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One of the oldest surviving watchmakers, for centuries, the name Breguet has been synonymous with horological quality and innovation. Founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the Maison is credited with numerous watchmaking technologies, including the tourbillon-still considered one of the most complex and sought-after complications in the industry today.
Because of its renowned quality, Breguet was the preferred choice amongst the aristocracy and royalty of Europe, attracting notable clients such as Queen Marie Antoinette of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, and Queen Victoria of England. As a watchmaker that has endured for centuries, a second hand Breguet watch is a purchase worthy of even the most discerning enthusiast.
In the used market, a popular model of Breguet watches can be found within the Tradition collection, featuring exposed bridges and balance wheels on the dial side for a contemporary interpretation of traditional high horology. The Breguet Marine collection, on the other hand, is their most 'modern' and 'sporty' timepiece, and extremely popular for enthusiasts who are seeking a Breguet with extra durability and water resistance.
Finally, the Breguet Classique collection is an ode to Breguet's timeless elegance, with enamel dials, moonphase complications, and pristine finishing.

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Breguet Watches

A pre owned Breguet is a statement, a belief, a creed even: this timepiece was worn by someone who respects the finite nature of time and the immortal song of beauty. As such, those who choose to buy a used Breguet watch agree to be its caretaker, its guardian, and its keeper until it is time for them to pass it on to the next enthusiast. The watches are crafted to such a high standard that purchasing one second hand can be done with confidence without worrying about movement degradation or material deterioration.
But the benefits don't end with quality, exemplified by the bargains that are available for very well-maintained Breguet watches. Imagine buying your dream watch at half price. It's possible with consideration of a pre owned Breguet.
It should also be noted that, as an authorized dealer of Breguet watches, Exquisite Timepieces takes the utmost care in inspecting and authenticating all pre owned Breguet watches. We take great pride in presenting impeccable timepieces at the significant discounts that are available for our customers who are seeking to join the exclusive ranks of Breguet ownership. Why pay full price when a pre owned Breguet better fits your budget?

Best Place to Buy Used Breguet Watches

If you are seeking a used Breguet for sale, there is no better place to purchase one than at Exquisite Timepieces. At Exquisite Timepieces, we're renowned for our expertise in luxury timepieces and our enduring partnerships with esteemed brands like Breguet. As an authorized dealer of Breguet, we authenticate and do extensive performance checks on every timepiece we sell. As a premier used Breguet dealer, we have the expertise and experience to answer any questions you may have.
We have a great collection of pre owned Breguet mens watches and, of course, pre-owned Breguet womens watches. Feel free to explore our curated collection online or experience the exclusive range available at our boutique in Naples, Florida. Every order from our pre-owned Breguet collection includes complimentary delivery and comprehensive insurance, ensuring your luxury watch arrives securely.
Of course, there are other places to purchase a pre-owned Breguet, such as an online marketplace or on various watch forums, but with millions upon millions of inauthentic watches in circulation, the safest place to purchase any high-end timepiece is always a reputable dealer, such as Exquisite Timepieces. Let us do the legwork for you!

How Much is a Used Breguet Worth?

Depending on the model, fluctuations within the watch market, and of course, current supply and demand-especially for more sought-after models-it is difficult to calculate exactly what a pre owned Breguet is worth without consulting a professional or authorized dealer. The condition of a watch, along with its rarity, year of production, and geographical location, all play a role in the watch's value.
That said, the ten watches listed below offer a good sampling of used mens Breguet watches and used womens Breguet watches. Calculations from this chart show that, on average, a Breguet will hold 55% of its original retail price on the pre-owned market. This is in line with the vast majority of luxury watchmakers, with some exceptions. The average price of a pre owned Breguet-across all collections-is $22,000. So, while some pre-owned models have a market price of $5,000, others might be closer to $50,000 or more.
It's also important to consider that the condition of the watch, such as whether it has been serviced regularly and if all original components are intact, can significantly impact its resale value. Additionally, factors like the presence of original documentation, box, and papers can further influence the price. Collectors may be willing to pay a premium for vintage or discontinued models, while newer releases may depreciate at a slower rate.
It is also important to consider the intricacy of the watch and movement; tourbillons, perpetual calendars, and minute repeaters will always be more expensive and thus have a higher second hand value than a simple three-hander. Ultimately, consulting with a knowledgeable dealer or appraiser is advisable for an accurate assessment of a used Breguet's worth.

