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Pre-owned Franck Muller Watches

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Pre-Owned Franck Muller Watches

The Franck Muller brand stands for an extraordinary impression for shapes, colors, and surfaces. The models reflect the creative tension between "old" and "young," which has shaped the Geneva watchmaker's life and work from the very beginning.

The innovative, as well as exclusive watches from Franck Muller, make men's hearts beat faster. Both connoisseurs and fine watch lovers appreciate the high-quality materials, the multitude of complications, and excellent quality. The distinctive masculine designs are combined with playful details in Art Nouveau style.

Since 1983, the trained watchmaker from Switzerland has regularly presented world premieres with extreme, unprecedented complications. For the first time, he placed a tourbillon on the face of the watch. This revolutionary design and other innovations, such as the world's first 3-axis tourbillon, established Franck Muller's reputation as the "master of complications."


About Franck Muller

The watchmaker and designer Franck Muller, born in 1958 to an Italian mother and Swiss-born father, was considered an exceptional talent even in his youth. After Franck Muller graduated from the watchmaking school in Geneva, he gained experience with Svend Andersen and other well-known Swiss watch specialists.

Sophisticated complications proved to be his strength, and so at the age of 24, he received orders from Patek Philippe, Breguet, Lange & Söhne, and Vacheron Constantin. As early as 1983, he presented his first wristwatches, which had a specially developed, complicated movement.

The watch brand specializes in luxury watches. Franck Muller Watchland produces around 50,000 watches annually, and the successful Swiss company employs around 500 people. The models from Muller are now among the most exclusive and best-equipped watches globally, which make the hearts of lovers and collectors beat faster.

If you are looking for the best deal, we recommend considering a pre-owned Franck Muller watch. Find out more about the uniqueness of our collection of pre-owned Franck Muller watches with us.


History of Franck Muller

In 1991, Franck Muller founded "Technowatch SA" with the Armenian specialist for cases and gemstones, Vartan Sirmakes. The innovative watches set new standards and set numerous new records. 

In 1992, the world's most complicated wristwatch with mechanical clockwork was presented. The model is equipped with a unique perpetual calendar. In addition to a retrograde display for months and the equation, the days of the week are also displayed. A display for the date and the leap year cycle was also included. The following year, Franck Muller invented the striking mechanism display, and thus, he was able to develop the minute repeater further. 

In 1994, the specialist created a world-first with the Caliber 94 model. Two years later, the innovative Master Banker watch model came onto the market, launched with an automatic movement and three time zones. In 1997, the distinctive male Conquistador caused worldwide enthusiasm with its numerous complications. A year later, Muller developed the Master City watch model. One of the highlights of this watch is the jumping hour and the additional time zone.

The Caliber 99, developed in 1999, attracts attention with its double dial. The bi-retrograde second's displays of the Long Island watch, which came into the market in 2000, also created enthusiasm. It took Franck Muller three years to develop the Revolution model.

In 2002, he presented the innovative watch with a rotating tourbillon cage. The special feature of this construction is that the rotating tourbillon cage is attached very close to the watch's protective glass to improve the view. Just one year later, Franck Muller presented Revolution 2 with the further developed double-axis tourbillon. Frank Muller's outstanding watchmaking skills helped him establish himself in the luxury segment. In the search for perfection, his innovations are constantly improved. "Franck Muller Watchland SA," as the company is now called, is based in Genthod, Switzerland, and has other watch brands as partners. 

One of the most groundbreaking models from Franck Muller is his " Grand Complications Aeternitas Mega4 " from 2009. Here the watch designer surpassed himself with 36 complications, 25 of which are visible, a 1,000-year calendar, and a sensational movement consisting of 1,483 components. He is one of the most sought-after watch designers worldwide.


Franck Muller Collections

Franck Muller's collections are versatile, varied, but also highly recognizable. The manufacturer cleverly combines different colors and surfaces, but also various shapes. The design is like a balancing act between young and old and thus inspires lovers of attractive watches. Since the company was founded, new Franck Muller watches have been launched every year. 

The Swiss watch manufacturer currently offers over a dozen collections of watches. 

In addition to the well-known "Cintrée Curvex" with a curved housing shape, there is also the "Conquistador." It is just as exquisite, but of a more masculine, eye-catching look. Other designs include the rectangular "Long Island" with rounded corners, the "Havana," inspired by the famous Cuban cigars, the "Vegas," equipped with an original roulette indicator, and the square "Master Square" row, with a harmonious design.


The Most Popular Collections

Cintrée Curvex

The collection embodies the typical lines of Franck Muller - the famous tonneau shape. "Cintrée Curvex" means something like "curved in a curve" in French. Due to their perfectly curved contours and unique design, the watches appear smooth and graceful. Its dial is also something special.


Long Island

Inspired by Art Deco, this collection pays tribute to the design movement with a rectangular case shape. The digits also appear very unusual - playful and mystical.


Master Square

The watch artist was also inspired by the Art Deco movement for this collection. The result was a clock with a geometric grace.



A revised shape of the Cintrée Curvex and sporty elements make up this impressive collection. The bracelet integrated into the case gives the models an extremely sporty elegance.



This collection focuses on the simple, round case and a rather restrained design. The models range from simple mechanical movement to complications such as perpetual calendars and tourbillons.


Important Franck Muller Models

Master Banker

The exclusive Master Banker models are reminiscent of the wristwatches of Wall Street bankers. In addition to three different time zones, the clock face with a world map is a real highlight. This wristwatch gives the wearer a stylish and sporty look. The Master Bankers are available with a calendar (Master Calendar) and the retrograde date and weekday display (Master Date).


Grande Date

The Grande Date models impress with their sophisticated details and strong character. The watch's masculine design and the skeletonized dial attract attention, and the timepiece is equipped with a circular chronograph. At first glance, the minute counter, which is located at three o'clock, is noticeable. There is also a counter next to nine o'clock, and the date can be read off at 7:30 am. With a 46-hour power reserve and fine decorations, the automatic movement is worth more than just a look.


Giga Gong

The newly developed manual men's watch Giga Tourbillon Gong impresses with numerous complications. A rhythmic gong sounds every full hour. It is possible to deactivate the carillon. For the six-day power reserve, the four barrels are linked together. 


Blue Dream

The Blauer Traum watches are elegant and have a Cintrée Curvex case. The blue dream with the harmonious curves represents the perfect mix of functionality, elegance, masculinity, and art. Muller relies on excellent legibility and optical depth with this watch.


Seven Days Power Reserve Skeleton

The men's watch with seven days power reserve skeleton is elaborately handcrafted. With this model, Franck Muller brings another superlative wristwatch onto the market. The watch specialist invested a lot of time in developing this model. This timepiece is slightly beveled, and in addition to the numerous complications, the watch is also visually impressive.

The manufacturer's extravagant timepieces are very well received worldwide. Franck Muller watches can be found on the wrist of actor Samuel L. Jackson, model and actress Eva Longoria, musician Sir Elton John, and designer Roberto Cavalli, who launched his collection with the manufacturer.


Why Buy Pre-Owned Franck Muller Watches

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Apart from the less expensive nature of pre-owned Franck Muller watches compared to the new ones, you would be privileged to purchase limited editions of Franck Muller watches with the added allure of its history and the increased value of such vintage timepieces over time.

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