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Since 1904, Oris has designed, developed, and manufactured some of the best Swiss timepieces in the industry. With over a hundred years of history and innovation, all while maintaining its autonomy as an independent company, Oris is a force to be reckoned with in the world of watchmaking. With iconic pieces such as the Pointer Date and Aquis, there is something for everyone in the Oris women's collection.
Traveling through a busy airport or a luxury mall, you may see women's Oris watches for sale, and choosing among Oris female watches is a decision deserving of confidence and assurance.
From the precision of its craftsmanship to its specialized performance, let us, at Exquisite Timepieces, be your guide in selecting the perfect timepiece. As an authorized dealer of Oris, explore our curated collection online or experience the exclusive range available at our boutique in Naples, Florida. Every order from our Oris women's collection includes complimentary delivery and comprehensive insurance on orders of $1000 or more, ensuring your luxury watch arrives securely.

Women's Oris Gold Watches

Gold watches have long been a symbol of success, luxury, and high fashion. Most watch brands opt for gold-plating, as opposed to solid gold case design. And while Oris' gold offerings are few, the maison goes above and beyond to offer a limited edition version of their Big Crown line in a compact 38mm size suitable for the vast majority of women's wrists.
Not only will this watch maintain its unique luster for decades to come, but the solid 18k gold case will stand up to daily wear and tear much better than its gold-plated counterparts. The following is a superb example of a limited edition Oris in 18k gold:

  • Oris Wings Of Hope Gold Limited Edition (ref: 01 401 7782 6081-Set)

Women's Oris Stainless Steel Watches

Oris uses high-quality 316L stainless steel for its watches and bracelets. Since 316L contains less carbon than standard 316 steel, it has better intergranular corrosion resistance, meaning it won't decay as easily, regardless of the environmental factors.
What's more, Oris stainless steel women's watches are crafted with great attention to detail, finding the balance between vintage artistry and modern style. The following are some great references for Oris women's watches in stainless steel:

  • Oris Aquis Date 36.5mm Blush Pink (ref: 01 733 7770 4158-07 8 18 05P)
  • Oris Artix GT Date (ref: 01 733 7671 4156-07 5 18 40FC)

Women's Oris Dive Watches

No collection is complete without a robust dive watch, and for years, women were given the short end of the stick, with dive watches only being available in larger sizes best suited for men's wrists.
But Oris follow their own blueprint, and they offer quite a nice sampling of purposefully built and stylish women's watches. Not only do these watches offer 100m of water resistance, but they also have rotating bezels and are available in bronze or stainless steel.

  • Oris Aquis Date 36.5mm Seafoam Green (ref: 01 733 7770 4157-07 8 18 05P)
  • Oris Cotton Candy Sky Blue on Bracelet (ref: 01 733 7771 3155-07 8 19 15)
  • Oris Divers Sixty Five Cotton Candy Wild Green Perlon Strap (ref: 01 733 7771 3157-07 3 19 03BRS)

Women's Oris Dress Watches

Finding the proper outfit can't be completed without the proper accessories, and a dress watch is an absolute must for both formal events and business attire. What's more-they can also go really well with jeans and a T-shirt.
Oris offers a full line of women's dress watches, synthesizing style, high-quality materials, and technology. Whether you are interested in a discreet piece that flies under the radar or if you are looking for something that is a bit louder-a conversational piece, perhaps-Oris has a women's dress watch to meet every need.

  • Oris Rectangular White (ref: 01 561 7783 4061-07 5 19 15)
  • Oris Crown Pointer Date 36mm (ref: 01 754 7749 4365-07 5 17 66)
  • Oris Artelier Date Diamonds (ref: 01-561-7722-4051-07-8-14-79)

Oris Women's Watches Price Range

Buying an Oris women's watch doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Oris women's watches offer a significant value-for-money proposition within the Swiss watch industry. The entry point for the range is about $2000, and special edition models in 18k gold top off at about $17000. Oris has a women's watch to fit every budget!

Oris Women's Collections

Choosing an Oris watch for women comes down to personal preference and style; Oris womens wrist watches are offered in an eclectic range of references.

Women's Oris Rectangular

The Oris Rectangular line is a unisex collection that is both easy to wear and classically styled. The vintage tank-style watches are an ode to the early twentieth-century designs of Cartier. The Oris Rectangular collection is offered in various dial colors, from the more austere white to the more playful green and blue

  • Oris Rectangular Bordeaux (ref: 01 561 7783 4068 07 5 19 18)
  • Oris Rectangular Dark Green (ref: 01 561 7783 4063-07 5 19 16)
  • Oris Rectangular Blue (ref: 01 561 7783 4065-07 5 19 17)

Women's Oris Divers

The Oris Maya collection draws inspiration from the Mayan ruins, an archaeological site that bears witness to the once-advanced Mayan civilization, which reached its peak between the 6th and 9th centuries.
The Oris Women's Diver collection is an ode to the brand's vintage pieces from the sixties. Moreover, they are offered in a beautiful bronze case-bronze bracelet, perlon strap, and leather strap options are available. There are funky and playful colors such as cotton candy, pink, and wild green available. The watches themselves are 38mm and offer 100m of water resistance, giving them great legibility and durability for decades to come.