Breguet Pre-Owned Prices & Values

Like the stock market, the market index for pre owned watches offers real-time data regarding the appreciation and depreciation of watches over specified time periods. This can be helpful for consumers, and for industry professionals who value watches for potential clients and investors. As is typical of the current industry, Breguet watches have depreciated by about 2.5% in the past year. That said, their 3 and 5 year index values have appreciated by over 3 percent; this means that, in the long term, Breguet pre-owned watches are stable and will maintain their second hand value.

Model Market Price (Approx.) Retail Price
Breguet Classique 5140 (ref: 5140BB/29/9W6) $10,500 $24,300
Breguet Marine 5517BB (ref: 5517BB/Y2/9ZU) $18,000 $28,600
Breguet Tradition 7097 White Gold (ref: 7097BB/G1/9WU) $23,000 $33,500
Breguet Type XX (ref: 3800ST/92/9W6) $5,000 $9,500
Breguet Tourbillon 3355 Platinum (ref: 3355PT/00/986) $87,500 $188,300
Breguet Classique 7137 White Gold (ref: 7137BB/11/9V6) $19,000 $44,400
Breguet Reine de Naples 8918 White Gold - Diamond (ref: 8918BB/5P/964/D00D3L) $24,000 $45,900
Breguet Classique Dame 9087 (ref: 9087BR/52/964) $15,500 $24,200
Breguet Classique Hora Mundi 5717 (ref: 5717BR/US/9ZU) $45,000 $78,900
Breguet Classique 5177 (ref: 5177BB/12/9V6) $13,000 $23,700

Does Breguet Hold Resale Value?

Based on the above chart, it is evident that the vast majority of used Breguets do not maintain their retail value. However, this is typical of luxury watchmaking in general. Luxury watches often don't maintain their value in the pre-owned market for several reasons. Firstly, the initial retail price of luxury watches can be inflated due to factors like brand prestige, marketing, and distribution costs, which don't necessarily reflect the intrinsic value of the watch itself.
Additionally, consumer preferences and trends can shift over time, affecting the desirability and resale value of certain models. Furthermore, the introduction of newer models or updated versions can also impact the demand for older ones, leading to depreciation. Finally, the condition of the watch, including factors like maintenance history, presence of original documentation, and overall aesthetic appeal, can significantly influence its resale value.
Overall, while some luxury watches may hold their value well or even appreciate over time, the vast majority do not, and this creates a unique buying opportunity for pristine pieces in need of a new home! The discerning collector often chooses a pre-owned luxury timepiece because the enduring quality and monetary savings often outweigh the need to spend a significant premium for a brand-new model.

About Breguet

Established in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the Maison has remained a paragon of innovation and quality, credited with pioneering advancements that have shaped the course of watchmaking history. Abraham-Louis Breguet, revered as the father of modern watchmaking, introduced several groundbreaking inventions that transformed the industry.
Notable among these are the Breguet Overcoil, enhancing accuracy by ensuring consistent oscillation rates regardless of the watch's position; the Tourbillon, devised in 1801 to counteract the effects of gravity on timekeeping precision by housing the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage; Breguet Hands, featuring distinctive moon-shaped tips, which became a hallmark of watch design; the Pare-Chute Shock Absorber, invented in 1790 to safeguard delicate components from damage due to shocks or vibrations, thereby enhancing the durability and reliability of timepieces; Breguet's contribution to the development of perpetual calendar mechanisms, allowing automatic adjustment for varying month lengths and leap years, a significant advancement in watchmaking that eliminated the need for manual calendar adjustment; and Breguet Numerals, an elegant and easily legible font style developed by Breguet, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal and readability of timepieces bearing his name. These innovations not only propelled the technology of watchmaking forward but also set enduring standards of precision and craftsmanship that continue to shape the industry today.
Having been acquired by Swatch Group in 1999, Breguet's position as the flagship brand within the Swatch Group is emblematic of its distinguished heritage and unwavering commitment to horological excellence. As the largest watch company globally, employing over 31,000 people in fifty countries, Swatch Group commands a diverse portfolio of prestigious brands, including Omega, Longines, Tissot, and Jaquet Droz, each representing a unique facet of horological excellence. With a rich history spanning decades, the group continues to propel the industry; with Breguet as their crown jewel, the Swatch Group will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of watchmaking.

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