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Pre-owned Chopard Watches

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Pre-Owned Chopard Watches

Exquisite Timepieces offers a great selection of authentic used Chopard watches to those who want to welcome into their life the elegance and prestige that these iconic watches represent. Here you can find amazing Chopard watches for sale that fit you just right.

The legendary watchmakers emphasize supporting their artisans, which drives excellence, uniqueness, and innovation. Within the house's workshops, they have perfected over 50 skills. Through a dynamic research approach, the Chopard team explores and develops unprecedented processes and materials which drive technological advancements. This culture of craftsmanship leads to consistent quality in pieces that lasts decades.

The house of Chopard retains the watch industry's highest vertical integration level, enabled by the family shareholding structure. This provides a high level of independence, which guides the development strategy since the company's founding. Each piece is made in one of the three production sites, which is also unique in the industry.

The famous watchmakers are pioneering leaders in responsible business practices in the community.  For Chopard, true luxury must equal environmental and social responsibility towards employees, suppliers, customers, and most importantly, the planet. This means controlling the origin of raw materials and production methods, and independence and vertical integration make that possible. The company aims to encourage the whole profession to improve criteria across the board and make clients aware of the challenges of responsible luxury.


Brilliant History of the House of Chopard

The identity of the house of Chopard has always been rooted in the strong presence of family. The family spirit is what sets Chopard apart in the world of high-end watchmaking.

Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer from Sonvilier, Switzerland, founded the famous company at the age of 24 in 1860. The artisan watchmaker created innovative works of art, which early on helped him reach high places, such as the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Precision and reliability were the most desirable qualities in watches at the time, which Louis-Ulysse Chopard delivered through his unique chronometers and pocket watches.

Thanks to superb timekeepers, Chopard solidified the reputation of creating high-quality watches. From the start, Chopard secured two very prestigious commissions, providing watches for "Tir Fédéral" and the Swiss Railway Company. Louis-Ulysse Chopard became a player on the international market, going through Poland, Hungary, and the Baltic states on his way to the Russian Tsar. He also went into business with Scandinavian retailers who self-branded his watches.

The company stayed in the Chopard family for two more generations. In 1963, the German goldsmith and watchmaker Karl Scheufele III became the new owner. He was looking to acquire a Swiss manufacturer for his watch movements while Paul-André Chopard was seeking someone to continue his company's legacy, so the perfect match was made. Over the years, the Scheufele family continued the tradition of innovation, expanding the company and branching out. Today, the House of Chopard is a trailblazer in luxury watches and jewelry, as well as ethical production.


What Makes Chopard Watches Amazing?

While the Chopard watch offers precise timekeeping, it's also one of the best-known watches worldwide. Chopard brand is widely recognized, thanks to ambassadors such as Rihanna, and are proud sponsors of the Cannes film festival and the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, among others.

Reliability and precision rooted in tradition are what make these timepieces so popular. In 1996, the company established a watch movement manufacturing facility in Fleurier, Switzerland, where it produces movements for high-end watches, exercising even more control over quality. The three in-house movements developed there are not only COSC-certified, but they also pass the even stricter standards of the Fleurier Quality Certification.

Besides exceptional inner works, Chopard is well known for iconic design innovations. In 1976 they introduced the Happy Diamonds concept: small diamonds dancing freely between two crystal sapphire glasses on the watch's face. Today, wearing a Chopard timepiece lets everyone know that you value timeless quality and classic aesthetic over fleeting trends. And nothing proves this more than sporting a high-quality pre-owned Chopard watch.


Advantages of Used Chopard Watches

There is a distinction between different types of pre-owned watches every buyer should know. They can be vintage, contemporary, or discontinued. Vintage pieces are at least 30 years old, while the contemporary ones are current models available at authorized retailers. Discontinued models are younger than 30 years old but not offered by the brand anymore.

Buying a pre-owned watch can be the most sensible choice for those who are foraying into the world of luxury watches for the first time. In general, a new watch loses a considerable portion of its value the second the buyer walks out of the door with it. It might still be perfectly crisp and new, but just like a car, it's just not worth the same it was sitting at the store. So the burden of depreciation has fallen on the first owner, giving a much better price to the next buyer.

However, sometimes older classic iconic pieces can even be more desirable than newer models. Depending on the market shifts and eventual discontinuation of certain watches, a pre-owned piece can suddenly become very in-demand. For example, Chopard releases a limited collection each year to commemorate the famous Mille Miglia vintage car race.

Since 1988, Chopard has taken on the role of partner and official timekeeper of the legendary race. It became one of the first watchmakers to connect with the automobile world. Chopard keeps the sporting spirit alive by presenting a limited collection each year to mark the latest race. The Mille Miglia line picks up inspiration from the oldest classic cars that partook in the race since 1927 and reinterpret design features of newer cars.

As these pieces are limited edition, no one can buy them new. Chopard pre-owned watches are the best bet for passionate collectors and anyone looking for pieces from these limited collections. You will find incredible pre-owned Chopard watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces at great price points.

The used Chopard watch price can be as low as $3700, which is the Happy Beach Diamond Fish Steel price. Chopard experts' approval ensures that pre-owned Chopard watches are as close to the original condition as possible, putting buyers' minds at ease.

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