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A timepiece is not only a functional tool but also a reminder of history, innovation, and beauty. Schwarz Etienne encapsulates this very idea; it is ingrained in their ideology, in their identity, and, of course, in their classically styled Roma Collection.

About Schwarz Etienne Roma Watches

The Schwarz Etienne Roma collection are high horology dress watches with great attention to detail, dial creation, and movement design
The collection offers two different sizes, multiple complications, and various dial layouts; despite this, there is one constant across the collection: the small second complication at 6 o'clock, which recalls the classic timepieces and pocket watches of yesteryear. The watches themselves are made entirely in-house in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Schwarz Etienne Roma History

For over a century, Schwarz Etienne has blended tradition with a dynamic vision of watchmaking. Founded in 1902 by Paul Arthur Schwarz and Olga Etienne, the company initially crafted mechanical movements for renowned watches like Alpha and Venus. Over time, Schwarz Etienne gained acclaim through partnerships with prestigious names like Caran d'Ache and Chanel, setting the standard for mechanical movements.
In 2007, entrepreneur Raffaello Radicchi ushered in a new era, acquiring the company and continuing the legacy of high horology. Shortly thereafter, the popular Roma line was introduced, highlighting a classical vision with its signature small seconds complication and hand guilloché dials made by les Ateliers Kari Voutilainen.
In 2007, entrepreneur Raffaello Radicchi ushered in a new era, acquiring the company and continuing the legacy of high horology. Shortly thereafter, the popular Roma line was introduced, highlighting a classical vision with its signature small seconds complication and hand guilloché dials made by les Ateliers Kari Voutilainen.
The handcrafted nature of these timepieces is reflected by the focused nature of the operation, with about 20 people working in the brand's facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

How Much Do Schwarz Etienne Roma Watches Cost?

Depending on the model, the Schwarz Etienne Roma collection encompasses a variety of price ranges, starting at just under $10,000 and reaching into the $30,000 range.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Schwarz Etienne Roma Power Reserve Steel Silver Dial
Ref: WRO16MS24SS01AA
$11,500 Manual wind movement (Caliber MSE 111.00) and Power Reserve indicator at the 1 o'clock.
Schwarz Etienne Roma GMT Black Dial
Ref: WRO17MA26SS01AA
$11,700 Stainless steel case with automatic movement (Caliber ASE 120.00) and GMT function.
Schwarz Etienne Roma Synergy Blue
$32,000 Hand guilloché made by les Ateliers Kari Voutilainen, automatic movement with micro-rotor
Schwarz Etienne Roma Small Second Rose Gold Manual Winding
Ref: WRO15MS27RB21AA
$25,500 18K rose gold case with black arabic numerals and gold indices at the 3, 6, 9 o'clock.
Schwarz Etienne Roma Geometry Copper Black
$25,600 Unique dial divided into quadrants and adorned with an array of finishes: fluted lines, azuré, clous de Paris and fine sandblasted sections.

What's Unique About Schwarz Etienne Roma Watches?

The uniqueness of Schwarz Etienne Roma watches lies in their perfect amalgamation of past and present. The watches themselves are handmade in small batches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Moreover, the legendary Kari Voutilainen meticulously crafts the hand guilloché dials for the Synergy line of Roma watches. The Roma line is available in multiple sizes, movements, and-of course-dial layouts.

Schwarz Etienne Roma Movements

The Schwarz Etienne Roma collection offers both automatic and manual winding movements, all made in-house in Switzerland. The Caliber MSE 111.00 is the base manual winding movement, offering twin barrels and a robust 96-hour power reserve. The Caliber ASE 200, ROMA Synergy, is an automatic movement fitted with an 18kt gold micro-rotor and superb hand decoration by Les Ateliers Kari Voutilainen. The automatic movement has a power reserve of 86 hours.

Schwarz Etienne Roma Watch Colors

The Schwarz Etienne Roma collection is available in a variety of dial colors. From an austere black to a classic silver, the collection offers traditional dress-watch colors. There is also a gorgeous salmon dial (limited edition) and a rich blue available. For more information on dial colors and options, please feel free to contact one of our sales professionals!

