ETA 2824 vs. 2836 Caliber SHOOTOUT (Comparing All Aspects)
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ETA 2824 VS. 2836 Caliber Shootout

ETA 2824 vs. 2836 Caliber SHOOTOUT (Comparing All Aspects)

The ETA 2824 and 2836 are two of the most popular watch movements in the watch-making industry. Did you know? Swiss ETA movements are the most popular watch movements in the world. Countless luxury and mid-range Swiss brands rely on this powerhouse’s movements to run their timepieces

That’s how powerful and popular this Swiss brand is becoming. ETA calibers are durable, reliable, and easy to produce, making them ideal for mass production. In some cases, ETA movements have outperformed in-house calibers. For this reason, with its reliability, ETA is a top choice for most timepiece makers. ETA is also a top choice because it is easy to modify its products. 

The ETA is an easy pick as one of the iconic automatic calibers of all time. Watchmakers around the world base their timepieces on ETA calibers. Since ETA produces movements in various grades, brands have numerous options.

You probably heard of ETA, Estimated Time of Arrival. The Swiss brand ETA has been around for more than 150 years. Hence its dominance in the watch-making industry. It is of little surprise the brand is the powerhouse it is today. 

The brand’s origins date back to 1793, and very few brands can boast of being around for that long. All through the 20th century, the company has exchanged hands through various earners through mergers. But that hasn’t lost its touch in the caliber-making industry. 

What’s the Difference Between the ETA 2836-2 and 2824-2?

Both movements are very similar as the ETA 2836-2 is an advancement of the ETA 2824-2. The two movements have a similar diameter of 25.6mm. The main difference between these two movements is that 2836 holds a day-date calendar complication while 2824 houses only the date complication. That stands to be the major difference between these two movements. 

The frequency is also similar; time with central seconds, date with a corrector, and time stop are all the same. The chronometer grade for both movements is also the same. However, the ETA 2824-2 is the most popular among the two.

ETA 2836 Movement Review

ETA2836 Movement

The ETA 2836 is a caliber movement whose design is based on the ETA 2824. The ETA 2836 not only has a date function but also features a weekday indicator which 2824 doesn’t have. The most recent version of the 2836 houses a stop second device, and the movement can be upgraded to a GMT caliber with a second-time zone. 

The ETA 2824 doesn’t feature a date display, creating 2836 to compensate for that. Most watches have groves for the date display; 2824 couldn’t deliver on that front. To keep up with the changing dynamics of the watch industry, the Swiss movement company released a more capable caliber. 

However, some watches house the 2836-2 even though their dials don’t permit a weekday display. Watches like the Mildo Baroncelli and Chronometer Jubile fall under this category. The ETA 2836-2 allows for a quick adjustment of the day and date. Pulling the pin one click allows you to turn the crown counterclockwise to advance the day of the week. 

Pulling the pin two clicks allows for time setting with hacking seconds. Point to note, to avoid damaging the movement. It is advised you don’t attempt to set the date when the hands are between 9 pm and 3 am. It takes a minimum of 27 winds of the crown to wind the ETA 2836-2 fully; converting that to hours would take a total of 38 hours. As of 2021, the official ETA website claims that this movement has a typical power reserve of 42 hours. 

The ETA 2836-2 is popular among high-end luxury watches. Getting this movement from ETA is almost impossible as these movements are created and shipped to major watchmakers. However, if you want to replace a damaged part, you can get other replacements, just not from ETA. 

Some such watches are the Swiss Legend Abyssos dive watch. The watch houses 25 jewels and comes with an Incabloc Novodiac shock absorber. You can also find the 2836-2 in a BALL Cleveland Express that also comes with an Incabloc shock absorber.

Is the ETA 2824 a Good Movement?

ETA2824 Movement

The timepiece-making community knows the ETA 2824 as an absolute workhorse. The movement is the first movement any watch collector should be familiar with. The ETA 2824-2 is an unusual movement and, if regulated correctly, can go head to head with the best movements in the world. 

The 2824-2 was released decades ago, as far back as 1982. It is a second-generation Swiss automatic movement. The watch movement was designed years ago, but it still dominates every other watch movement in the industry. The design of the ETA 2824-2 is based on Eterna’s 1427 caliber. 

