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Carl F. Bucherer 10919.08.53.21 Manero Flyback

Carl F. Bucherer 10919.08.53.21 Manero Flyback




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Pre-Owned Carl F. Bucherer Watches

Of the reputable names and brands in the watchmaking industry, Carl F. Bucherer ranks as one of the most respected. The brand has a reputation for producing luxury watches with original designs and exquisite complications.

Apart from its luxurious collection of timepieces, Carl F. Bucherer is also responsible for some of the important technical revolutions that have overtaken the luxury watch industry. One of these innovations is the peripheral rotor automatic movement in timepieces. This innovation allowed for the explicitness of the movement's architecture instead of the obscurity that the conventional central rotor offers.


History of Carl F. Bucherer Watches

The journey began for Carl F. Bucherer watches in 1898 when Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a watch and jewelry store with his wife, Luise, in the Swiss town of Lucerne. At the time and even to this day, one of the age-long traditions associated with Lucerne's town was buying watches at good prices by travelers and foreigners passing through the town.

This tradition aided the development of the Carl F. Bucherer business, and soon he saved enough to open another store nearby. Thus, with diligence and a passion for excellence, the Carl F. Bucherer brand grew and became a big watch store.

In the 1920s, Carl's two sons, Ernst and Carl Eduard, who had successful careers as a watchmaker and a goldsmith, respectively, joined the company. They both added their wealth of experience in different luxury business professions to make the Carl F. Bucherer brand one of the most sought after in the business.

In 1924, Ernst Bucherer formed a successful and groundbreaking partnership with Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex watches. The partnership added the Rolex products, which was just starting off, to the Bucherer range, which helped the Rolex brand grow. Today, Rolex is one of the largest watch brands globally and remains an important partner of Carl F. Bucherer watches.

Despite the crises that plagued the world around the 1930s and the Second World War that followed, the Carl F. Bucherer brand continued to grow. The business grew into four different Swiss towns and many other tourist destinations.

This success story continued into 1977 when the third generation of the Bucherer’s took over the company's management. With Jorg G. Bucherer at the helm of affairs, the Carl F. Bucherer brand entered the Austrian business scene in the 1980s and, ten years later, found its way into the German space, too.

In the business world, Carl F. Bucherer was making strides as it acquired the Kurz Group in 1989 and the Swiss Lion AG in 2001. These acquisitions set the company up to establish the Carl F. Bucherer company that will continue the manufacture of timepieces in line with the family's tradition.

The company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013, and in the spirit of celebration, opened the largest watch and jewelry store in the world, situated in the beautiful city of Paris. 


Pre-Owned Carl F. Bucherer Watches Collections

There are five different collections of exquisite watches available on the Carl F. Bucherer catalog. These collections consist of two female collections and three male collections. Let’s examine one of these collections below.



This timepiece collection is a classic dress watch for men. The watches in this collection exude luxury, indulgence, and liveliness. The name Adamavi loosely translates to "I have loved" in Latin. Thus, the collection fits gentlemen who want to reflect class and elegance.

The timepieces under this collection adopt a conventional watch look. The featured dials come with dauphine hands and clean Arabic or Roman numerals. It shouldn’t surprise you that the dial itself uses a classy and tasteful design.

You get date windows and small seconds sub-dials as additional functionalities. You would also notice with most watches in this collection the manual winding feature and a sapphire crystal case-back that allows you to clearly see the intricately worked movement.

For lovers of luxury, some of the Adamavi models come in 18k rose gold. You can also opt for the simple stainless steel if you don’t care for much flashiness. Your dial may come as white or champagne, and straps could be in steel with folding clasp, black alligator leather, or a combination of rose gold and steel.


What Makes Used Carl F. Bucherer Watches Appealing?

There are numerous reasons for the appeal that the used Carl F. Bucherer watches have with many fashionistas. It could be the intricate efforts that go into the design and configuration of the watches' movement. It could also be the technical innovation pioneered by the company. Others may love pre-owned Carl F. Bucherer Watches for their original designs.

Whichever it is, it is clear that the used Carl F Bucherer Watches offer an immeasurable feeling of comfort and elegance to fashion enthusiasts around the world. And this feeling is the ultimate reason why the used Carl F. Bucherer Watches has much appeal to many people worldwide.


Why Purchase Pre-Owned Carl F. Bucherer Watches?

If you want to enjoy the originality and historical reverence that comes with a reputable luxury timepiece, then pre-owned Carl F. Bucherer watches remain one of your best options. The timepiece combines a rich history of excellence with a trailblazing passion for technical innovations to produce some of the world's most exquisite and elegant timepieces for both men and women.

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