  • Oris Cotton Candy Wild Green (ref: 01 733 7771 3157-07 5 19 04BR)
  • Oris Divers Sixty Five Cotton Candy Lipstick Pink Perlon Strap (ref: 01 733 7771 3158-07 3 19 04BRS)
  • Oris Cotton Candy Sky Blue on Bracelet (ref: 01 733 7771 3155-07 8 19 15)

Women's Oris Big Crown

Originally released in 1938, the Big Crown is synonymous with Oris as a brand. These are vintage-styled aviation watches that can be dressed up or down. The 36mm case size is perfect for the vast majority of women's wrists, and, from a functional standpoint, you can't go wrong with having a date function and great legibility all in one purpose-built package.

  • Oris Big Crown Pointer Date - 36mm Black Dial (ref: 01 754 7749 4064-07 5 17 65G)
  • Oris Big Crown Pointer Date - 36mm Blue Dial & Two Tone Bezel (ref: 01 754 7749 4365-07 5 17 66)
  • Oris big Crown Pointer Date - 36mm Green Dial & Bronze Case (ref: 01 754 7749 3167-07 5 17 66BR)

Women's Oris Artelier

First released in 2003, the Oris Artelier line quickly became a beloved favorite among watch aficionados. Praised for its masterful craftsmanship and intricate workings, these timepieces are hailed as an incredible value proposition within the genre of dress watches. The collection's enduring appeal has played a significant role in cementing the brand's reputation. Offered in various layouts and colors, the Women's Oris Artelier is the perfect accompaniment to a formal event or occasion.

  • Oris Artelier Date Diamonds - Black Dial (ref: 01-561-7722-4053-07-8-14-79)
  • Oris Artelier Date Diamonds - Silver Dial (ref: 01-561-7722-4051-07-8-14-79)

Women's Oris Aquis

The Oris Aquis line, known for its robust dive watches, has become one of the Swiss brand's most sought-after collections. Notably, it debuted the first Oris timepiece featuring the in-house Caliber 400. Despite its relatively short existence, dating back just over ten years to 2011, it has garnered significant popularity. For the collector who appreciates a more modern take on the dive watch, the Oris Aquis is a no-brainer, especially in the 36.5mm case, which is perfect for women.

  • Oris Aquis Date 36.5mm Aegean Blue (ref: 01 733 7770 4155-07 8 18 05P)
  • Oris Aquis Date 36.5mm Seafoam Green (ref: 01 733 7770 4157-07 8 18 05P)
  • Oris Aquis Date 36.5mm Blush Pink (ref: 01 733 7770 4158-07 8 18 05P)

Women's Oris ProPilot X

Oris pilot watches were born in the early 20th century; it wasn't until 2019, however, that Oris decided to create an amalgamation of vintage and modern, with the release of the Big Crown ProPilot X. These watches are made from ultra-light and durable titanium. They also feature beautiful dials with date functions. If you are looking for a statement piece, you simply can't go wrong with the Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition!

  • Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 - Salmon Dial (ref: 01 400 7778 7158-07 7 20 01TLC)
  • Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 - Kermit Edition (ref: 01 400 7778 7157-Set)
  • Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 - Blue Dial (ref: 01 400 7778 7155-07 7 20 01TLC)

Oris Women's Watches Size Guide

Women's watches are usually offered in sub-40 mm sizes, although Oris does a great job at offering many of their watches within their men's line in 36-40mm sizes as well, essentially creating a unisex collection. Women looking for a smaller wrist presence should opt for the Rectangular collection or anything 36mm or smaller. Women looking for greater wrist presence would do well with the ProPilot X collection, coming in at 39mm.


Is Oris a high end women's watch?

Oris has built a reputation for producing Swiss-made mechanical watches known for their quality, craftsmanship, and design. While Oris watches are generally more accessible in terms of price compared to some of the most prestigious luxury watch brands, they are still highly regarded among watch enthusiasts for their excellent value proposition and attention to detail.

Why are women's Oris watches so expensive?

The extensive level of research, development, and training that goes into both watches and watchmaking necessitates prices that will often be higher than mass-produced fashion watches. Switzerland has a much higher cost of living than other areas of the world that mass produce watches in factories with poor working conditions and low wages.

Are Oris women's watches worth the money?

Whether or not a watch is "worth the money" is often dependent on many factors, including personal finances and taste. Oris women's watches are being designed, constructed, and assembled entirely in Switzerland; Oris continues to innovate and offer Swiss-made watches at a very competitive price point.

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