The 2824-2 is a caliber with fairly standard dimensions. The movement provides a watch with its well-tuned central hours, minutes, and second functions. You can find the date complication in varying areas of the dial. The region of the date complication depends on where the window groove is located. 

The ETA 2824-2 is equipped with an Etachron regulator that assists the movement to attain a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The Swiss caliber utilizes a ball bearing rotor which allows the movement to rotate bidirectionally. This freedom in movement creates more energy for the caliber’s power reserve. And as such, when the ETA 2824-2 is fully wound, the movement can stay functional for up to 38 hours. The caliber comes with hacking sounds and manual winding, but you shouldn’t be inclined to use it since it is a self-winding caliber. 

Like most famous ETA calibers, the ETA 2824-2 comes in different grades. The ETA 2824-2 comes in Standard, Elaborated, Top, and Chronometer. The Incabloc anti-shock system, which consists of 25 jewels, keeps the components of the ETA 2824-2 in place while reducing wear and tear. 

The Standard grade has two adjustments and uses an anti-magnetic nickel-plated balance wheel. The ETA version also has a Nivarox hairspring and a Novodiac anti-shock system that houses 25 polyruby jewels. The Standard variant of the ETA 2824-2 has a precision rate of +/-12 to 13 seconds per day. The other grade, “Top,” allows for adjustments from five different positions. 

The chronometer grade variant is similar to the Top grade in terms of components. It uses a Glucydur balance wheel, an Anachron hairspring, and an Incabloc anti-shock device. The movement comes with red rubies that serve as its pallet jewels. 

The Top grade allows for an accuracy of +/- 4 to 15 seconds per day. However, the chronometer grade features precision and reliability that matches the standards of the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. The differences between these grades are the quality of the barrel spring, the balance wheel, its shock resistance capabilities, and pallet stones.

ETA 2824-2 and Its Clones

The ETA 2824-2 had an impressive run, but in 2003, the caliber’s design rights expired, and production ceased. Various companies developed clones to fill the gap left by the ETA 2824-2. The most popular of these clones is the Sellita SW200, considered the most prominent rival to the ETA 2824-2. However, you can still find watches with these movements. 

Both movements are very similar in appearance. This similarity doesn’t mean that both movements are the same. The main difference between both movements is the design of their rotors and the number of jewels each movement has. The ETA 2824-2 contains 25 jewels, while the Sellita SW200 has 26. 

Regarding working principles, both the ETA and Sellita have the same accuracy rates across all the varying grades. ETA 2824-2 also has other cones, including but not limited to Seagull ST21, the Hangzhou 6300, the STP-11, and the Valanvron VAL-24. Each clone produces a movement that is comparable to the ETA 2824-2 

Who Makes the ETA 2824 Movement?

ETA SA, a Swiss movement manufacturer, has been developing and producing calibers for the timepiece industry since the 1790s. The company is focused on creating reliable and quality-assured products. The brand’s early venture into caliber production gave it an amazing edge over all other companies. The expertise gathered across centuries is the key fuel that made it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches and watch movements. 

Every quartz and mechanical movement is created with world-class expertise. If you are wearing a luxurious watch that doesn’t have an in-house movement, chances are you are wearing an ETA product. Some brands even modify ETA products to suit their timepieces, which increases the chances even more. ETA mostly produces its movements for other brands as their in-house watches are quartz timepieces, not mechanical watches. 

ETA has grown over the years to become one of the most prolific movement companies in the world. The brand owns a monopoly on the movement industry and has been this way for more than a century. This dominance sparked inquiries and investigations into the company’s mode of operation. The brand has been subject to numerous conspiracy theories that led to countless investigations by multiple governments. 

No investigation, however, has produced any fruit so far. Most of the movements produced by ETA are used in mechanical and automatic watches. Despite the mass production of these movements, only high-end luxurious watch brands can afford to use one of these movements in their timepieces. These movements’ quality is considered too exceptional for anything less. 

Thus, their sole control of the movement sector of the watch industry. Unfortunately, watch experts have widely scrutinized ETA for its mass production. The reason for this scrutiny is they believe that anything that is mass produced lacks quality and creativity. Most watch horologists prefer wearing watches that utilize in-house movements created by their manufacturers. 