Schwarz Etienne Roma Watch Materials

The Schwarz Etienne Roma collection predominantly uses stainless steel, but models are available in 18k rose gold, too. Of course, the watches include scratch-resistant sapphire crystals across all models.
Depending on the model, the straps range from high-end leather to full-skin alligator with hand stitching. As an authorized dealer of Schwarz Etienne Roma watches, Exquisite Timepieces can obtain extra straps directly from the factory so that you can change the look of your timepiece.

Schwarz Etienne Roma Watch Complications

Depending on the model, Schwarz Etienne Roma watches offer a multitude of useful complications for the discerning collector. All models come with a small second complication, and GMT and power reserve complications are also available. If you're looking for even more complicated timepieces, consider the Schwarz Etienne Roswell collection.

Schwarz Etienne Roma Sizes

The Schwarz Etienne Roma collection comes in both 41mm and 39mm, making the collection suitable for all wrist sizes. The 41mm is better suited for wrists 7 inches and above; however, people with smaller wrists who demand greater wrist presence will find that the larger size is still a comfortable fit.
The 39mm is suitable for all wrist sizes, even those with smaller wrists. The smaller size might also be appropriate for dressier occasions, such as black-tie events. If you are unsure about what size will best fit your wrist, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists! The automatic calibers have micro-rotors and thus are only 11mm thin, while the manual calibers still maintain a svelte 12mm of thickness.

Buying Schwarz Etienne Roma Watches

Schwarz Etienne Roma watches can be purchased from any authorized dealer of Schwarz Etienne. The best way to purchase a new watch is always from an authorized dealer, as you are ensuring the watch will arrive with a full warranty. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for Schwarz Etienne, and you can view all of the color and size combinations on our website from the convenience of your home. Of course, if you find yourself in Naples, Florida, please stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday from 10AM-5PM.

Caring for Your Schwarz Etienne Roma Watch

Caring for a luxury timepiece requires attentiveness in order to preserve its beauty and functionality. Regularly clean the case and strap with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent scratches and foreign debris.
Avoid exposing the watch to extreme shocks and magnetic fields, as this can negatively impact the timekeeping. Store your watch in a watch box or pouch, protecting it from dust and humidity. Finally, be sure to follow all service intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
Be at ease because all Schwarz Etienne Roma watches come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring headache-free ownership. Be sure to follow all recommendations in the owner's manual, but if an issue does arrive, you can also make use of Exquisite Timepieces authorized watch service and repair. Take the guesswork out of service and entrust your timepiece with the professionals.
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Schwarz Etienne Roma FAQ

When was Schwarz Etienne Roma released?

The Schwarz Etienne Roma line was originally released in the mid-2000s, with the updated Roma Synergy by Kari Voutilainen released in 2020.

How thick is the Schwarz Etienne Roma Synergy?

The Schwarz Etienne Roma Synergy is 11mm thick, making it easily able to slip under a cuff.

Find your new Schwarz Etienne Roma watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Choosing your new Schwarz Etienne Roma watch is a decision deserving of confidence and assurance. From the precision of its craftsmanship to its specialized performance, let us be your guide in selecting the perfect timepiece.
As an authorized dealer of Schwarz Etienne, explore our curated collection online or experience the exclusive range available at our boutique in Naples, Florida. Every order from our Chronoswiss Open Gear collection includes complimentary delivery and comprehensive insurance on orders of $1000 or more, ensuring your luxury watch arrives securely.
At Exquisite Timepieces, we're renowned for our expertise in luxury timepieces and our enduring partnerships with esteemed brands like Schwarz Etienne. For detailed insights into our services and FAQs about luxury watches, delve into our resources. Feel free to reach out anytime for guidance on your new Schwarz Etienne Roma timepiece.
Remember, finding the right luxury timepiece is a journey we're here to enrich and support you through!

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