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Pre-owned Graham Watches

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Pre-owned Graham Watches

In the world of watchmaking, there is a vast array of watches available. From Omega to Rolex, several watch brands are further divided into many types of watches, such as dive watches or pilot watches. Graham, one of the most renowned watchmakers,  specializes in racing-inspired watches.

While the brand itself has historically been a British one, it was restarted by the Swiss watch company, The British Masters, which is now called Graham London. The Graham company is named after its founder, George Graham, who ventured into watchmaking in 1696. The British Masters' initiative aimed at preserving the legacy of the legendary George Graham, founder of Graham, and John Arnold, founder of Arnold  & Son. Brought to the market in 1998, Graham watches took the industry by storm. George Graham is widely regarded as the father of the chronograph.

Pre-owned Graham watches are a watch collector's dream come true. From modern designs that are no longer available to decades-old vintage designs, buying used Graham watches is one of the only ways for you to get your hands on some of the rarest watches. The best place to buy a pre-owned Graham watch is at Exquisite Timepieces, where you will find all the watches you need for your collection.


History of Graham and George Graham

Born in 1673, George Graham started working as a London clockmaker, a crucial profession because accurate timekeeping was a must for an advantage at sea. During his career, he invented the cylinder escapement, the mercury temperature compensating pendulum, and many other instruments used by physicists and scientists.

Being open about his ideas, George Graham was never one to keep his innovations secret. He was a partner to Thomas Tompion, one of the most famous watchmakers of the time. When Thomas died, Graham took over Tompion's business and established himself as a standalone watchmaker.

His career was so successful that in 1721 he received the honorary title of Fellow of the Royal Society, and the next year, he became a Master of the Clockmakers Company. He died in 1751, but he left behind one of the most sought out watchmaking brands and countless contributions to the world of watchmaking. When The British Masters restarted the Graham company, it was taken to new heights. The company has combined Swiss watchmaking with British watchmaking to give watch lovers something unique.


What Makes Graham Watches Special?

Each watchmaking brand has a specialty for which they are recognized. As far as Graham is concerned, they are widely known for their oversized racing-inspired watches.

While the Father of Chronographs, George Graham, laid the foundation of such watch designs, the company's new leaders, Eric Loth and Pierre-André Finazzi, pulled all the stops to carry it forward. Currently, the Graham company mostly makes chronographs in the memory of the great George Graham. All windings of these chronographs are automatic, and they are made to be functional, not opulent. This means that you wouldn't find any diamond bezels or diamond dials on most of these watches. They are strictly designed for astronomical and aeronautical applications, so their size is also comparatively large. When it comes to functionality, not many watchmakers can compete with Graham as their watches are made to perform various functions, which is why they are so popular.


Different Collections of Graham

Naturally, to delve into the pre-owned Graham watches, one needs to know the types of Graham watches for sale out there.


The Oversize Chronofighter

This range of Graham watches is the most recognizable of the bunch. Apart from its huge size, as the name suggests, it has an unorthodox start/stop lever on the left side, similar to the levers used in pilot watches from the 1940s. The watches from this collection are made of stainless steel, and the Prodive model has only 200 of its pieces in stock.


Geo Graham – The Limited Edition

If you are looking for a truly luxurious yet functional Graham watch, this collection is perfect for you. With features such as a mechanical solar system model, the watches from this collection are all made of gold, while the Orrery Tourbillon even has a diamond set in the dial's center.


Graham Silverstone

The Silverstone collection of Graham watches is a trademark collection that is entirely inspired by motor racing. It is designed with automatic chronograph movements and straps, which resemble the tires of motor cars.


Why Should You Buy Pre-Owned Graham Watches?

 When it comes to items like watches, there are a lot of benefits to buying them pre-owned. Exclusive watchmaking brands such as Graham frequently roll out watches that are only available for a limited period. An example of such a watch is their Prodive model for the Oversize Chronofighter collection, which is limited to 200 pieces. On the other hand, you also have luxurious watches such as the Geo Graham collection of Graham watches, which are available in white and pink gold, making them rare collectibles.

Keeping the rarity of some of the Graham watches in mind, looking for pre-owned Graham watches for sale might be the best thing for a watch enthusiast to do. Whether you are looking for a new Graham watch that sold out before you could buy it or an old vintage design that is no longer in the market, trying your luck at a used Graham watch would not disappoint you.

Since they are used watches, the Graham pre-owned watch prices are set accordingly. To find the finest collection of Graham pre-owned watches, visit Exquisite Timepieces, where you will find all kinds of vintage and modern pre-owned Graham watches.

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