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Czapek & Cie isn't a name that you'll immediately recognize unless you're deep within the high-end watch community, yet it played a major role in watchmaking history. Founded in 1845 by Franc?ois Czapek, one of the greatest pioneers of the industry, the company produced some of the most sophisticated watches of the 19th century.
After a century of hiatus, the Czapek brand was resurrected in 2012. The modern-day Czapek company has reintroduced its founder's philosophy of technical perfection in more modern packaging, exemplary of which are the critically acclaimed Antarctique and Faubourg de Cracovie collections.
With their refined style, innovative movements, and the historical significance attached to the brand name, Czapek watches are incredibly prized by collectors. As such, you'll find very strong enthusiasm for Czapek timepieces on the pre-owned luxury watch market, especially considering how brand-new watches are difficult to come by due to the limited production runs!

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Czapek Watches

The biggest advantage of buying a pre owned Czapek watch is the opportunity to get your hands on a Czapek piece at all. These watches are highly exclusive and come with a long waiting list for brand-new units. As such, unless you're willing to wait, you're far likelier to get your hands on one when you buy used Czapek watches.
The second thing is that unless you buy from the Holy Trinity of brands, you'll have a hard time finding watches with as exceptional quality and mechanical innovation as Czapek. For instance, you'll be able to view the open ratchets in the new SXH1 movement as it ticks - a carry-through from the pocket watches made by Franc?ois Czapek in the 1850s.
Lastly, it's worth emphasizing the craftsmanship that goes into modern Czapek watches, too. Like any high-end brand, the cases of Czepak pieces are rendered in precious metals like platinum and rose gold. The dials of every reference feature intricate enamel work, gem settings, and artistic embellishments.
The movements feature unique proprietary complications like the Czapek Rattrapante Chronograph (found in the Antarctique Chronograph Rattrapante, of which there are only 77 pieces built.) With such extraordinary artistry on display, it's no wonder second hand Czapek watches draw such attention to pre-owned marketplaces!

Best Place to Buy Used Czapek Watches

For buyers seeking a used Czapek for sale, Exquisite Timepieces is unquestionably the premier source to go and find your dream reference! As a trusted seller specializing in new and pre-owned luxury timepieces, Exquisite Timepieces offers a carefully curated selection of authentic Czapek watches that have been certified to validate everything from their provenance to proper working order. You can have the fullest confidence that when you come to us, you'll be able to get genuine pre owned Czapek mens watches.
Outside of an authorized used Czapek dealer like Exquisite Timepieces, options for sourcing used mens owned Czapek watches include online watch forums, which sometimes have private party listings, as well as the broader secondary market for luxury goods.
However, without proper buyer protection policies, strict authentication procedures, or the thorough product knowledge Exquisite Timepieces' staff offers, you run great risks buying from these sources.

How Much is a Used Czapek Worth?

Pricing for a second hand Czapek watch can vary significantly based on many factors, from the complexity of the watch, the prestige of its design and collection, to the exclusivity of the specific edition or reference. However, used examples from Czapek's modern collections tend to start around $40,000 at the lowest end and climb up to over $100,000 for top-tier, limited edition models like the record-breaking Czapek Titanium "Ombres."
For instance, a pre-owned Antarctique Abyss in stainless steel may carry a lower premium than a rose gold, manual-wind Czapek Place Vendome Complicite Harmony Blue.
As usual with any pre-owned watch, the actual condition and completeness of the specific watch also matter. A pre-owned Czapek in perfect, unworn condition with a full box and papers will have a higher value than well-worn or missing accessories. But even allowing for these variables, owning a true piece of Czapek's watchmaking heritage rarely comes cheap on the secondary market. You'd still be looking at a hefty investment in any case.

Czapek Pre-Owned Prices & Values

To help illustrate the pricing for used mens Czapek watches, here is a sample of current secondary market values from the Exquisite Timepieces listing:

Model Market Price (Approx.) Retail Price
Czapek Antartique Frozen Star S $69,000 $85,700
Czapek Passage de Drake Glacier Blue $25,000 $25,800
Czapek 1426 Faubourg de Cracovie California Dreamin' $23,000 $35,900
Czapek 1510-RT-12 Passage de Drake Ice White $19,500 $25,800
Czapek Quai des Bergues No.25 $19,400 $22,100

As you can see, even after hitting the pre-owned market, Czapek watches still maintain a very high value. In some cases, the listed price of the pre owned Czapek mens watches is even higher than their retail price. This underscores just how exclusive and how prized these watches are for collectors, making them excellent investment vessels.

Does Czapek Hold Resale Value?

Absolutely. Owing to their ultra-high quality, rarity, and rising profile in recent years, pre owned Czapek timepieces have retained considerable value on the secondary market. With limited production numbers, even if you want to buy used Czapek watches, you may have to spend more than the retail price (in exchange for instant availability instead of waiting for a year-long waitlist.
This perfectly demonstrates how brands like Czapek, who cherishes the traditional arts of watchmaking through their handcrafted enamel dials and the use of precious case material forged lovingly by artisans, can ensure such long-lasting value.
So, even though second hand Czapek watches usually go for 60-80% of their retail value, sometimes even higher for especially coveted references, you should still consider getting them - they'll only get more valuable down the line.
In the last few years, the brand has enjoyed a revival in the luxury watch space, directly contending with big names on the market. Collectors are getting to know the brand and its offerings better, with most having already embraced Czapek as an important haute horlogerie marque after the debut of excellent pieces like those found in the Czapek Place Vendome collection. This reputation of excellence will buoy pre-owned values for decades to come!

About Czapek

Czapek & Cie has a rich history dating back to 1839 when Francois Czapek and Antoine Norbert de Patek, both Polish emigrants, founded the Patek, Czapek & Cie company. The joint venture lasted for over six years, and both were master watchmakers who crafted some of the finest timepieces of the time. Eventually, the two split and went on to find their own company, with Czapek striking out on his own to form Czapek & Cie - the predecessor to the modern company today, and Antoine Norbert de Patek went his separate way to create Patek Philippe.
The company shuttered operations in the early 20th century. However, it was revived in 2012 by entrepreneurs who envisaged relaunching the storied Czapek name as a modern luxury watch manufacturer. The updated brand has closely adhered to Czapek's historical roots and philosophy, crafting truly complex watches that follow the blueprints and philosophies set forth by Czapek centuries ago. Each watch comes with proprietary in-house movements, often featuring unique Czapek-developed complications housed in decorated rose gold and platinum cases that reflect how, once upon a time, Czapek had been making watches for royalties and nobilities of the 19th century. The fact that you can get such excellently built watches today, be it as brand-new or second hand, is nothing short of amazing!

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