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The Oris Prodiver watch collection perfectly illustrates the complicated nature of high-precision diver’s timepieces. The Oris Prodiver watch line is carefully crafted to withstand the thrilling adventures of underwater exploration. These luxury chronometers are capable of withstanding depths of 1000 meters and are built-to-last. Constructed with a titanium casing, every piece is heirloom quality and delivers unparalleled accuracy whether you are on land or in the water. The Oris Prodiver wrist watch series features the patented RSS bezel rocking system, a versatile rotational safety system to enhance performance and readability no matter the situation. Looking for genuine Oris Prodiver watches for sale can be a troublesome task when you do not have help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Oris Prodiver watches, Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is an Oris Prodiver watch authorized dealer.


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Oris Prodiver Review

Oris has been manufacturing watches in Switzerland for over 100 years now. Oris is one of that handful of Swiss watch brands that manufacture mechanical watches only. A mechanical timepiece is a thing of beauty, crafted and designed according to fundamental principles that have been around for many generations and will continue long into the distant future. Watches by Oris are marked out by their distinctive design among the rivals, as well as the red rotor, the pristine symbol of Oris mechanicals. Oris takes pride in long history and heritage – and never forgets it whenever they are crafting new watch movements and innovative designs. Any watch by Oris is an item genuinely built to last and provide a lifetime of delight. This Swiss watchmaking company is unanimously independent, which means its core principles and values are in safe hands. They are efficient and completely free to explore and innovate useful features and functions that their esteemed clients need.

Oris has been working closely with courageous and experienced deep-sea divers to design and develop some of the world’s most reliable and innovative watches – ones that won’t let their wearer down in harsh environments. The ProDiver series is Oris’s watch collection of professional and serious dive watches. Being priced above both the Divers Sixty-Five and the Aquis, these purposely built watches forsake the vintage-inspired aesthetics of numerous of the brand’s other watch designs, and instead intelligently offer modern features and technology in a complete package.


Oris Prodiver Chronograph

Oris Prodiver Chronograph brings the safest and innovative rotation system ever with super visible counter displays, a chronograph, and an automatic helium valve. Indeed it is an ultimate professional diver watch.

The features for Oris Prodiver chronograph include a 51mm in diameter and a Titanium case, an automatic winding chronograph movement. The dial color in Oris Prodiver is black, and it has a titanium bracelet. It can resist water pressure up to 1000 meters.


Oris Prodiver Gmt

Oris Prodiver GMT features Oris’s RSS bezel lock safety system with the water-resistant capability to 100 bars or 1000 meters. The latest version of Oris Prodiver has a second time zone and an automatic helium escape valve.

The watch has a 49 mm diameter and a Titanium case. Oris Prodiver GMT has an automatic winding GMT movement, a small second, and a significant date design with Black dial and rubber bracelet.

Specifically, Oris ProDivers collection has some additional functionality for serious diving sports and professional enthusiasts. Each watch range varies and may include a GMT hand, a tide range scale, a chronograph, or subdials. Their Rotational Safety System makes them more unique from other brands.


Oris Prodiver Chronograph SKU: 01-774-7727-7154-set ($4,750)

Oris ProDiver Chronograph - An action hero designed for uncompromising extremes. While most of the recreational sea divers would find as much interest in the Oris ProDiver, this ultimate professional deep dive watch is the heavy-duty machinery for deep seas. 

During the development of Oris Prodiver Chronograph, the company consulted many professional divers — experienced men who spend hours in deep seas, or even weeks in under-sea diving chambers, for rescue and recovery, reconnaissance, repair gigs or demolition. For men like these, a dive watch needs to hold up to the harsh conditions of their work environment, and all features considered, it shrinks down to one thing: Safety. Above all, a dive watch is way more than merely an accessory — it is the ultimate backup to electric dive computers, for the old ways of depth and time monitoring. 

The Oris ProDiver is encased in a 51 mm titanium-built case. Its construction was done with a goal to resist water pressure up to 1,000 meters deep. The Oris ProDiver Chronograph is powered by Oris Caliber 774, based on the Sellita SW500, an automatic movement. A self-regulating, automatic helium valve protects the Oris ProDiver Chronograph from damage during decompression for extended deep-sea dives. This Oris ProDiver case comes with a fine bezel that elegantly incorporates the resourceful Rotating Safety System (Oris-patented), this locks the bezel in place once set. As a result, it can’t be moved in any direction during a deep-dive, thereby diminishing the risk of accidental movements and adjustments. The bezel of Oris ProDiver is crafted from ceramic in black accent and offers highly legibility white Arabic numerals applied to it. The watch lugs on the Oris ProDiver Chronograph are curved to help the watch firmly hug the wrist, maintaining ease and comfort at all times. The back of the Oris watch features a solid case-back with Oris branding and a handy meter into feet conversion chart.

