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The Oris Big Crown Propilot watch selection is a prime example of a top-of-the-line pilot’s watch. Oris Big Crown Propilot watches remain a popular favorite amongst aeronautic experts and luxury watch admirers around the world. The series features traditional styles with classic wrist wraps and limited edition, attention-grabbing options. Mindful of innovative technology, every piece is built with iconic Oris movements and delivers superb functionality. If you are intrigued by the built-in mechanical altimeter, this luxury timepiece collection is bound to meet your needs. Searching for authentic Oris Big Crown Propilot watches for sale can be challenging when you do not know where to look. The best place to buy Oris Big Crown Propilot watches is Exquisite Timepieces. We are focused on connecting people with high-end luxury watch brands. Exquisite Timepieces is an Oris Big Crown Propilot watch authorized dealer.Read More...

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Oris Big Crown Propilot Watch Review

Oris Big Crown Propilot Collection: Watchmaking Materials

Oris focuses on ensuring the Oris pro pilot men’s watch retains the image of the brand. The Oris Watches from the Big Crown collection constitute mainly stainless steel and titanium cases. Whether you are an aeronautic enthusiast or not, you will appreciate the fact that the design and functions of watches in this collection are top-notch. The case back and crystal are made of sapphire crystal. The handsome timepieces have complex and advanced internal materials that have quality finishing and precision. The various straps i.e., stainless steel, leather, olive textile strap, and rubber, are available for selection.


Oris Big Crown Propilot Collection: Setting

Oris Big Crown Propilot automatic watches have characteristic looks that create the first positive impression to the buyer. This collection features a large crown that makes it easy for the pilots to use even when they have gloves. This larger crown translates to a very easy to use a crown for everyday use. A close look at these timepieces, you will notice the well finished robust stainless steel case, indices, numerals, and hands that operate in the presence of luminous materials.

The Oris Big Crown pilot collection showcases the company history of making pilot watches while concentrating on the advancements that the technology has to offer. This results in advanced design and functionality. Still, on the collection, every taste is available. Feel free to choose a chronograph, watches with mechanical altimeters, watches with quality functions as well as watches with water resistance at 100m.


Oris Big Crown Propilot Collection: Movement

From 2014, Oris embarked on manufacturing its movements. When this collection was launched in the same year, the company has set up a caliber 110 movement. The movements were included in the Oris aviation big Crown Propilot watches as a sign of celebrating the 110th company anniversary. The movement is purely in house. Besides, it has a power reserve that goes for ten days.

Since then, Oris has modified this movement every year to suit the particular watch they manufacture. For instance, the watches produced in 2019 employ caliber 115. The movement design is perfect and it is open to skeletonizing. Examining the movement closely, you’ll notice that it is well finished, mechanized and complete with three dimensions look. So far, the movement ranges from caliber 110 to 115.


Oris Big Crown Propilot Caliber 114

The 44mm watch has Caliber 114, an in-house Oris movement that enables it to reserve power for ten days while showing time different time zones. The awesome features of this timepiece are the GMT functionality, multiple straps, 8mm crown, sapphire crystal, coined edged bezel, and water resistance at 100m. Although it is a large case watch, it fits comfortably on your wrist. The dials and the hands have background lighting.


Oris Big Crown Propilot X Caliber 115

Oris has unleashed yet another timepiece, but in this case, it has caliber 115 movements. The timepiece features like a folding clasp, seconds, minutes, and hours function, as well as the luminous hands, makes it a true definition of a high-end pilot watch. The 44mm case watch looks awesome and comfortable on your wrist. It is made of titanium but with varying straps i.e. titanium and leather. Although the Oris Propilot 41mm watch is a big crown, the use of titanium makes it very light.


Big Crown ProPilot Chronograph

The collection also features the 44mm Big Crown ProPilot Chronograph. The watch is suitable for use in both the cockpit space and on daily wear. It has stainless steel, and the timepiece is very practical. You cannot ignore features like the edged bezel, a big crown, and the Oris Cal 774 movement. The movement enables it to have running seconds, Chronographseconds, hour, and also minute counters. The chronograph is available with either leather, textile, or stainless steel strap.


Big Crown ProPilot GMT Small Seconds

The watch features a second-time zone. Other than the Big Crown ProPilot Chronograph GMT, the Big Crown ProPilot GMT Small Second also has this feature. The 45mm timepiece is all that you need to have full access to the comprehensive 24-hour clocking system. You will notice that the small seconds are in the 9 o'clock section and the date displayed at 3 o'clock. Such features make them ideal for not only the pilots but anyone who values a GMT timepiece.

Although the watch case constitutes stainless steel, you will notice that the watch has multiple bands, and you will choose either leather, stainless steel, or textile. Any strap is well manufactured with a guarantee of high durability. Another thing about this timepiece is the variation in the dials. They are dark grey or black.


Big Crown ProPilot Day Date

The 45mm Oris Big Crown ProPilot Date large-sized case watch has extraordinary features you need to have a keen look at. As a pilot watch, you will note the coin-edged bezel that gives the timepiece a unique look. The dial contributes a lot to this watch, it is large, luminous, has numerals, and its readability is on a top-level. Even though the day date feature is at 3, it does not in any way interfere with the legibility of this timepiece.

The hands are plain but very polished and refined. Versatility comes with the straps because you can choose either a textile, grey, or black leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. With the Oris Cal. 752 movement that has a red rotor and visible via the sapphire case back, the performance of the watch is guaranteed. It can display day and date while providing a 38-hour power reserve.


Big Crown ProPilot Date

Unlike the Oris Big Crown and ProPilot Day-Date, this watch features the date. Both are elegant watches featuring various specifications with high similarity in some aspects. In this collection, the 45mm Big Crown ProPilot Day Date and 41 mm Pro Pilot big Date are two watches that give you a great experience in and out of the cockpit. That means you can use them as dress watches.

The Oris ProPilot Date utilizes caliber 751, a high-performance movement that provides a power reserve for 38 hours. Just like the ProPilot Day-Date, the timepiece has the date at 3 o'clock. The watches have stainless steel, textile, or leather bands. Besides, you are free to choose either black or gray case dials.


Big Crown ProPilot Limited Editions

Oris Altimeter Rega Limited Edition. The 47mm timepiece has a barometer altimeter and movement to indicate changes in the air pressure and altitude. The limited-edition celebrates the union between Rega rescue service and Oris. The dial is black, very water-resistant, has multiple functions and utilizes caliber 733 movements.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot 40th Squadron Limited Edition. The black stainless with a black dial Oris big pilot watch has a case size of 45mm. It has the day, date, seconds, minutes, and hours function making it the perfect fit for the intended purpose. Oris and the Belgian Air Force rescue team partnered to produce the timepiece.


Distinctive Features in Oris Big Crown Propilot Collection

Large case size. Every watch featured in this collection has a large case size. However, the symmetry and the weight makes it possible for you to wear it comfortably on your wrist. The size is an advantage to the pilots, and it enhances their view while in the cockpit.

Use of in-house movements. Although not all Oris pilot watches here are purely made of Oris in house movements, some Oris Propilot timepieces have gone a step further to consider the in house movements. All watches featuring caliber 110 to 115 in this collection are purely in house.

Special functions. The Oris Altimeter Rega Limited Edition has an altimeter to help those executing the rescue mission across the globe.