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The Ressence Type 1 has never stopped to evolve since it was introduced in 2014 (or even 2010 when you look at the very first Zero Series, which was the predecessor to this model). In several colors, the initial display was revisited across finishes and in the squared edition the crownless case has even been modified to become the' Air-Filled' Set. Ressence thought it was time to bring its embellished look a bit of modernity. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Ressence Type 1 collection. You can find Ressence Type 1 watches for sale here.

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Ressence Type 1 Watch Review

Since the beginning of their work in 2010 until the moment when they released the Type 1 Collection in 2014, the small Belgian watchmaking company Ressence, has shown nothing but excellence and perfection in each advancing step. The Ressence Type 1 Collection stands as evidence of the brand's dedication towards constant evolution, and needless to say, Type 1 was the precursor of the brand's growth. A newly developed type of lugs, thin case, and no crowns soon became a synonym of Ressence Type 1.


History of the Ressence Type 1 Watch Collection

When first released, this collection featured distinctive characteristics that originate from the mechanism and the pure nature design. The organic design is reflected in the sophisticated and soft forms, while the authenticity of the design comes from the patented winding system without a crown. What this means is that the case of the watch is used for setting and winding, and if you have thought that you will have to take off the watch to perform the winding, we must say that you are wrong. Extremely wearable, the Ressence Type 1 watches lie comfortably on your wrist. Type 1 collection at present besides the original one Type 1, offers two other sub-collections, the first being Type 1 Square and Type 1 Slim, which is the latest contribution in the family and makeover of the original Type 1 developed in 2014. The Type 1 Slim has been recently developed in 2019.


Ressence Watch Type 1 Models

The Ressence watch Type 1 collection comes into four different but equally sophisticated in design and perfect in operating watches. One of the most popular is the Ressence Type 1B that features a traditional but elegant look in black color. On the opposite side of the color spectrum, there is Ressence Type 1W for the ones who would opt for the brighter color version of the display, and besides, there are Type 1N standing for night blue and Ressence Type 1RS meaning Ruthenium Silver. The color is a matter of choice, and no matter which one you choose, it will be a valuable addition to your impeccable style in almost every occasion and an indication of your knowledge of recognizing one of the best quality brands in the watch matching industry.

If you are familiar with the brand Ressence by now, you already know that one distinctive feature of the Type 1 Collection is that there is no crown. As a result of that, there is no need for the thicker back case, and the outcome is a much thinner case compared to the other collection watches.


Design of Ressence Watch Type 1

The creator of the brand Benoit Mintiens designed a new and innovative concept that he applied to the Ressence watches. Their design is sophisticated but pure and elegant. It is creative and unique. The design reflects the mind of today's individual - too many things are not necessary, so the logical deduction is to remove everything we do not need. Ressence did this with this collection. The lines are cleaned and refined, and you have all you need to be packed in a highly-sophisticated and classy form.
The case is made of titanium with grade five, the lugs in the form of wires are an integral part of the case, and the top is made of sapphire crystal. Thus, the case receives a shape of a radius sphere that has a dial with the size of the radius of 125mm.
The back is designed in the same way, so it is rounded and smooth. This makes it perfect for wearing as it sits comfortably on the hand. The comfort of wearing is increased with the low weight of the watches, which is only 84 grams and 41 mm in diameter. The good proportions are increased by the height, which depending on the type, may vary from 13 to 11 mm.


Ressence Type 1: Display and Dial

The dial is mono-surface, and it is anything but a typical wristwatch. One of the first striking points, when you look at the Ressence watch, is that there are no standard hands of the watch that point hours and minutes. The dial itself is large, and although there are three sub-dials, it certainly does not look like too many pointers in one place. The minutes are engraved on the large dial where there is one pointer. They are also illuminated so you can have perfect readability during night times.
The three separate sub-dials indicate the hours, the day of the week, and seconds. When you first place the watch on the wrist, it certainly takes some time to get used to reading the time, but once you do it, you would most definitely like the simple but novice idea of time expression designed by Ressence. The concept that Ressence would expect you realize is that the Type 1 watch collection is designed to express constant motion and movement by rotation of the entire dial. Although there are a continuous flow and movement, this does not influence the legibility of the time. The dial's shape is, in fact, formed by the system of ROCS's bridges.


Ressence Type 1: Sub-Dials and Mechanism

The role of the crown since the start of Type 3 has been taken by the back of the case that acts as a rotor and is used when you want to set the time or wind the watch. When you want to set the time of the day, you can do it by simply turning the entire case in any direction- clockwise and anti-clockwise, as both work perfectly. If you want to set the day of the week, you will have to rotor the case in a clockwise direction while turning it anti-clockwise when you want to wind it. The disc that makes the back has the Ressence logo engraved on it.
The caliber of the Ressence Type 1 is ETA 2824/2, and the movement is enabled with the help of the ROCS system placed on the top. ROCS stands for the system patented by Ressence for Orbital Convex build on the automatic disc. The base module has a total of 107 components, including 27 gears and 40 jewels, and a reserve of 36 power. This also means that the watch has its own automatic self-winding, but if there is a need, you can also wind it manually.
The sub-dials move if you try to adjust the watch correspondingly. For instance, the sub-dial for days of the week - have two orange markings that indicate Saturday and Sunday (clockwise) and mark further the other days of the week.
All of the mechanisms rotate for 360 degrees, and the entire idea of this Orbital concept of the subdials reminds us of the Moon going around the Earth.


Ressence Type 1: Additional Features

The Ressence brand is about ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality. The ergonomics of the watch dramatically contribute to the wearability, and it is significant to feel the watch comfortable on your hand. The aesthetics is achieved by many points. The combination of sapphire and titanium creates a smooth orbital dome-like top. The mixture of these two materials also provides the lightweight of the watch. Depending on the model, Type 1B, or Type 1W, for example, there are a couple of options for the straps, which can be textile or leather. There is a pin-buckle system of adjustment with 48.5 m from lug to lug. For instance, the Ressence Type 1N or the night blue color option features a leather strap that is a perfect match to the dial that is in the night blue color. The welding is minimalistic and beautifully done to reach perfection and present the quality of the watch. Thanks to the sapphire covering finish, Ressence guarantees durability and long years of wearability. It is a watch that is resistant to scratch and water-resistant to 1ATM.


Ressence Type 1: Price and Value

If you are looking for Ressence type 1 for sale, make sure you visit our store where you can find the best and most exclusive collections of Ressence watches and choose the best model that suits you Ressence Type 1B, Ressence Type 1W, Ressence Type 1N or Type 1RS. Ressence watch Type 1 indicates fine watchmaking. Although a mechanical watch still catches your attention with a design inspired by the natural clear and pure forms, with a patented system of ROCS movement, it certainly deserves its place among the best. You can purchase one of the available models from this collection Ressence type one for an incredible price of 20.600,00 dollars. Ressence watches are authentic and distinctive, with a complex mechanism that looks so simple, and at the same time, the display offers incredible readability regardless of the level of light. An interesting fact is that Type 1 watches, as well as other Ressence watches, once ready must undergo a test of 500 hours where the watch is subjected to many rigorous controls of the claimed features. If you decide to purchase one, be sure to buy from the best and click on