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Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpagraph

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The Kalpa collection is one of the very first women’s collection by Parmigiani. The series of watches has been divided into subbrands called Kaplarisma, Kalpa Donna and Kalpa Piccola. The collection drifts from Parmigiani’s trademark design of round dials and embraces the rectangular form factor. The design is narrow and handcrafted for women, in a timeless studded strap construction. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Parmigiani Kalpagraph collection. You can find Parmigiani Kalpagraph watches for sale here.

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Parmigiani Kalpa Collection Review

Parmigiani Kalpa Collection History

The founder and inventive head behind the eponymous brand, Michael Parmigiani, has long been known in the world of luxury watches. In mid-1976, at the peak of the quartz crisis, the Swiss-born watchmaker began producing and elaborately restoring ancient timepieces in Couvet, Switzerland, in this way developing a piece of profound information on watches at an early stage.

After 20 years, Parmigiani started his horological career, he provokes to take the step into freedom. Michael received significant help from his friendly Sandoz family, whose focus on the current houses of the brand's manufactory. Today, the Foundation possesses a huge piece of the organization.
Just after two years, in 1998, Parmigiani conferred to the world openly about its first caliber developed by its own manufactory, the PF110. At the beginning of the new millennium, the incorporation of different generation focuses started so as to expand the production depth extensively. This was trailed by the integration of a number of well-known companies that spend significant time in micromechanics, the development of movements, dials, and cases. The companies are now grouped under the name �Manufactures Horlog�resde la Foundation�.

Today, the manufacture is completely incorporated, with the outcome that each progression, from the calculated plan to the last completed design to the final finishing, can be carried out under its own roof. Along these lines, the manufactory works totally self-sufficient and independent.
Parmigiani Fleurier is also an establishing individual of the Fondation Qualit� Fleurier (FQF) and subsequently committed to the preservation of conventional Swiss watchmaking workmanship. The seal of quality is only granted to a few watch manufacture, which are 100% manufactured in Switzerland.

Watches from the Parmigiani Kalpa Collection

Parmigiani Kalpa Kalparisma ref. PFC123-1000700-B10002

This model was displayed in 2008, the first ParmigianiFleurier watch for women as a mechanical movement in the Kalparisma family. It is available in rose gold color with calendar feature, date, hours, minutes and seconds.

Parmigiani Kalpa Piccola ref. PFC160-1023300-HA3921

The Kalpa Piccola was first unveiled in 2006, in the Parmigiani Fleurier collections. It is coming in rose gold color with sparkling stones and its two guilloches (decorative technique) dials of precious beauty.

Parmigiani Kalpa Donna ref. PFC160-0020901-B00002

The Parmigiani Kalpa Donna series was established in 2006. The Kalpa Donna is a refined collection of jewel watches, and it is a unique collection, classic design and sensual to the touch. The Parmigiani has own element of styles that can be found in the Kalpa ladies collections. This model shows the hours and minutes and movement is quartz. The watch features a stainless steel frame and bracelet with a red colordial.

Parmigiani Kalpa Kalparisma ref. PFC124-0000700-XA2422

Unveiled in 2012, the Kalparisma collection upgrade the steel element, which had featured only rose gold until then. If you are looking for a luxury watch at a fair price, it is the best option because it is the first steel watch with an automatic movement. The key factor of display time in this watch: date, hours, minutes and seconds at a glance, in a perfect way.

Parmigiani Kalpa Piccola ref. PFC160-1023300-B10002

This article also belongs to the Piccola series and was first unveiled in 2006. It is truly elegant, luxury model, with 18K rose long in delta-shaped hands and gold-plated hour markers, excluding 12 and 6 roman numerals. The dial is white mother-of-pearl with hours and minutes indicators.18k rose gold bracelet with sparkling diamonds on the edge and triple folding clasp.

Parmigiani Kalpa Kalparisma ref. PFC124-0023300-XC2122

The Kalpa Kalparisma, this model is the first self-winding mechanical movement in Parmigiani Fleurier collections. The movement offers a high-art of watchmaking finishes and ones that very rare brands would apply to such a mechanism.

Parmigiani Kalpa Donna ref. PFC160-1020701-B10002

The Parmigiani Fleurier PFC160 is a Kalpa Donna 1950 collection design. It follows a movement of quartz and the bracelet is also made with 18K rose gold. The watch has an off-white dial that features silver indexes made with Arabic numerical and minute sticks, 12 and 6 numeric words filled with diamonds. This watch provides 30m water resistance.

Parmigiani Kalpagraph ref. PFC128-1001400-HA3141

The Kalpagraph series are very modern and sporty, the style of watch is impressive and luxury. It looks more imposing with gold-plated case and dynamic dials. The caliber PF334 is an automatic chronograph movement as well as comfortable. The key feature of this model is 300 components that display the hours, minutes, seconds and date.

