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The Ressence Type 3 watch collection took modern innovative mechanics to the next level using a seamless, sophisticated design. Ressence Type 3 watches set the standard for readability and friction-free performance. It is constructed with a Ressence Orbital Convex System, a magnetic module that contributes to its highly precise performance. Ressence horological craftsmen took the minimalist approach to texture, a feat that is highlighted in the sleek contours and smooth, pebble-like feel of the watch. Attempting to find genuine Ressence Type 3 watches for sale can be difficult when you do not have help. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Ressence Type 3 watches, let Exquisite Timepieces direct you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in connecting people with the top luxury watch brands in the world. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ressence Type 3 watch authorized dealer.


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Ressence Type 3 Review: A Watch Filled With Oil?

Wait a minute? How possible is it for a watch to be filled with oil? Well, the concept of filling oil into the case of a wristwatch isn't new. It isn't exclusive to Ressence – although, this feature really wasn't popular till somewhat around 2013, which was when Ressence launched their Type 3, thereby moving this content to an entirely new dimension. The birth of this concept was from several observations by divers of stringent issues with the watches they wear: while underwater, the watch is only eligible from particular angles (majorly, when observed straight on).

The solution to this issue is to totally fill the wristwatch with liquid (typically oil), which includes the region between the crystal and the dial. It is a method that needs the wristwatch to be sealed in a hermetic manner. This isn't really a big deal as you think it is as the watches of divers are carefully crafted to be air-tight. The outcome was a dial that was legible irrespective of the angle, with no reflections and almost without any distortion. Unluckily, it only functioned on quartz wristwatches, and this is because the mechanical timepiece's balance wheel isn't able to have a proper oscillation in a viscous liquid. Well, that's one of the reasons Ressence came up with the Type 3 which would cause a revolution on the oil-filled watch concept by becoming the foremost mechanical watch that is filled with liquid. And to be honest, that definitely isn't an easy thing to create.


The Ressence Type 3

What's the Ressence Type 3? It is simply the foremost mechanical watch which is filled with oil. Well, it isn't only the mechanical watch filled with oil as Ressence has also created a second watch which also has this concept, and it is a dive watch, known as the Type 5.


The Oil-Filled Concept in the Ressence Type 3

So, what exactly is the Ressence Type 3 crafted? It is actually dependent on two major modules and one device for the creation of the link between them. So that you know, there isn't any mechanical link between the display and the movement. In a traditional wristwatch (either it is quartz, or mechanical, which has a specific display or traditional hands) there is always a link between the display and the movement – and in some instances, the display is the movement. If we take, for instance, a classic mechanical movement, the wheels are calibrated to indicate the hour, the minute, and the second. In the movement's middle, there are axles and the drive hands that rotate one time in a minute, once an hour, and one time in twelve hours. In the Ressence, it is a little different, particularly with the Type 3 – as the Type 1 (which is a fun-filled watch) maintained the usability of an axle for driving the display module. In what way does it function here:

Initially, you are in possession of the movement module, and that has an ETA 2824/2 which is customized. The only function of the movement is for a precise indication of the minute. The calculation of the rest of the indications happens later. Thereby, no need to complicate it. It's automatic, precise, and reliable enough when one adjusts it well. There is an enclosure of the movement in the case's lower part.

Then you've got the top module, which is filled with oil. This comprises the display module, which is known as the ROCS, which can indicate the hours, minutes, seconds, and the date. In fact, this module is a "box" sealed in a thematic manner and is totally oil-filled. Nevertheless, since it is air-tight, you are in need of something more for the creation of the link between the ROCS and the movement, because a mechanical axle doesn't go out of the ETA movement for the driving of the module.

A magnetic device for the creation of the link. It's created in 2 parts: one of the magnetic module's poles is connected to the movement side, and the minute axle drives it. The second magnetic module's pole is connected beneath the ROCS (display module), and the display is driven by it. Since magnets attract naturally, anytime there is a rotation of the lower magnet (influenced by the movement), the upper magnet is driven by it (the one in the oil) to indicate the time. It can easily be written, but definitely not easy to do.

That gives an explanation of the mechanical part. Nevertheless, being in possession of a wristwatch that's filled with oil also has great outcomes. The initial is a fantastic advantage: a wristwatch with a feel and look that's unique. When the dial is bathing in oil, it denotes no distortions and almost without reflection. There is also a screen-like display created by it. Because there's no visible gap between the crystal and the plate, it kind of feels like you are able to touch the hands, one that they almost have a digital display on the screen – definitely, they're totally mechanical, you don't need to worry. Nevertheless, this is a kind of unique feeling – and when this is utilized on a dive watch, you can be a beneficiary from using oil to make a zero-distortion / reflection wristwatch (just like the Type 5).


The Display and Design of the Ressence Type 3

Aside from the mechanical thrill, this Ressence Type 3 has a significantly unique display and a greatly special design. Initially, this watch has no hands. Of course, you can see the batons and markers, but get the idea of traditional hands, those long and thin metallic sticks used for indicating, out of your head. In this wristwatch, the whole thing is based on ROCS. Similar to Type 5 and Type 1, Type 3 makes use of a series of wheels or gears and discs for the indication of the tune. One initial element is a large convex plate which covers the flaps, and its rotation is according to the minutes. Right on the plate, there is a part of the minute hand, which points to a track on the periphery.

Above that, there is the total design of the watch, which is a combination of minimalistic approach and modernity and fused with industrial and organic inspirations. Sure, that is a whole lot. What really attracts us most is the incorporation of unique and extremely technical content while also maintaining its discreet look. Even though a number of "indie" watchmakers make use of super-masculine and bold designs, things are kept ultra-sleek by Ressence. It's Type 3 is even more than its Type 5 or Type 1, it feels like a 2.0 device, dictated by codes of industrial design. It almost has the feel of a tech item – but again, it is totally mechanics, and it's even quite respectful of the traditions of watchmaking. The case has a pebble feel, with no single asperity. The surface of the watch is extremely smooth, and everything which comes in contact with your skin will be a sapphire crystal that's domed – definitely a pleasant feel.

The case is made of a titanium ring that has integrated lugs –black DLC-coated here, but it also exists in a version that's non-coated. It has a very impressive dimension on paper, which is at 44mm × 15mm. Nevertheless, as soon as it's on the wrist, the feel of the watch is way smaller than one expects, and that's because it doesn't have an external case. The major part of its case comprises two sapphire crystals that are highly domed, which totally cover the watch, and gives it a pebble appearance. It has a quite unique design, very comfortable, extremely smooth, this Type 3 wristwatch from Ressence feels super modern - a kind of round Apple watch, but it's way cooler.

Wrap Up: Ressence Type 3 Watch Collection Review

In general, this Type 3 wristwatch from Ressence is a perfect horological thrill, both visually and technically. It's a novel experience in terms of style, interaction, and perception. As a horological UFO, it, however, stays wearable, visually hyper-restrained, and technically profound. It's a piece of a wristwatch that does not broadcast the technical nous it has, a watch which can likely be questionable for some individuals; nevertheless one explained even the individuals who have no experience would have explicit knowledge of its great innovative spirit. Definitely, because of its no-crown craft, the daily use isn't as practical as the Submariner you used to have or still have. It needs you to read its user manual carefully. This watch is definitely easier to wear and live with compared to most "indie" wristwatches, with no compromisation of the horological thrill that we love.

A wristwatch for design lovers and connoisseurs, and it can be purchased for $42,200 It arrives in four editions blue dial/titanium case – sandblasted grey titanium dial/titanium case – black dial/DLC titanium case – black dial/titanium case.

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