sturdy case, an enhanced watch, dual chronometer certification, and anti-magnetic features. Is this design the ultimate women's everyday beater? Today we shall take a closer look at the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection. It may be tiny, but I can guarantee you that it is filled with sophisticated finishings and the best anti-magnetic credibility in the modern world of watches. 


Omega Speedmaster Ladies: History and Development

50 years ago marks the first time when humans stepped on the moon. These were Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. That groundbreaking historic moment represented a giant leap not only for culture and science, but it also made Omega Speedmaster collection one of the most popular  Professional watches in the world.

With the re-evaluation of the industry and a dramatic transition in customer behavior, a new aspect of collecting watches was dedicated to its enthusiasts, who were looking for more in-depth experience and were paying increasing attention to intangible values behind the watch. Omega knows the ideal non-material aspect of its watches and thus introduced Speedmaster 38 into the market in 2017, the Speedmaster Professional's feminine edition. It was not the first time that the Swiss company reinvented the classic feel of the chronograph of the most famous gents.

Back in 2002, the first Speedmaster for ladies was nothing more than the automated gorgeously diamond-paved bezel decreased size Speedmaster.  It also consisted of tachymeter-sized steel. The mother-of-pearl dial had been painted with Arabic numerals that were too big and colored. With an alligator or a stainless steel brace and a striated central part, the 39 mm versions were driven by the 3320 movements. The website of Omega suggests that some versions have been decreased to 35.5 mm, but so far I haven't seen so little Speedy. The production of this chronograph was between 2002-2010. The Speedmaster Chronograph 38 was the successor of the Speedmaster Reduced Ladies collection.

The new model had exaggerated Arabic numerals concerning the previous model. This time a wide variety of dials had been introduced so that ladies could pick from sun-brushed dials to a mother-of-pearl dial. A modern bracelet identical to a classic Moonwatch bracelet (in female version the main section is polished), as well as ceramic and diamond-set bezel created a more recognizable and conventional touch to these versions. The OMEGA 3304 automated winding caliber with a rhodium-plated finish was at the core of this Speedmaster for Ladies. The current winding mechanism provided a 48-hour energy reserve (8 hours longer than its predecessor). These timepieces are available in various Omega authorized dealers just like in this platform.


Omega Ladies Speedmaster Collection features and mechanisms

With Speedmaster 38 specifically made for women, Omega increased its Brand segmentation in 2017. The redefined watch combines Moonwatch with De Ville chronograph's dial which is a 60-year legacy. The omega Speedmaster women's watch features oval-horizontal subdials and an oval date window at 6 a.m. The Arabic numerals have been dropped and substituted by indexes. Omega went more feminine with the case and the bezel in this series. The general appearance of this timepiece is feminine, contrary to the basic, straight lines perfectly known from the original moonwatch.

The colors of dials and leather straps are especially attractive to women when it comes to fashion. Softer colors, like the dial's fonts and bezel ornamentation, are usually associated with more feminine ideas. The font is finer and smoother now on the sundial. These details demonstrate only the importance of sensitive details and curves when we talk about female timepieces. Each watch holds a self-wicking chronograph Omega Co-Axial 3330 with a column-wheel-system and a co-axial escapement (52-hour energy-reserve). The outstanding water resistance up to 100 meters is a surprising and useful feature of this watch. There are three subdials with a further 30-minute chronograph timer at 3 o'clock and a small second tracker at 9 o'clock. The key second hand is also held for the functioning of the chronograph.


Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection as a feminine sports watch

In the present streetwear age, where the women's' wardrobe is dominated by cool sneakers and oversized jackets, and where luxury streetwear demand seems as high as ever, the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection could be best for you to bet on when it comes to sports watches that are suitable for you when you want to get into the new season. That's the reason why stainless steel Speedmaster 38 with a grey dial that is sun-brushed is among the best choices.

The tachymeter scale is on a black aluminum frame and is surrounded by a white stainless steel bezel, which appears beautiful. The Orange straps and Speedmaster logo blended with the Novo Nappa leather strap make this watch elegant while the entire design is glamorized by rhodium-plated indexes and hands. The dial includes horizontal oval subdials as in the previous case, and a date window at 6 o'clock that is vertical and oval in shape. This watch blends the streetwear and luxury perfectly and gives all of the outfits a fresh twist.


Why choose the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection?

Eliminating Magnetism

The Omega team announced in 2013 that it was developing the world's first magnetic field-resistant movement of 15,000 gauss which is far greater than any previous movement The bulk of anti-magnetic watches use a soft-iron inner case that distributes electromagnetism so that the effect on action can be canceled. Omega's solution is the construction of a system in which the vital elements are constructed of non-ferrous components, which eliminates the need for an inner case and provides far more magnetic field resistance. The Omega approach also has the advantage of enabling a date window and a back display. Timepieces with internal cases can not provide such features, as each one in the inner case must have an aperture. Omega launched its own "Master Chronometer" movement at Baselworld 2015, integrating its groundbreaking anti-magnetic technologies into all-new Omega collections including the ladies' Speedmaster Collection.


Co-Axial Escapement Presence

As it is known, Omega has been following precision timekeeping since its earliest days. A very low friction escapement is one of the holy grails in this field. It's, therefore, no wonder that Omega steps up the challenge of getting it into massive-scale production after legendary English horologer George Daniels created his now iconic co-axial escape. The unveiling of the Omega Co-Axial Caliber 2500 in 1999 was the result of this hard work.

In 2007, Omega introduced its own Co-Axial Caliber 8500 with minimal friction, mechanical output and time-keeping efficiencies in the escapement. In addition to a free-sprung balance, the escapement is used as a suitable solution for fine watch motions. Omega's trust in the co-Axial is that all the watches supplied including the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection  are COSC certified, and come with a 4-year warranty.


Accurate Timing

Before quartz and GPS, nations and business relied on reliable mechanical timepieces during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Observatory experiments were performed to promote progress in this field. These timepieces marathons tested watches of different types for long periods and the winners gained significant publicity and pride. Top producers went head-to-head to win these Super Bowls of horology. At these trials, Omega was tremendously successful and has set several world records. Omega won first prizes in all six categories at the Geneva Observatory trials in 1931. The organization even went ahead to introduce the marketing phrase "Omega – Exact Time for Life." This was not hyperbolic, but an argument backed up by decades of Observatory test results. The same results are displayed in the ladies' Speedmaster Collection. You can’t have any regrets acquiring this watch due to the high-quality kind of service that it will offer you.


Quick in Space

During the 1962 autumn, Walter Schirra and Leroy, "Gordo" Cooper, together with several astronauts went into a horology store in Houston to locate watches for their potential trip for Mercury flight. They chose Omega Speedmasters collection, thus starting the background of Omega with the exploration of space. 

The astronauts approached NASA Operations Director Deke Slayton at the end of the Mercury program the following year and asked for timepieces suitable for use during training and flight. Their timing was accurate because NASA had recruited several experts to review, check and approve astronaut equipment. At long last, NASA examined Omega, Longines-Wittnauer, and Rolex watches. The Omega Speedmaster collection passed this test and was the best. Since then, Omega has retained the production of high-quality watches of this caliber with the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Collection not being an exception.

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