Parmigiani Kalpa Qualite Fleurier ref. PFC194-1601400-HA1441

The Kalpa Qualit� Fleurier is specialized with the extraordinary element of its arrangement mounted with double barrel in a solitary timepiece. This watch meets the necessities of the requesting Fleurier Quality affirmation. Its uncommon self-winding development introduces the accompanying capacities: hours, minutes, focal little seconds and date at 12 o'clock and furnished with the PF442 programmed development with a power hold of 55 hours, which balances out the conveyance of vitality and guarantees its transmission to the controller at a steady level. The development highlights staggering completions, as required by Fleurier Quality affirmation a 22-carat gold wavering weight and the crossed "C�tes de Gen�ve" embellishment on the scaffolds total the fine craftsmanship of the piece.

Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa XL Hebdomadaire ref. PFC101-1001000-HA1441

The Kalpa XL Hebdomadaire is driven by the PF 110 hand-twisted development, with a tonneau shape that superbly weds the forms of its lodging. This exclusive double-barrel development guarantees an 8-day control save and highlights a protected presentation framework and also an eight day control for rose gold setting. The structure of progressive semi-hovers for the extensions depends on a cutting system that takes into consideration more prominent multifaceted nature and inward points. The rose gold case contains a silvered yellow 12-segment flinqu� impact dial. To guarantee the perfect extents so dear to Michel Parmigiani, the markers at the top and base of the dial are splendidly adjusted. While the personality of the piece lies in its tonneau shape, this journey for amiability makes a striking tasteful.

Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa XL Hebdomadaire Skeleton (Limited Anniversary Edition) ref. PF011810.01

This Brand new Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa XL HebdomadaireSkeleton is a solid 18CT gold movement. This Limited Edition of 30 pieces was launched on the 30th anniversary of Founder Michel Parmigiani�s activities in watchmaking. It is in mint condition made from Crocodile skin with a width of 19mm. With the manual winding, it carries the caliber of PF110 and power 192h.

Parmigiani Kalpa XL Hebdomadaire ref. PFC101-1200100-HA1241

Price: $14,995
The Kalpa was first designed by Michel Parmigiani in 1998. It was a balanced model and gave a name to this model KalpaXL Hebdomadaire features a shaped movement with manually and providing an exceptional 8-day power reserve. Its pendulum vibrates at 21,600 vibrations per hour and 267 components, it allows the display of hours, minutes, the date and the power reserve.

Parmigiani Kalpa Tourbillon ref. PFH150-1032500-HA3121

The Kalpa Tourbillon Galaxy brings out a glorious sky loaded with stars on account of its dial made of aventurine glass. The sparkling of the small copper considerations natural to aventurine glass echoes the play of light of the loaf precious stones which has 237 components that displays hours, minutes and seconds. At six o'clock, a 30-second tourbillon throb and breathes life into the timepiece.

The Kalpa Tourbillon Galaxy is outfitted with a 30-second tourbillon which is selected to the Parmigiani FleurierWatchmaking Center. The hand-wound PF500 has a twofold barrel mounted in the arrangement, giving it a power hold of as long as multi-week, also has 251 Baguette-cut diamonds, and it beats at the frequency of 21.600 vibrations per hour. The development spans are hand-angled, making a tremendous play of light, and each surface is designed to the best expectations of Haute Horlogerie.

Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpagraphe Steel Silver ref. PFC128-0000100-HC1442

Price: $17,400
The sporty soul of the Kalpagraphe assortment is intended to propagate the polish of the Parmigiani Fleurier style. The Caliber PF334 is a programmed winding chronograph development, guaranteeing exactness and unwavering quality just as agreeable client experience. Its two arrangement coupled barrels guarantee 55 hours of self-sufficient activity. Its pendulum beats at a recurrence of 28,800 vibrations every hour. Included in excess of 300 parts, this gauge takes into consideration the presence of hours, minutes, seconds and the date, together with its chronograph highlights with a huge second in the inside just as an hour and moment counters.

Kalpa Kalpagraphe ref. PFC128-1001400-HA1441

Price: $11,725
The Caliber PF334 is a programmed winding chronograph development, guaranteeing accuracy and unwavering quality just as agreeable client experience. The sheer greatness of its advanced plan is amplified by wonderful completions, with spans calculated by hand, "C�tes de Gen�ve" adornment and a strong gold wavering weight. Its two arrangement coupled barrels guarantee 55 hours of independent activity. Its pendulum beats at a recurrence of 28,800 vibrations for each hour. Within excess of 300 parts, it takes into account the presentation of hours, minutes, seconds and the date, together with its chronograph highlights with a huge second in the middle just as hour and moment counters.

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