Right above the watch dial lays a clear sapphire crystal, domed on both sides giving the watch additional strength required when used in deep dives. The sapphire crystal present on the Oris ProDiver Chronograph has an anti-reflective coating to enhance dial readability. Every watch hand and indices have Superluminova coated for legible readings in dark conditions. The watch comprises three sub-dials for, continuous seconds, 30 minutes, and a 12H counter by the 6,9 and 12-hour marks respectively. At the bottom of the dial, is the date window which is very minimalistic in nature and doesn’t draw attention to itself, and melts away nicely into the dial.

The ProDiver Chronograph by Oris is a highly tough tank of a dive watch that demands a large wrist for it to look good. This majestic timepiece has a bold presence to itself. Its water-resistant capability is highly unlikely to be tested in person - rated 1000m depth of water. Moreover, it offers excellent dial legibility courtesy to its Superluminova BG W9 coating. 

The Oris ProDiver Chronograph watch is indeed one of those intimidatingly large beasts that are supposed to be way more than just a premium outfit accessory for a successful person. It is a solid casual wristwatch that will surely put up with an extreme amount of abuse and guess what, still tell you the time at the end of it. The ProDiver Chronograph by Oris is way more than just a diving instrument; it’s more than just a mere timepiece: This watch of the ProDiver series is - A personal statement.


Oris Prodiver Gmt SKU: 01 748 7748 7154-07 4 26 74teb ($3,500)

Successfully continuing its mission to build super-reliable, super-tough, time-telling instruments, Oris has developed what might be one of the biggest and most majestic professional dive watches of all time. The Oris ProDiver GMT was crafted with the valuable input of professional divers. And the final result is an over-engineered mechanical dive watch, rated for depths up to 1,000 meters below the ocean surface.ProDiver GMT by Oris is perhaps the most useful and the cleanest member of this small watch family.

This is a big watch, no two ways about it. The ProDiver GMT has a huge 49mm case which is titanium build, making it deceptively lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The bezel is made from a mix of rubber and ceramic. It includes the brand’s own patented RSS bezel-lock system that helps to keep the bezel tightly in place during deep dives. The ProDiver by Oris also has an automatic helium escape valve. The Watch features an Oris-modified version of the SW 220-1 automatic movement. Also, it boasts a GMT function, allowing the classic ProDiver to even function as a reliable travel watch rather than just a rugged dive timepiece.

Done correctly, this added time zone indicator does not interfere with watch readability. So much diving also involves long travels, having the extra time zone on the timepiece makes for a one-stop purchase. And you even don’t need to be aware of “home time” while you are busy completing your decompression hang procedure. And after you surface and wish to call your spouse to inform her that you didn’t get the “bends”, it is very vital to know if you’re waking her up from sleep or not.

ProDiver GMT is about more than just sheer looks. Having worked with professional divers to develop the original ProDiver, Oris has perfected its designs. It includes a Rotation Safety System bezel or RSS. To give divers the assurance that the bezel hasn’t been accidentally moved during a dive, the company engineered the Oris-patented locking-system. 

Visually, the ProDiver GMT is striking. It sits higher off the wearer’s wrist. The black rubber and silver titanium, with yellow accents on a dial, is a sight to behold. This timepiece is a complete badass dive watch. It’s actually the horological equivalents of a motorcycle jacket, aviator sunglasses, and cowboy boots – a personal statement of class and style. You surely can become someone else for a while; it's indeed the definitive Walter Mitty accessory to own. This is that watch for sure.  

Oris ProDiver GMT might be complete overkill for an ordinary recreational diver, much less a landlubber, it actually symbolizes the celebration of the spirit of problem-solving in the watch crafting industry, and in the end, that is actually what most of us appreciate and love about watches.

The Oris ProDiver GMT sells for $3,500


Oris Star Wars Limited Edition SKU: Star-wars-set ($7,075)

You’ll actually need “The Force” to own these rare Star Wars watches by Oris. It might be the dream watch you have been looking for, but good luck finding one of the limited 250 examples.

The most important hurdle Oris must have come across while designing these watches is translating the commonly abstract themes of the dark side into unique horological designs. The way stormtroopers and Darth Vade are visually established is very clever and intellectual. This premium watch collection by Oris will surely make any Star Wars fans’ dream come true.

The watches in this context are limited-edition versions of Darth Vader and iconic stormtroopers respectively. The watches come with black titanium or silver-tone stainless steel cases. Unidirectional rotating black stainless steel with a complete black ceramic ring bezel is a characteristic feature of this watch. The color theme is best followed by black and white dials with black watch hands and index hour markers respectively. These pieces of art are powered by Oris Caliber 748 base SW220-1 automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve. The watch dials are covered by a scratch-resistant clear sapphire crystal. Luminescent hands and markers ensure maximal readability in dark conditions.

