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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece 76840

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece 76840





Pre-Owned Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix is a luxurious watchmaking company based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1975, and for more than four decades, it has been manufacturing fine mechanical timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces offers a beautiful array of preowned Maurice Lacroix watches made up of various appealing collections from this Swiss watchmaker. Maurice Lacroix watches are made with the latest CNC technology. Combining the traditional watchmaking techniques and modern innovations, Maurice Lacroix creates in-house complex movement components that operate the watches' movements.

The Maurice Lacroix timepieces are known globally for innovative finishes, quality craftsmanship, and classic designs. Maurice Lacroix is the pioneer of making see-through case backs in the watchmaking industry. In 1989, Maurice Lacroix bought the case making company known as Queloz, and since then, all the Maurice Lacroix watches have their cases made in house. With a wide variety of Maurice Lacroix watches for sale, you shouldn't fail to own this luxurious timepiece from Switzerland. Some of the notable models to look for in the Maurice Lacroix collections include Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece, Maurice Lacroix Les Mecaniques, Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Le Chronograph, Maurice Lacroix Eliros, Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques, and Maurice Lacroix Miros.


History of Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix was founded in the year 1975 and was the parent company of Desco von Schulthess. Desco von Schulthess had been operating in the Swiss watchmaking industry since 1946 and even represented some of the top watchmaking brands in Switzerland. With many years of experience and passion, Desco von Schulthess was inspired to create its collection of luxurious timepieces, the Maurice Lacroix collection. Desco von Schulthess was an internationally operating company founded in Zurich in the year 1889.   For some time, Desco von Schulthess continued producing watches for their clients, but in 1980, they decided to focus on their own brand, the Maurice Lacroix collection and stopped producing watches for the other Swiss brands.


Maurice Lacroix Case Manufacture

To achieve the dream of having their own in-house case production, Desco von Schulthess went ahead and bought Queloz S.A., a case making company based in the town of Saignelegier. With the ability to manufacture their cases, Maurice Lacroix stood out among other luxurious watchmaking brands due to their exquisite designs. The Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in state-of-the-art workshops in Saignelegier, which are owned by Desco von Schulthess.


Maurice Lacroix First Collections

In 1990, Desco von Schulthess launched and developed the first Maurice Lacroix's Calypso Collection. The year 1992 proved to be monumental for the Maurice Lacroix brand as Desco von Schulthess launched the first Masterpiece Cinq Aiguilles collection, which was previously known as Les Mecaniques. The Les Mecaniques collection represented very limited models based on the company's heritage and historical movements. The Les Mecaniques collection models are unique and at the top of the list of most sought after preowned Maurice Lacroix watches.

Desco von Schulthess quickly launched the Maurice Lacroix collection, which turned out to be a mega success. With the Masterpiece collections, Maurice Lacroix proved to be committed to the traditional art of watchmaking praised in Switzerland. This helped them attain high standard credibility in making luxurious watches like other well-known Swiss brands. With their success, Maurice Lacroix was quickly expanded to increase its global market coverage. Forty years later, Maurice Lacroix watches can be found in every part of the world.


Maurice Lacroix Brand in the USA

The first Maurice Lacroix store in the United States opened in 1995, and four years later, Desco von Schulthess refurbished their first US Maurice Lacroix case manufacturing company. With this renovation, Desco von Schulthess could deal with the growing demand for Maurice Lacroix watches worldwide. This renovation also gave them a chance to increase their production while improving the quality of their timepieces. Also, in 1999, Maurice Lacroix launched the first Calendrier Retrograde.  This antique timepiece can be found at Exquisite Timepieces, with various Maurice Lacroix watch prices for both new and preowned Maurice Lacroix watches for the first Calendrier Retrograde.


Maurice Lacroix Brand in the Millennium

The turn of the 21st century marked new beginnings for the Maurice Lacroix brand. By October 1, 2001, the Maurice Lacroix S.A was an independent legal entity. The Maurice Lacroix brand set up its workshops to manufacture the complex components used in the mechanical calibers of their timepieces. In 2006, the Maurice Lacroix brand launched mechanical caliber ML-106, which was the brand's first in-house movement.

With the creation of the caliber ML-106, Maurice Lacroix released a new collection, the Masterpiece Le Chronographe. Since then, Maurice Lacroix has continued to shock the global watchmaking industry by producing many innovative in-house movements. In 2011, Maurice Lacroix launched the automatic movement.

To mark the brand's famous Masterpiece collection 25th anniversary, the Maurice Lacroix brand introduced new models into the market. The celebrations were held in 2017. The two models introduced were debuted as Baseball. The two new models were Masterpiece Gravity Blue and Masterpiece Double Retrograde.  Exquisite Timepieces gives you a chance to own all the Masterpiece collection from the Maurice Lacroix brand, both new and preowned Maurice Lacroix watches.



Compared to the other big names in the luxurious Swiss watchmaking industry, the Maurice Lacroix brand is relatively young. However, the brand is backed up by Desco von Schulthess, a powerhouse in the global watchmaking industry with many years of experience. With Desco von Schulthess, the Maurice Lacroix brand will continue to maintain the momentum of its success and release more innovations and creations in the watchmaking industry. Check the Maurice Lacroix watch prices for various new and preowned Maurice Lacroix watches at Exquisite Timepieces and grab yourself a piece.