Some die-hard enthusiasts don’t value high-end luxury watches that use the ETA movement instead of creating their own. However, this is the opinion of a small section of enthusiasts. Many enthusiasts believe ETA watch movements are more reliable than newer movements produced by smaller or less experienced watchmakers. Chances are that they may not have an experienced quality control department. 

Hence, many uneven edges slip through the cracks, leading to incorrect timing. Furthermore, many of these newer companies are in trial and error stages. Most enthusiasts prefer a company with a track record of accuracy and reliability whose products stand the test of time. And ETA fits the bill perfectly. As it stands, ETA won’t be going out of business soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to questions you may have after reading this article. The questions reflected in this article are the most common.

Why is ETA so popular?

ETA is one of the all-time greats in the movement-making industry. The company has produced some of the most iconic movements the world has ever seen. A few of the brand’s creations, like 2824, 2892, and 7750, are the most iconic of all movements.

However, the ETA 2824 is on another level. No brand has been close to beating ETA in the caliber game for centuries. The brand has been around for a very long time and has total control of the movement faction.

Which is the most popular movement from ETA

The ETA 2824 is known as a workhorse because the movement is everything you want in a top-notch caliber. It is accurate, reliable, and durable. The easy design makes the movement ideal for luxury watches that want to tinker around with it to suit the watch model. Most high-end luxury brands utilize this movement because it is an absolute beast.

Why has ETA 2824-2 been Replaced by ETA 2836-2

The ETA 2824 bests 2836, no doubt about that. However, the workhorse is gradually getting replaced by 2836. The ETA 2836 was created to compensate for the weekday feature 2824, which was missing.

That is the major difference between these two movements. In terms of working principles and quality, they are both similar. 2836 is a page right out of 2824’s design. Both movements are highly accurate and very reliable. It is of little wonder most Swiss luxury brands rush for these movements. 

Conclusion: Which ETA movement is best?

Among ETA’s vast collection of movements, three movements stand out from the rest. 2824, 2892, and 7750 are the best movements produced by ETA and are widely accepted as the best. However, out of these three, the ETA 2824 is regarded as the best of the best from this brand. The movement is so iconic that it has been dubbed “the workhorse.” 

The movement is highly valued for its reliability, accuracy, and durability. It is truly ETA’s prized jewel and comes with a 38-hour power reserve. High-end luxury watches like Tudor and Breitling make use of this iconic movement. At first glance, the ETA 2892 is quite similar to 2824. However, it has a thinner structure, making it more suited for chronograph models. 

The ETAn2824 may be the brand’s workhorse, but the most famous movement from ETA is the 7750 Valjoux automatic chronograph movement. The 7750 Valjoux is a movement that uses a three-plane cam system instead of an intricate column wheel. IWC and Omega are the two luxury brands that often have this movement in their watches. 

The movement is easily mass-produced and ideal for most mechanical chronographs. In some light, the movement is more creative, customized, and unique. But that doesn’t necessarily mean these movements are better. Some watch enthusiasts argue that the best watches are from brands that produce everything, including the movement in-house. As a result, the 7750 Valjoux is a unique design that fits chronographs because it is a superior option to the otherwise traditional movements. 

Movements produced in-house don’t have the same quality control a mass-produced movement will. Many industry veterans attest to the performance of ETA movements worldwide. Regardless of your opinion, these movements are some of the best in the world. A movement is the heart of any watch, and ETA is widely accepted as the beat at the core of the Swiss luxury watch industry. 

ETA is not just Switzerland’s largest movement maker; the company has also played a major part in shaping the movement sector and making it what it is today. Recent years have come with many stigmas placed on the brand and any watch that uses the brand’s movement. However, ETA is indispensable. No brand is yet to best ETA in movement creation and production. 

It doesn’t go without saying that the Swiss watch-making industry wouldn’t be the luxurious brand we know today without the involvement of ETA. Many brands modify ETA designs to suit their requirements. Designing, developing, and manufacturing a watch movement is too expensive and time-consuming for watch brands to attempt, hence the dependence on ETA. On the other hand, modifying an ETA series is much more economical for watch-making companies. 

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