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Pre-Owned Breguet Watches

About Breguet

Abraham-Louis Breguet established Breguet in 1775. Breguet was able to start the business because he married the daughter of a wealthy French aristocrat. After gaining the financial means, Breguet used his ties to the people he met during his apprenticeship as a watchmaker. Shortly after the establishment of Breguet, his watches became very famous with royalty in Europe. Two of his most significant clients were Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It's a rumor that Marie Antoinette commissioned the Breguet masterpiece "Marie Antoinette" for her.

Breguet is not a watch company that pays celebrities and others to wear their watches. Because of the luxury and value it provides, people prefer the Breguet brand. Countless well-known figures wear or have worn this brand, from Marie Antoinette to Napoleon Bonaparte, Vladimir Putin, and even Winston Churchill. Breguet is a very historically special watch brand.

No two Breguet watches are alike because every watch is handmade in Switzerland. 


History of Breguet

In 1807, Abraham-Louis Breguet became a partner with his son Louis-Antoine. After Abraham's retirement in 1823, Louis ran the family business, and just ten years after that, Louis withdrew from his company in 1833. The last family member to possess and manage the business was Louis' grandson. Edward Brown took over the business after Louis' grandson retired, becoming the first English owner. After that, for a substantial part of the 20th century, the Brown family owned Breguet.

Breguet produces watches for both men and women. Classique collection, which consists of slim watches that are either handmade or automatic, is the most popular for both men and women. 


Another popular Breguet watch is the Marine. These watches look like the watches that French naval agents used in the past. The Marine watches have a protected crown and a strengthened case, making the watches robust yet elegant. Model XX and XXI are other prominent Breguet models produced in the pilot watch image. Each XX and XXI includes a preeminent function, the Fly Back function, which enables pilot search patterns to change on the watch.


Tradition is another iconic watch from Breguet. Tradition has captured the legendary watches that Abraham-Louis Breguet used to make. They made this timepiece reflect this historic company's beauty and spirit.

Breguet has made a significant effort to keep its historical popularity as the best watchmaker on the market. It recently got its first award on Watch Day in 2011 and won the same year's Coup de Coeur. The company could market necklaces, bracelets, and rings in the jewelry world. In 2002, CEO Marc Hayak took over the business and wanted to continue with excellent luxury watchmaking excellence and history.


Breguet watches still give voice to hundreds of years of technology and precision, and we are committed to offering you this experience in life. A company with the rich heritage of its founder, one of the greatest watchmakers of all time, Abraham-Louis Breguet, Montres Breguet has made some of the finest Swiss-made watches globally. During the days of A-L Breguet, the world's royalty preferred his timepiece designs, and the likes of Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples, were loyal clients. Vintage Breguet pocket watches are particularly notable because they highlight many of the founder's inventions and developments, not to mention the exquisite artistry and professional finishing required of the prestigious watchmaker's clientele.

Nowadays, many of the Breguet catalogs consist of classic-style watches with ornate engine-turned dials such as the Classique and Tradition versions, many of which boast high complexities tourbillon, which has a long history.

 The company sells different sporty models, such as Navy and Type XX, because of its history with the French Navy. For ladies, Breguet honors its tradition of producing royalty timepieces with the Reine de Naples (Queen of Naples) series and luxury jewelry watches.

By reinterpreting conventional watchmaking methods and designs for contemporary audiences and infusing them with cutting-edge technologies, high-quality watch enthusiasts and discerning watch collectors seek Breguet watches.

 Pre-owned Breguet watches are featured in many literary works, paintings, and gifts for royalty and war heroes throughout history. It was a powerful advertisement for the brand since it showed people that Breguet watches were watches of royal quality, elegance, and value. Great marketing and word of mouth led the company to become one of the world's longest-running watch companies. Breguet has retained its heritage of sophistication, pride, and excellence, contributing to a broad and loyal client base.


What is Unique About Used Breguet watches?

The Breguet brand of watches has continued to stimulate real fascination, thanks to its on-going creativity and proud cultural and historical heritage along with avant-garde technology. It's no wonder that it's a watch brand that has marked the watchmaking legacy and that is still a desired brand today, from the countless creations of founder Abraham-Louis Breguet to the tourbillion Gong Spring.


Why Buy a Pre-Owned Breguet Watch?

There are many reasons to purchase used Breguet watches, such as history, culture, and remarkable creativity. If you are interested in finding an exceptional timepiece, consider a Breguet watch. You can't go wrong with this iconic and timeless company's pre-owned Breguet watches with a wide range presented by Exquisite Timepieces.

You are in the right place when attempting to add a Breguet pre-owned watch to your set. All of our pieces are genuine Breguet accredited and are all in good shape. 


Used Breguet Watches Prices

Exquisite Timepieces has a wide range of pre-owned Breguet watches on sale at competitive prices. We have the used Breguet Type XXI Transatlantique 3810 for $8,495.00, for example.

We also have the ultimate pre-owned Breguet Tourbillon Extra Plat Automatic 5377PT/12/9WU for $125,000.00.

And if you prefer the unique elegance, you can select used Breguet Reine De Naples 9807ST/5W/922 for $11,500.00.

Looking at the fantastic collection of used Breguet watches here, you will find multiple stunning choices that each should give you a different experience with a history that speaks for itself.

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