There are a certain uniqueness and subtlety to the Stormtrooper Aquis. If anyone completely unfamiliar with Star Wars handled the watch, they may simply assume that the iconic Imperial crest was just some sort of timekeeping scale. Also, the black characterization of the Death Star on the dial is so delicate and subtle that you really have to intentionally look for it. Nowhere on the watch does it say "Star Wars" in the logo font; also, you won't be able to find the faces of any major Star Wars characters on the dial. And lastly, the bright white and black motif? It's a reassuring nod to iconic stormtrooper armor, but it also makes for a very legible diver. 

The Star Wars watch from Oris is obviously not for everyone. It's simply not aimed at universally appealing, and that is the reason why it is not a model of standard production. This Oris Dark Side set is very close to the professional-grade Star Wars art you'd see for sale at comic conventions, or the delicate and detailed models and replicas that die-hard fans wish to add to their collectors. For everyone else, these aren't the watches you're looking for. 

The Darth Vader model is limited to 250 pieces, while the Stormtrooper is limited to 1,300.  $7,075 for the set, or $2,700 for the Stormtrooper Aquis individually.


Oris Dive Control Limited Edition SKU: 01 774 7727 7784-set ($4,950)

In the Swiss luxury watch market, timepieces by Oris is usually regarded as the best bangs for your buck. Oris has indeed a long-consolidated background in diving watches. The company has been gaining ground on better known and more expensive Swiss brands, all thanks to its splendid value and premium product quality. 

While the new watch releases by Oris have been made to attract the ordinary watch wearers more like lifestyle watches, but this time around, the Swiss brand is revisiting its core ideology of originally rugged and proper tool-ish designs. It’s the latest creation, the Oris ProDiver Dive Control by Swiss watchmakers brings an element of uniqueness and exclusivity, thanks to a limited production run and a cool blacked-out DLC coating over its titanium case.

The case is massive at 51mm but still comfortable to wear thanks to its short lugs. There is simply no doubt in the fact that this is indeed a big watch. The watch case is crafted by grade 2 titanium. Stainless steel is used to make the crown and pushers. The bezel, the black DLC plating, and the short watch lugs give the idea of a much smaller watch when it’s on the wrist. Having stated that, this timepiece has a lot of presence to it, and it is better suited for someone with a heftier wrist.

Additional features include a fully automatic helium valve, a high-end solid screw-down case back, and a double-domed clear sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The watch dial is offered in black and features an underlying unique wave pattern. Just like the watch case, the actual dial features a delicate mix of yellow and white accents. Despite the visible watch complexity, the dial of Oris watch is highly legible due to the bold hands and high contrast markers. An additional safety device on the watch is the bezel that will guarantee a kind of a failsafe. To avoid false and inaccurate calculations, the watch bezel features the company’s very own Rotation Safety System. It is a signature device that firmly locks the unidirectional rotating watch bezel in its place during deep dives. 

Powering this iconic Swiss watch is the Oris Calibre 774, a movement based on a Sellita SW–500. This movement is a consolidated automatic chronograph providing 48 hours of power reserve. The Oris ProDiver features the classic 6–9–12 chronograph pattern. and a date window date which is neatly integrated above six. 

To wrap things up, the ProDiver Dive Control by Oris is a beast of a watch having solid specs up its sleeves and some really cool features. In the end, the watch size may be a limiting factor for some potential buyers, but for others, if the watch size works well for you and you’re in the market for a pretty solid tool watch, then the Swiss-made Dive Control by Oris may be right up your alley. The watch retails just around $5,000, and this gem of a timepiece is limited to 500 units.


Wrap Up: Oris Prodiver Review

Delivering reliability and an impressive slew of safety features — and doing it with style while at it — the Oris ProDiver is suited up and ready for the plunge alongside the pros as well as the weekend warriors of the deep. Oris takes pride in its skilled chairmanship and unprecedented watch manufacturing procedures. Their watches stand for sophistication, elegance, beauty, and innovation. With this Swiss brand aiming to increase its outreach to potential customers, affiliations with renowned brand dealers around the globe help the brand to so. Oris is now readily accessible to its valued customers. 

Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of Oris watches. Looking for a great Oris ProDiver watch? Well, look no further. We, at Exquisite Timepiece, take pride in customer service. Great companies are made by the people that run them. It is an exceptional place if you’re in the market for an Oris watch. Our sense of professionalism and work ethics correspond to the premium watch brands we deal with. A perfect place to acquire new or pre-owned brand watches.

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